Ascalon Settlement

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Ascalon Settlement

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Ascalon Settlement map.jpg
Map of Ascalon Settlement

Ascalon Settlement locator.svg
Location within Gendarran Fields

Ascalon Settlement.jpg
Ascalon Settlement

The Ascalon Settlement is a walled township within Gendarran Fields situated between two hills. It is populated by descendants of humans who fled from Ascalon in 1072 AE after the charr took over. While it is an old settlement, many of the residents still believe it's a temporary home in the hope they will one day return to Ascalon, and some residents that believe humanity are still the better race. The northern hill of the town holds ruins from an older Krytan settlement, as well as a memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while the southern hill holds a graveyard.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Ascalon Settlement Vista Path
Renown Hearts
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Support the troops stationed at Ascalon Settlement (29)
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Ascalon Settlement Waypoint —
Ascalon Settlement Vista —
From Ascalon Settlement Waypoint, head east out the gate and follow the road north and its turn west up a hill. Head to the top of the hill towards the large tower, then face south and jump on the building with the vista. Not difficult if you follow the path (see image).
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Shrine to the Six
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Drive back the hands of the accused thieves (29)
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[Group Event] Liberate Ascalon Settlement from the centaurs (29)
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[Group Event] Stop the centaurs from capturing Ascalon Settlement (29)
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[Group Event] Slay the centaur war beast (30)





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Elsa Marrok
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Kiryn Brant
Armorsmith (map icon).png
Lara Stanwick
Merchant (map icon).png
Sully Fresler




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Seraph Soldier: Isn't Ascalon Settlement the place where people went to hide from the charr?
Villager (1): That's correct. The refugees came across the mountains and settled there.
Seraph Soldier: Times have changed, huh? Now, we're friendly with the charr, and it's the centaurs we hate.
Villager (2): As far as I know, we've always hated centaurs. And I'm still not sure about the charr.
Captain Greywind: The White Mantle, the Lionguard... They're peacocks who like pretty garb and puffing out their chests.
Greywind Guard: The Ascalon people, on the other hand, have always had to fight to protect their home.
Captain Greywind: Because this area is so dangerous, I've taken it upon myself to provide training to all Ascalonians.
Greywind Guard: You're a brave leader, Captain.
Captain Greywind: It's a beautiful land, but I remember the war too well.
Captain Greywind: We were out scavenging for goods when a massive beast crossed our path.
Greywind Guard: How distressing!
Captain Greywind: We lost many settlers before we escaped.
Servant: Have you seen him? He's in a terrible state.
Servant Patrik: The parent isn't supposed to outlive the child.
Gertrude: It's time for self-pampering, m'girl. We'll be itching a ride on an eastbound caravan.
Myrna: We had fun at the hot spring, mm? Scared all those men away with our bathing suits.
Gertrude: We didn't have no bathing suits—only beautiful, god-given birthday suits.
Myrna: Worked out just fine for us.
Servant Patrik: I wonder what centaurs do with their prisoners.
Servant: I don't think we want to know.
Villager (1): Should we... go for a walk? Stretch our legs? Breathe some fresh air?
Villager (2): I think that's a marvelous idea. Have I mentioned how much I like being married?
Villager (1): You sure? You've only had three days of it. You're not tired of me yet?
Villager (2): I'll never tire of you. Even centaurs can't come between us. I'm yours forever.
Villager (1): Forget the fresh air. Let's go back inside.
Villager (1): Why don't they just leave us alone?
Villager (2): Ascalon has a long history of conflict with primitive races. Centuries ago, it was the charr. Now, it's centaurs.
Villager (1): But why?
Villager (2): Why do savages ever do anything?
Villager (1): (Sigh) 'Cause they can.
Seraph Soldier (1): Bring on the centaurs! I need some exercise.
Seraph Soldier (2): You're feeling better.
Seraph Soldier (1): Much. I had a couple of ales.
Seraph Soldier (2): You're not supposed to drink before your shift.
Seraph Soldier (1): You gotta enjoy life while you can. You never know when a centaur's gonna stick you dead.


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