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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Thief specialization. For the attack, see Critical hit. For the attribute, see Critical Damage.
Specialization background.

"Strike when they're weak."

Critical strikes improve your ability to critically hit the enemy. Whether it be increasing the damage of critical hits or improving access to the fury boon, this trait line offers multiple options and augments.

— In-game description

Critical Strikes.png

Critical Strikes is a core specialization for the thief that focuses on use of and benefits from critical hits and signets.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Keen Observer.png Keen Observer Critical-hit chance is increased while your health is above the threshold.
Major Adept Assassin's Fury.png Assassin's Fury 2 Gain might when you gain fury.
Major Adept Signets of Power.png Signets of Power Signets grant initiative.
Major Adept Twin Fangs.png Twin Fangs Deal increased critical damage, which is further increased when your health is above the threshold. Gain bonus critical-hit chance when hitting a foe from behind or the side or when they are defiant.
Minor Master Unrelenting Strikes.png Unrelenting Strikes 8 Grant fury to yourself and nearby allies when you critically strike an enemy.
Major Master Sundering Strikes.png Sundering Shade 1 Stealth Attack skills inflict vulnerability and grant fury upon successfully hitting foes.
Major Master Practiced Tolerance.png Practiced Tolerance Gain ferocity based on your precision.
Major Master Ankle Shots.png Deadly Aim 8 Your pistol and harpoon gun attacks now pierce and have increased strike damage.
Minor Grandmaster Ferocious Strikes.png Ferocious Strikes Gain increased critical damage against foes whose health is above the threshold.
Major Grandmaster No Quarter (trait).png No Quarter 2 Landing a critical hit while under the effects of fury increases the duration of fury. Gain increased ferocity while under the effects of fury.
Major Grandmaster Hidden Killer.png Hidden Killer Gain bonus critical-hit chance while stealthed. This bonus lingers for a short duration after you've been revealed.
Major Grandmaster Invigorating Precision.png Invigorating Precision You are healed for a percentage of outgoing critical-hit damage. This healing is increased while you are under the effects of fury.
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  • The artwork for this specialization features the end of the skill animation for  Heartseeker.png Heartseeker.