Ascendant's Ring

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Ascendant's Ring

Point of Interest
Canopy over Ordnance Corps
(Verdant Brink)
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Ascendant's Ring.jpg
Ascendant's Ring

Interactive map (Upper level)

The Ascendant's Ring is a piece of land that was raised into the sky by Mordremoth's vines. It has a circular platform made of the same material as Tarir and The Sealed Cavern's structures with eight small pillars.

Getting there[edit]

During the night

Head East from the Mellaggan's Valor waypoint, and take the Pact Chopper up to the Canopy over Ordnance Corps, then jump on the Bouncing Mushroom to reach it.

During day

Head for the vista to the north (the one adjacent to the word "Canopy" in "Canopy Over Ordnance Corps" on the map. Glide from the vista south onto the crashed airship, and walk along the crashed structure to reach the bouncing mushroom just to the north of the POI.