Mordrem Vinewrath

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the event. For Mordremoth's champion, see Mordrem Vinewrath (NPC). For another kind of Vinewrath, see Mordrem Vinewrath (Prisoners of the Dragon).

Mordrem Vinewrath

The Silverwastes
(Maguuma Wastes)
Event type
Meta event
Total events
Preceded by
Talk back option tango.png The Breach
Upon success
Talk more option tango.png Time Out
Upon failure
Talk more option tango red.png You've lost. Better luck next time!

Mordrem Vinewrath is a level 80 meta event that occurs in the Silverwastes. It follows The Breach. Pact Choppers bring siege carriers to the area, the siege carriers have to be protected as they break down the vine blocking off Vinewrath Tangle, and if successful, the Vinewrath has to be defeated.


  • Pact choppers are approaching Vinewrath Tangle.
  • Choppers land in: x:xx
  • Protect siege carriers as they bombard the Vinewrath's vine walls, and then slay the Vinewrath's champions.
  • Champions Slain: x/3
  • Siege Carriers Lost: x/15


Players who disconnected but reentered the same map instance are not awarded the Vinewrath Chest.[verification requested]


Players fighting the Vinewrath split into three lanes and fight their way down the lanes towards the Vinewrath. After Breach, players have 3 minutes to organize themselves to fight the Vinewrath. Players should use the time to ensure there are a roughly even number of players in each lane.

The primary goal while fighting in the lane is to escort a Pact Siege Carrier down the lane to destroy Vine Walls and clear the way to the Vinewrath. The siege carriers have limited ammunition and will walk back and forth from the Vine Walls to the Ammunition. The ammunition also needs to be defended. If an ammunition cache is destroyed, players will need to gather 10 pieces of ammunition and deliver it to the cache to rebuild it.

Starting with the bottom (southern) lane, and then proceeding to the middle and top (northern) lane in turn, one lane at a time will be vulnerable to attack. This is indicated on the mini map by the red door being open. The other lanes will have a reinforced shield on the final vine wall in their lane, and if the siege carrier reaches it they will fail to break the wall and the lane will reset. If this occurs, the siege carrier will grant a large number of buffs to all allies. Once the vulnerable lane escorts their siege carrier to the final vine wall, the path to the Vinewrath will be opened. The lane that opened it should rush into the Vinewrath's lair to fight one of the Vinewrath's Champions. Players gain a debuff, Tracked.png Tracked, that prevents them from entering the boss areas of the other lanes.

The Vinewrath is defeated once each of his three Champions are defeated in turn. Each Champion must be defeated within a time limit. If a lane succeeds in defeating a Champion, all players are rewarded and the next lane to breach the Vinewrath's lair will fight the next champion. If a lane fails to defeat a Champion, the Vinewrath will destroy all three active siege carriers and reset the lanes. The next lane to breach the lair will have to fight the undefeated champion again.

The event is failed when 15 siege carriers are destroyed. Since three are lost when a Champion is failed, up to four Champion fights can be lost before failing the event, though that number may be reduced if siege carriers are destroyed in the lanes. Upon event failure, roots will appear around every player in the area, killing them all instantly.


The Vinewrath's three champions, in the order they must be defeated, are


When meta event begins, at each lane
Sergeant Khades: All right, everyone. In order to pass the gate, we need our siege weapons in position. Head out!
Sergeant Meppsi: Your attention please! We're moving out. Get that siege weapon to the gate.
Sergeant Atirrah: It's time. Move that siege weapon toward the gate!
When a siege carrier is lost
Sergeant Khades: We can't afford to lose siege weapons if we want to win this.
Sergeant Khades: Another siege weapon lost. This doesn't bode well.
Sergeant Meppsi: We're losing siege weapons! Increase defenses!
Sergeant Meppsi: There goes our siege weapon. Focus!
Sergeant Atirrah: Siege weapon down. Get it together, people!
Sergeant Atirrah: Lost another one. We're in hot water now.
When meta event fails
Sergeant Meppsi: We're overwhelmed. Everyone, retreat!
Sergeant Khades: We can't go on—not like this. Retreat!
Sergeant Atirrah: We've lost too many. Fall back!
When meta event succeeds, at each lane
Sergeant Meppsi: Congratulations all around! Victory is ours.
Sergeant Khades: Well done, everyone!
Sergeant Atirrah: Never doubted us. Good job, soldiers!
Successful completion of the event
Sergeant Atirrah: The target's retreated. I'd call that a successful mission.
Sergeant Meppsi: Yes, yes, we're extraordinary. But we shouldn't linger. After a respite, we need to torch these vines.
Sergeant Khades: Allow me.
Sergeant Atirrah: Should I keep an eye on him?
Sergeant Meppsi: No need. Khades is capable of handling all manner of flaming objects. Sylvari aren't kindling, you know.
Sergeant Meppsi: Now listen, we've little time before this place is overrun with Mordrem again. Make it count.

Related achievements[edit]


  • The Experimental Mordrem Extraction Devices works on all three champion bosses.
  • Although the infobox states there are two events, each of them can occur up to three times, making six potential events.
  • If you have participated in one of the 3 boss fights, you will be given a Tracked buff which will teleport you out of the boss room if you enter from another lane. This means that the event is designed so that each player should only be able to participate in one boss fight.
    • Since the Tracked buff lasts only for 7 minutes 30 seconds, it is possible to enter via another lane if they lose multiple siege carriers and delay it long enough till the buff expires.
  • It is possible for players with the Tracked buff to use ranged attacks outside the boss room from the middle lane to attack the Pustules on the edge of the room, without getting teleported out. The player will still get the event reward for killing the second boss, even if they have already killed the first boss.