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The Firstborn are the twelve oldest sylvari, those who first emerged from the Pale Tree in 1302 AE. They are respected among their race due to their age, wisdom, and experience. The Firstborn are equally divided between the four cycles.[1]

Caithe and Faolain were the first sylvari to leave Caledon Forest to explore Tyria.[2] Other firstborn left later, including Riannoc (on his Wyld Hunt to kill Mazdak the Accursed), Trahearne (to study the Ruins of Orr), and Dagonet (as ambassador to the humans in Divinity's Reach). Most of the others were content to remain in the Grove.


The Luminaries are a group of four Firstborn, one from each cycle, who act as governors for the race. Though all the Firstborn are considered wise and authoritative, the Luminaries are in charge of maintaining society and guiding the sylvari as a whole; they protect and develop the Grove, maintain political relationships with other races, and provide mentorship to younger sylvari of their own cycle.

List of Firstborn sylvari[edit]

Firstborn Cycle Luminary Notes
Aife Dawn 1Yes An experienced diplomat and archer.
Caithe Night 0No Member of Destiny's Edge. She acts as mentor to sylvari player characters and is the former lover of Faolain. Her Wyld Hunt is to slay Zhaitan.
Dagonet [tbd] 0No A scholar who has studied the dreams of many sylvari, including those of all of the Firstborn. Currently acting as diplomat to Kryta.
Faolain Dusk 0No Grand Duchess of the Nightmare Court, turned by Cadeyrn. She is the former lover of Caithe, and continually attempts to win her back.
Kahedins Dusk 1Yes A sylvari "shaper" who works on building the Grove. Tends to young sylvari and helps them understand what they have seen in their Dream.
Malomedies Night 1Yes An astronomer who brought mathematics to his race. He was the first sylvari to meet the asura, and suffered experimentation at their hands before they realized he was sentient.
Niamh Noon 1Yes Her Wyld Hunt was to establish the Grove's defenses, and she founded the Wardens to serve this purpose.
Riannoc [tbd] 0No The first sylvari to die. He was a warrior and the original wielder of Caladbolg.
Trahearne Dusk 0No Necromancer. The first to emerge from the Pale Tree. His Wyld Hunt was to restore the land of Orr, and he has spent most of his life studying the region and its Risen.
Wynne Night 0No First of the Night blooms and second firstborn to die. She befriended a tribe of centaurs in the Maguuma Wastes before her death. Her Dream told her a truth that could "hold sway over all sylvari".
Unknown [tbd] 0No Has yet to be revealed to players.
Unknown [tbd] 0No Has yet to be revealed to players.


  • A luminary is someone that is an inspiration to others or has achieved notable success.
  • While it is not explicitly stated, dialogue with Gardener Oraiste implies that Dagonet is from the Cycle of Dawn. This would make sense, as those who awakened in this Cycle are considered "diplomats."

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