Destroyer of Life

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Members of Destiny's Edge fight destroyers.

In 1319 AE, the Destroyer of Life rose near Rata Sum, in the jungle beyond the swamp, just south of Wildflame Caverns.[1] His master, Primordus, was the first of the Elder Dragons to rise, and he wreaked havoc on the dwarves. They slew his first champion, the Great Destroyer, and the asura allied with the dwarves to fight back the tide of minions that boiled up from the deep places. For centuries, they had them driven back. But the old wyrm found a new champion. The Destroyer of Life was forged of stone and magma. He was raising more armies of Destroyers.

The Destroyer of Life is described as a massive figure, covered in rocklike hide and steaming from magma joints. It was amorphous and horrible, its body only just solidified from the lava sea where it lived. It seemed a gigantic mantis of stone. The Destroyer of Life possessed a magma bow, with white-hot arrows that burned with primordial fire. Once woken, it could never be quenched. It was this that made Eir Stegalkin realize its weakness, as she took one of the creature's still burning arrows and shot it at the beast; primordial fire burned primordial fire, and thus in 1320 AE the Destroyer of Life was slain.[2]


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