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Gilded Hollow

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Gilded Hollow

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Map of Gilded Hollow

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Loading screen


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The Gilded Hollow is one of the two guild halls located in the Heart of Maguuma. It is accessed via the Sealed Passageway located beneath Tarir.


Travel to the Gilded Hollow entrance tunnel, located beneath the golden city at the center of Auric Basin. Meet Kogga inside the hollow and clear the Mordrem infestation there to claim this guild hall.

— Expedition to the Gilded Hollow


Claim the Guild Hall

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Arena Tower Waypoint — (requires guild arena)
Waypoint (map icon).png Cavern Mine Waypoint — (requires guild mine)
Waypoint (map icon).png Central Hollow Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Surface Tunnel Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Waterfall Plaza Waypoint — (requires further exploration)

Interactive map[edit]


Location of buildings.
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Note: This list does not include interactable decorations.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Kogga: The Gilded Hollow has a lot of history. We've just got to uncover it!
Kogga: I hope the Exalted don't mind us using the place. I mean, they didn't need it anymore, right?
Kogga: Archaeology's kind of a hobby...but I'm hoping to make it more of a profession.
Brine Clutchall: Everything going well? Need anything?
Guild Initiative Representative: We need to clear this tunnel to get to the good stuff further down.
Guild Initiative Representative: Which do you prefer? A pick or a shovel?
Guild Initiative Representative: Nothing wrong with a little honest work.
After claiming your guild hall, but before Tavern Restoration 1
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Hello there, friend! I'm the, err, provisioner sent from the Guild Initiative. Meaning, I make the chow.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Those shortsighted desk jockeys suggested a mess hall, but what we need is a proper tavern. Right?
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: I'll get something temporary set up while we plan a permanent establishment. Something classy. With beer.
After Tavern Restoration 1
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Great! I'm glad you agreed to "tavern" over "mess hall." You're clearly a smart bunch.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Let's see what we can get set up for you!
(After Gamli runs over to the tavern)
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Very nice! Now we've got a proper place to have a pint!
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: This spot will be comfy for entertaining newcomers, workers, visitors, and guild members.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Running a tavern takes a lot of work! I need to order supplies, stock the shelves, create a menu...
(After Rekka spawns at the central hollow waypoint but before she runs over to the tavern)
Rekka: Congratulations, I've arrived. No celebrations, please. I just want to start mining.
(After Rekka runs over to the tavern)
Rekka: Hey there! Barkeep! Whose ear do I bend about getting mining operations started around here?
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Mining? But you just got here! Pull up a chair, have a bit to eat.
Rekka: Eating? I've got no time for eating! There's stuff in the ground, and we need it!
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: You're very passionate about your work. What are you looking to mine, anyway?
Rekka: Raw aetherium! Initiative surveyors discovered an unusual concentration of it here. We might even hit a mother lode!
Rekka: That aetherium could provide a tremendous source of magic—once we dig it up. Now can you see why I'm so excited?
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: I can! Still, you can't mine on an empty stomach. Sit and eat. An official will come to discuss the mine soon enough.
After Tavern Restoration 2
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: This new tavern is a sight to see! I'll admit, I wasn't sure we'd get it repaired properly.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: But look at it now! Why, anyone would be proud to have a drink and share a story here.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: You've done well getting this place put together.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: You think it's nice now, wait 'til I start serving my famous rabbit stew!
After Workshop Restoration 1
Kensho Arrowsoul: I am pleased that you recognize the value in establishing a scribal workshop.
Kensho Arrowsoul: I will oversee a temporary space to begin our work. Hopefully soon the guild can create a more permanent studio.
Kensho Arrowsoul: This will be an adequate beginning. We have pen, and ink, and shelter.
Kensho Arrowsoul: Let us embark upon the ever-challenging study of magical scripts.
(After Castor Shoutsman, Brine Clutchall, and Sophia Carriker arrive at the central hollow waypoint)
Caster Shoutsman: This place is epic, epic, epic!
Brine Clutchall: You can say that again!
Sophia Carriker: But please don't.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Welcome to our tavern strangers! Are you the three Initiative specialists I heard would be joining us?
Castor Shoutsman: Congratulations, you are correct!
Brine Clutchall: He's always like that. You get used to it.
Sophia Carriker: Or you'll invest in earplugs.
Brine Clutchall: Brine Clutchall. I'm here to set up a market. A pleasure to meet you, barkeep.
Sophia Carriker: I'm Sophia Carriker, retired captain. Here to establish a war room for the guild.
Castor Shoutsman: Castor Shoutsman! Arena announcer extraordinaire!
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Welcome, friends. I'm Gamli Adalsteinnson, proprietor of this tavern. Nice to meet you.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Feel free to grab some food and drink. I'm sure guild representatives will be here to discuss your specialties soon.
Brine Clutchall: Thank you, Gamli. I am hungry, come to think of it.
Castor Shoutsman: Ah, yes! Food fight!
Sophia Carriker: (sigh) Kormir, grant me patience.
After Workshop Restoration 2
Kensho Arrowsoul: My people say that teaching is also a lesson. It is true. In helping the guild, I have learned much.
Kensho Arrowsoul: The study of pen and ink is as old as the tengu. My people consider it a sacred and beloved art.
Kensho Arrowsoul: I hope that you will understand that I do not undertake this task lightly.
Kensho Arrowsoul: Sharing knowledge is difficult for the tengu. We have been betrayed by others in our past.
Kensho Arrowsoul: I trust you. I trust this guild. It is my honor to educate and serve those whom I respect.
Kensho Arrowsoul: Ah, you think I am so different? You judge too much with your eyes alone.
Kensho Arrowsoul: My purpose is to find purpose. Can you say the same?
Kensho Arrowsoul: If you wait by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by.
Kensho Arrowsoul: A grand day for an adventure.
Kensho Arrowsoul: The clock's ticking, and Tyria is at risk, hurry along now.
Kensho Arrowsoul: The sky above is bright and clear. I am grateful for every wind that rises.
After obtaining Market Restoration 1
Brine Clutchall: Wise move, starting reconstruction of the market. We'll need that to start up commerce.
Brine Clutchall: I want to make sure everything's perfect, so I'll go survey the build site.
Brine Clutchall: Well, it's a temporary setup, but it will suffice.
Brine Clutchall: We need more permanency if we want our customers to start forming habits.
Brine Clutchall: And by that I mean, if we want people to keep buying our goods!
After obtaining Market Restoration 2
Brine Clutchall: Finished at last!
Brine Clutchall: Money for me, merchandise for the guild...
Brine Clutchall: Then a little money for me, a little more merchandise for the guild...
Brine Clutchall: And then, when I retire, I buy a sweet little vacation house in Garenhoff. Right by the lake!
Brine Clutchall: We're going to have a beautiful future, my friend. A beautiful future.
After Mine Excavation 1
Rekka: Finally! We're breaking ground on the mine! Uh, literally and figuratively speaking.
Rekka: Let's go see what the dig site looks like!
Rekka: Hmm. Not bad, not bad at all! Solid geology. Plenty of room for expansion.
Rekka: I just know we're going to find tons of raw aetherium here. You'll see!
Rekka: And in that vein...heh...I do have some thoughts about increasing efficiency.
Rekka: For example, do the miners really need three entirely separate meal breaks? Why not eat everything at once?
(After Kensho arrives at the central hollow waypoint)
Kensho Arrowsoul: Greetings. I have come to share my wisdom with your guild.
(After Kensho walks over to the tavern)
Kensho Arrowsoul: Greetings, tavernmaster. May the winds lift you to glory.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Winds...? Uh, well, thank you. May the winds lift you...a beer.
Kensho Arrowsoul: Beer, you say? Ah, yes. I would like some of this beverage. Thank you for your offer.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: Before you drink anything, I should ask you-have you had beer before?
Kensho Arrowsoul: Only once, when celebrating the death of Zhaitan with some norn in our trading post. It is...quite pleasant, this beer.
Gamli Aðalsteinnson: We're going to get along just fine.
After Mine Excavation 2
Rekka: Excellent. Expanding the mine will allow us to increase production!
Rekka: We're definitely going to need more aetherium storage tanks.
After Mine Excavation 3
Rekka: I'm very pleased. This place is finally starting to look like a functional mine.
Rekka: Since we have the space, I'm thinking we should move the miners' beds in here. Get rid of that wasted travel time!
After War Room Restoration 2
Sophia Carriker: Finally finished! It's a weight off my mind to see this place complete.
Sophia Carriker: New tactics, guild badges, soldiers, crafting... This will give the guild a fighting chance!
Sophia Carriker: I wish I could go out and fight, but those days are over for me.
Sophia Carriker: I'm content to stay in the war room and help where I can.
Sophia Carriker: Anytime you need me, I'll be here.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Ore Synthesizer (Only with Ore Synthesizer 1 or better)
Wood resource (map icon).png Lumber Synthesizer (Only with Lumber Synthesizer 1 or better)
Plant resource (map icon).png Berry Synthesizer (Only with Plant Synthesizers 1 or better)
Plant resource (map icon).png Cloth Synthesizer (Only with Cloth Synthesizer 1 or better)
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Synthesizer (Only with Plant Synthesizers 1 or better)
Plant resource (map icon).png Leather Synthesizer (Only with Leather Synthesizer 1 or better)
Plant resource (map icon).png Vegetable Synthesizer (Only with Plant Synthesizers 1 or better)
Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Freshwater Fish


Getting there


Sometimes the southernmost plant synthesizer will not spawn when an instance of this map is created.