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Specialization background.

"My mind is a dangerous place."

Specializing in Domination gives the mesmer relentless prowess in battle, focusing on disrupting foes before they can strike. They chip away at their enemy's boons, inflicting vulnerability and weakening them.

— In-game description


Domination is a core specialization for the mesmer that focuses on interrupting enemies and rendering them vulnerable.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Illusion of Vulnerability.png Illusion of Vulnerability Inflict vulnerability when you interrupt a foe.
This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Major Adept Imagined Burden.png Bountiful Blades Improves greatsword skills. Mirror Blade bounces additional times, and Phantasmal Berserker summons an additional berserker and deals less damage.
Major Adept Empowered Illusions.png Empowered Illusions Illusions deal increased strike damage.
Major Adept Rending Shatter.png Rending Shatter Shatter skills inflict vulnerability on hit.
Minor Master Dazzling.png Dazzling Dazing or stunning a foe also applies vulnerability.
Major Master Shattered Concentration.png Shattered Concentration Shatter skills also remove a boon on hit.
Major Master Temporal Enchanter.png Egotism Deal increased strike damage to foes with a lower health percentage than you.
Major Master Furious Interruption.png Furious Interruption 3 Gain quickness when you interrupt a foe.
Minor Grandmaster Fragility.png Fragility Deal increased strike damage for each stack of vulnerability on your target.
Major Grandmaster Confounding Suggestions.png Vicious Expression You and your illusions deal increased strike damage to foes without boons. Disabling a foe removes boons from them.
Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Major Grandmaster Mental Anguish.png Mental Anguish Shatter skills deal more damage. This bonus damage is doubled against foes that are not activating skills.
Major Grandmaster Power Block.png Power Block Interrupts deal damage and inflict weakness. Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown.
Cannot increase recharge of skills with no recharge or skills on creatures with defiance bars.
This trait can only damage enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
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