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Specialization background.

"Behold, the symbol of your defeat!"

Zeal utilizes the power of symbols and spirit weapons to punish your enemies. It strengthens the power of your justice virtue as well as your ability to apply vulnerability to foes.

— In-game description


Zeal is a core specialization for the guardian. The traits gained from Zeal increase damage dealt to the guardian's enemies, especially those caught inside of the guardian's holy symbol zones.

Zeal may enhance greatsword, scepter, and spirit weapon skills, as well as symbols.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Zealot's Resolution.png Zealot's Resolution Cast Lesser Symbol of Resolution when you are struck while below the health threshold.
Major Adept Wrathful Spirit.png Wrathful Spirit Aegis grants boons when it ends.
Major Adept Fiery Wrath.png Fiery Wrath Deal increased strike damage to burning foes.
Major Adept Zealous Scepter.png Zealous Scepter Gain might when your Virtue skill 1 passive effect triggers; gain more might while wielding a scepter.
Minor Master Symbolic Exposure.png Symbolic Exposure Symbols inflict vulnerability on foes. Deal increased strike damage to vulnerable foes.
Major Master Furious Focus.png Furious Focus 1 While you have fury, your attacks inflict vulnerability.
Major Master Zealous Blade.png Zealous Blade Your power is increased. Gain additional power while wielding a greatsword. Your greatsword skills have reduced recharge.
Major Master Kindled Zeal.png Kindled Zeal Gain condition damage based on your power.
Minor Grandmaster Symbolic Power.png Symbolic Power Symbols deal increased strike damage.
Major Grandmaster Expeditious Spirit.png Eternal Armory Spirit Weapons gain additional casts and burn foes with their first strike.
Major Grandmaster Shattered Aegis.png Shattered Aegis When an aegis you applied blocks an attack, it unleashes a Mystic Rebuke.
Major Grandmaster Symbolic Avenger.png Symbolic Avenger Your strike damage is increased whenever your Symbols hit a foe.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.