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Vekk was a venerated asura elementalist who lived circa 1078 AE. He is still remembered by the modern asura for playing significant role during the rise of the Great Destroyer and Transformation of the Dwarves. He partnered with the dwarf Ogden Stonehealer and heroes of the Eye of the North in gathering an army of asura, norn and humans to defeat the destroyers and, although unbeknown to them, to offset the awakening of their master, the Elder Dragon Primordus, by some 50 years.

Vekk was an expert on asura gates as well as possessing unknown level of knowledge in golemancery, and assisted his father Gadd and the renowned golemancers Oola and Renk in assembling a foundry of advanced golems to combat the destroyer threat. Vekk lost his father to an explosion which occurred during the creation of the golems, due to Gadd insisting on increasing the power of the golems despite Vekk's protest. It was Vekk who determined the location of the Great Destroyer, identifying the cavern shown in a vision in the Scrying Pool as lying below the Central Transfer Chamber, the nexus of the asura gate network at the time which was powered by the dormant Primordus (mistaken for a magical statue). The site was later taken over by the Elder Dragon and its minions, forcing the asura to the surface for good.

Despite playing a major role in thwarting the destroyers for a time, Vekk is not as well known or remembered as the legendary norn hero Jora or Ogden. His later life is all but unknown, even though Vekk was fairly young asura during the destroyers' rise and could have lived the see the awakening of Primordus itself. It is possible that Vekk, like many others, was slain during the Elder Dragon's awakening.