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Disambig icon.png This article is about an NPC. For the user interface, see Hero panel. For the achievement, see Hero (achievements).


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Facing the Truth
(Tomb of the Primeval Kings, The Sanctum)

Abbadon remained a fallen god, imprisoned for a thousand years, until he rose to threaten Tyria one last time...A mortal hero led a mission to stop him, and against all odds, succeeded.


The Heroes were the group of individuals, both Sunspears and not, who defeated the fallen god Abaddon and witnessed the Ascension of Kormir in 1075 AE.


The Hero's name and origins have been lost in time, so much so that the Hero's deeds have become obscure in modern day and often attributed to other members of the adventuring party. Some tales claim the Hero hailed from Ascalon before the Searing and defeated the mursaat and Vizier Khilbron. Others suggest the Hero may have come from Cantha where Shiro Tagachi was defeated, or Elona.

The Hero ultimately joined forces with Spearmarshal Kormir and foiled the plans of the god Abaddon who was attempting to usher in Nightfall to break free from his prison in the Realm of Torment. When Abaddon was defeated and his rampant magic was threatening all of Tyria, the Hero witnessed Kormir sacrificing herself to absorb the power and becoming the Goddess of Truth.

The Hero's actions after Nightfall have become just as obscure as the earlier deeds. However, according to some tales the Hero may have stalled the rise of Primordus by defeating its herald known as the Great Destroyer, assisted the norn heroine Jora in defeating her corrupted brother Svanir, helped Pyre Fierceshot spark the rebellion against the Flame Legion which would eventually lead to drastic changes within the charr society, as well as ended the schemes of the fanatical Minister Reiko of the Canthan Ministry of Purity.

The ultimate fate of the Hero is not known although it is assumed that, like all mortals, the Hero eventually died and passed into the Mists. Even though knowledge of the Hero would become obscure to most modern day Tyrians, the legacy of the brave deeds would live on as the Hero had saved Tyria on multiple occasions and paved way for the Pact Commander to continue the work the Hero had begun.

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  • ArenaNet doesn't seem to take an official stance on the number of heroes for the Guild Wars campaigns. Young Heroes of Tyria imply three heroes, while Facing the Truth implies five. Peter Fries states it depends on the player's decision to make a character for each Guild Wars campaign or just have one character go through all three.[1]


  • The Hero who represents the Player Character from Guild Wars in Facing the Truth can spawn as either gender, possibly dependent on the Pact Commander's gender.


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