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Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast

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Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast

Dragon Response Mission Bloodtide Coast map.jpg
Map of Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast

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Loading screen


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Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast is a Dragon Response Mission set in Bloodtide Coast.


Frozen Tides at Stormbluff

  • Allied forces are evacuating innocents and preparing defenses.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Maintain defenses at the Archen Shoreline bulwark to protect Lion's Arch.
      • Quaggans evacuated: x/10
      • Supplies delivered: x/10
      • Icebrood killed x/20
      • Time remaining: 5:00
  • Allied forces are defending Stormbluff Isle from the icebrood.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Defend Stormbluff Isle from the icebrood assault.
      • Woodpiles Delivered to Lighthouse Generator
      • Event bar empty2.jpg
      • Icebrood waves defeated: x/5
  • Allied forces are engaging a Frost Legion leader on the ice!
    • Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat the Frost Legion Tribune on Sorrowful Sound.
      • Tribune Splitwall
      • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
      • Corrupted Ice (summon by boss)
      • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Jormag's forces are retreating from the area!
    Completion time: xx:xx

Ally Support

  • If the Peacemakers were asked for aid
    • Event star (tango icon).png Faction Aid: Asura
      • Use asuran power suits to defeat enemies.
  • If The Wardens were asked for aid
    • Event star (tango icon).png Faction Aid: Sylvari
      • Use fern hounds to defeat enemies.
  • If the Exalted were asked for aid
    • Event star (tango icon).pngFaction Aid: Exalted
      • Use suits of enchanted armor to crush enemies.
  • If the Tengu were asked for aid
    • Event star (tango icon).pngFaction Aid: Tengu
      • Use tengu longbows to pin down enemies and keep them at bay.
  • If the Olmakhan were asked for aid
    • Event shield (tango icon).png Faction Aid: Olmakhan
      • Defend Olmakhan sandshifters while they perform effigy summoning rituals.
  • If the Skritt were asked for aid
    • Event shield (tango icon).pngFaction Aid: Skritt
      • Herd distracted skritt together into an inteligent hive mind, and then plant the mines they construct.
        Skrit organized: 0/5
  • If the Flame Legion were asked for aid
    • Event star (tango icon).pngFaction Aid: Flame Legion
      • Defend Flame Legion shamans while they preform effigy summoning rituals.


Area Area objectives
Archen Foreland
Waypoint (map icon).png Pact Emergency Waypoint
Point of interest (map icon).png Broken Beacon
Stormbluff Isle
Point of interest (map icon).png Stormbluff Beacon
Sorrowful Sound
Point of interest (map icon).png Vonooroovah
Point of interest (map icon).png Aquanarium Hydropost
Mastery point (Icebrood Saga).png Champions Insight: Bloodtide Coast


The rank chests above are the main acquisition source for the following rare reward:


Allied Factions[edit]

After the initial event, you will be accompanied by one of the Allied factions. They can be either selected by talking to Meradh icon.png Meradh near the entrance and paying the fee, or they will be randomly assigned. Many of the NPCs are very weak and die easily, however, some of them have useful utilities.

The boss takes negligible damage from cannons while the Corrupted Ice is down. Cannons should only be manned while the Corrupted Ice is up.


Various challenges can be activated by talking to Event flag red.png Veadh near the entrance. Once the first event finishes, they cannot be further changed.

Talk more option tango.png Recall the Vigil strike teams. (Adds a timer to mission failure.)
Talk more option tango.png Recall the Order of Whispers infiltrators. (Strengthens enemies.)
Talk more option tango.png Recall the Priory enchanters. (Enemy champions gain strength.)
Ferocity Pull all forces back. I'll handle it. [All challenges on.]
Charisma We need all forces on the field. [All challenges off.]
  • The challenge timer is 18 minutes.


Champions Insight: Bloodtide Coast Champions Icebrood Saga mastery point 1Achievement points
Discover this Icebrood Saga Mastery Insight in the Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission, accessed via asura gate in Eye of the North. 1 Mastery Insight 1Achievement points
  • Commune with the object during the mission. Can be done after the events/story is over, but still has to be done inside the instance.
Emergency Dragon Responder: Bloodtide Coast Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission. Completed Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission 1Achievement points
  • Complete the Dragon Response Mission either in Public or Private instance. Automatically gained while playing through Champions story for the first time.
Tide Turner: Bloodtide Coast Champions 3Achievement points
During the Dragon Response Mission, aid each recruited faction at least once while a challenge is active.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Exalted
  • Tengu
  • Skritt
  • Olmakhan
  • Flame Legion
1 Recruited Faction Aided with a Challenge Active 0Achievement points
3 Recruited Faction Aided with a Challenge Active 1Achievement points
5 Recruited Faction Aided with a Challenge Active 2Achievement points
  • Factions can be either selected at the start of a private instance by talking to Meradh icon.png Meradh, or they are randomly assigned after the timed pre-event ends.
Top Dragon Responder: Bloodtide Coast Champions 5Achievement points
Complete 5 Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission with all challenges active. Completed 1 Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission with All Challenges Active 1Achievement points
Completed 3 Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission with All Challenges Active 2Achievement points
Completed 5 Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission with All Challenges Active 2Achievement points
  • Complete the mission with all challenges active. They can be activated by talking to Veadh only in Private instances.
Poultry Protector 3.jpg
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Poultry Protector Champions 0Achievement points
Protect imperiled poultry endangered in disparate Dragon Response Missions.
1 0Achievement points
7 0Achievement points
  • This achievement can only be done during the timed pre-event. The chickens are labelled as standard Villagers. If you drop the chicken, you cannot pick it up again. Every mission has several chickens in random locations (see the map for possible ones), though for the achievement you need to save only one.




1 If supported by the Flame Legion






Entering the instance
<Character name>: Oh no. Not again.
Rox: Hey, Commander. Lookin' good.
<Character name>: Rox, what the—thank you, you too—what is going on here?
Rox: We were about to start talks when all of a sudden a bunch of soldiers came ripping through from Lion's Arch.
Rox: Sounds like Jormag tried to launch a sneak attack from the south. Lucky us, huh?
<Character name>: Can we expect reinforcements, or is it the four of us and a few Lionguard?
Rox: We sent word to anyone we could get a hold of. Hopefully they show up in time.
<Character name>: I'll take any help we can get. Where are the others?
Rox: On the shoreline—this way!
Entering the instance after it already started
Rox: Hey, Commander! We'll have to save the reunion for later. Jormag's trying to sneak an icebrood army into Lion's Arch!
Moving towards the shoreline
Crecia Stoneglow: We need to fortify our defenses! And why are there so many quaggans everywhere?
Malice Swordshadow: They live here, Crecia.
Rox: C'mon, Commander! Let's pitch in!
Crecia Stoneglow: Keep pushing back! If they get past us into Lion's Arch, it'll be a bloodbath!
Upon finishing the initial morale-booster event
Rox: That's a lot of icebrood. We making a dent at all?
Crecia Stoneglow: We haven't been overrun, so that's good at least.
Malice Swordshadow: And it looks like our reinforcements finally decided to show up.
One of the following:
Rox: Crecia actually managed to get some Exalted reinforcements! Their enchanted armor will help a lot!
Rox: The sylvari! They brought Fern Hounds! And plant turrets, too! Those'll help!
Rox: It's the asura! And they brought some of their power suits to help. Let's get in there and crack some ice!
Rox: It's our sandshifters! Get their backs—they'll summon up effigies we can use to smash the icebrood!
Rox: Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually relieved to see Flame Legion. C'mon, let's help 'em out!
<Character name>: Right behind you.
After the defense starts
One of the following:
Malice Swordshadow: Commander, we need to make sure our allies are getting the support they need! They can't go this alone!
Crecia Stoneglow: Icebrood attacks are getting worse. We need to work harder—push 'em back!
On the third wave
Crecia Stoneglow: Rox, on behalf of the legions, I'd like to apologize. This isn't how I wanted to reintroduce ourselves.
Rox: I should've known things wouldn't go according to plan. You invited the commander, after all.
Malice Swordshadow: Yes, we should really stop doing that.
<Character name>: I'm right here, Imperator.
Rox: You know the Olmakhan won't shy away from a fight that needs fighting.
Crecia Stoneglow: We do.
Rox: Well, now you're fighting for the future of the charr. And we can't sit that out, no matter what our elders may think.
Malice Swordshadow: Couldn't have said it better myself. Welcome to the good fight.
After finishing defense
Crecia Stoneglow: We need to take out that big one before it reaches the shore.
Near the boss
Crecia Stoneglow: Damn thing's surrounded itself with ice walls! We need a way to blast through 'em! What do we have?
Rox: The cannons on that Lionguard ship and a positive attitude.
Malice Swordshadow: Heh. I like this one.
Crecia Stoneglow: Okay, stay on those cannons and blast away what you can!
After taking down the Corrupted Ice wall
Malice Swordshadow: That's the last ice wall down. Let's get back in there!
During boss fight (boss rebuild Corrupted Ice)
Rox: It's making those ice walls again! Let's take 'em out with the cannons!
After defeating Tribune Splitwall
Rox: Everyone all right? Imperators?
Crecia Stoneglow: We're fine. Looks like they're pulling back. Thank you, Rox.
Rox: Like I said, Olmakhan can't sit this out. But there's something else.
Crecia Stoneglow: Oh? What's that?
Rox: Boticca's first thought was this might be another imperator vanity exercise, like Bangar's All-Legion Rally.
Rox: But the more I thought about it, and your moves over the last year... Malice, are you planning to become Khan-Ur?
Malice Swordshadow: I don't want it. Ash politics are the only kind I care about. I like equals to spy on. Makes things interesting.
Optionally talking to Crecia Stoneglow
Crecia Stoneglow: Thank you for helping us, Commander. So much for neutral mediation.
Talk more option tango.png Recruiting the Olmakhan was your idea?
Crecia Stoneglow: It's not really recruiting. I know Olmakhan take a dim view of the Flame Legion. And now they're back in the fold.
Crecia Stoneglow: The last thing I wanted was a rift between us. Flame's changed. The charr changed. I want them to see that.
Talk end option tango.png You have my support. No matter what happens.
Optionally talking to Rox
Rox: Never a dull moment when you're around, Commander. Thanks for helping us out.
Talk more option tango.png How's life with the Olmakhan?
Rox: Simple, y'know? Quiet. Nice. Frostbite loves it, too. Devourers don't usually get to retire.
Rox: Heard about some of the stuff that's happened since Dragonfall. Sometimes I miss it. Most times I don't.
Talk more option tango.png You, to Braham since you joined the Olmakhan?
Rox: I heard something about Primordus and the Spirits of the Wild. Figured I'd give him some space.
Rox: I'm proud of him, though. Last time we sent letters was...a year ago? He was changed. Even then.
Talk more option tango.png Do you really think the Olmakhan will forgive the Flame Legion?
Rox: No. But then, that's the old Flame Legion. Everything I've heard about Efram is...not that.
Rox: They're fighting to save this world, and the Olmakhan will do the same. So we'll figure it out.
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad you're happy. Thanks for helping us.
Optionally talking to Malice Swordshadow
Malice Swordshadow: First Primordus tries taking Lion's Arch, then Jormag...
Talk more option tango.png They were lucky you were here to help.
Malice Swordshadow: We all did our part. The reinforcements didn't hurt, either. As always, appreciate the extra paw.
Talk more option tango.png What do you think about the Olmakhan?
Malice Swordshadow: Whatever I had to put up with Bangar or Smodur's crap, I envied their...simplified priorities.
Malice Swordshadow: Can't blame them for sticking their heads in the sand when we were tearing ourselves apart in Drizzlewood.
Malice Swordshadow: But they're here now—that's all I care about. And Rox has always been reliable. I'm glad she's with us.
Rox: Aw.
Talk end option tango.png Hopefully Lion's Arch can relax for a little bit now.

Related achievements[edit]