Provernic Crypt

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Provernic Crypt

Provernic Crypt map.jpg
Map of Provernic Crypt

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Gendarran Fields
Connects to
Provern Shore (E)
Northfields (SW)
Witherflank River (W)

Provernic Crypt.jpg

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The Provernic Crypt is the site of a mini-dungeon in northern Gendarran Fields. The crypt is laced with spike traps, some fire traps, spiders, and oozes, with an elite spider boss near the end.


Start walking west from Waypoint (map icon).png Provern Shore Waypoint. The entrance to the mini-dungeon is located on the south side of the zone, near the base of the hills by Hermit Guilland.

Dodge through the flame spitters at the entrance (or wait for the pause), and avoid the red circles (spike traps) at all costs, killing the oozes as you reach the inner crypt. The spike traps can take away half of your health (around 2000 damage).

There are elite cave spider nests in the treasure room's antechamber, complete with spider eggs, numerous spike traps, and the locked doors which lead to the treasure chest. Suppose the spider is at its normal position (not near the entrance). In that case, it is possible to reach the doors without being attacked.

Hermit Guilland, a norn NPC skulking at the entrance to the crypt, suggests breaking the spider eggs before they hatch. This is supposed to let you get rid of the adds during the fight with the elite spider, but it will cause the elite to attack. Instead, take the slight right turn after her chamber, kill all the spiders within, and drop two boulders on the pressure plates (north plate first) found there. This should open the locked door to the chest.

To advance to the treasure room, you must kill the elite spider in addition to triggering the pressure plates. A Mysterious Rock can be found near the chest, which serves as a quick teleport to the exit.

Suppose you decide to solo this elite. In that case, the eggs will hatch often, and cave spiders will join the fight (around 6-8 spiders in the last wave). Fighting at the room's entrance is an excellent place to avoid the traps and see the adds coming. A good AoE damage skill and healing and poison removal are helpful and a pet to keep the boss's aggro, if available. Be aware that the spiders at the entrance to the elite's room will also respawn after a while.






Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Spinach


  • The doors to the chest may already be open.
  • The elite does not follow you very far into the chest room.