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Specialization background.

"Swift as a bird, bite like a serpent."

Skirmishing improves your mobility in combat, granting various bonuses when you swap weapons and encouraging quick movement. It gives additional benefits when you evade attacks and enhances your traps.

— In-game description


Skirmishing is a core specialization for the ranger that focuses on mobility, traps, and weapon swapping.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Tail Wind.png Tail Wind 9 Gain swiftness when swapping weapons in combat.
Major Adept Sharpened Edges.png Sharpened Edges You and your pet have a chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
Major Adept Primal Reflexes.png Primal Reflexes 8 When you successfully evade an attack, gain vigor.
Major Adept Trapper's Expertise.png Trapper's Expertise Increase the duration of boons and conditions applied by traps. Offensive traps inflict cripple.
Minor Master Furious Grip.png Furious Grip 9 Gain fury when swapping weapons in combat.
Major Master Spotter.png Spotter 10 While you are in combat, grant fury to yourself and nearby allies each interval.
Major Master Strider's Strength.png Strider's Strength 1 You and your pet gain power. Gain additional power while wielding a sword. Successfully evading an attack grants might.
Major Master Hidden Barbs.png Hidden Barbs Bleeding you inflict is more dangerous.
Minor Grandmaster Hunter's Tactics.png Hunter's Tactics You deal more damage and have an increased chance to critically strike while attacking from behind or the side or when striking a defiant foe.
Major Grandmaster Quick Draw.png Quick Draw 9 When swapping weapons, the next ranger weapon skill you use will recharge faster.
Major Grandmaster Light on your Feet.png Light on your Feet Damage and condition duration are increased after dodging or using Quick Shot. Short bow skills pierce and gain recharge reduction, and their attacks from behind or while flanking or against defiant foes are improved.
Major Grandmaster Vicious Quarry.png Vicious Quarry 2 Fury grants ferocity and additional increased critical strike chance. When struck while below the health threshold, gain fury.
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