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Disambig icon.png This article is about an NPC. For the user interface, see Hero panel. For the achievement, see Hero (achievements).


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Facing the Truth
(The Sanctum, Tomb of the Primeval Kings)

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The five heroes and Kormir.

Abaddon remained a fallen god, imprisoned for a thousand years, until he rose to threaten Tyria one last time...A mortal hero led a mission to stop him, and against all odds, succeeded.

Kormir in Facing the Truth

The Heroes were a group of individuals, both Sunspears and not, who defeated the fallen god Abaddon and witnessed the Ascension of Kormir in 1075 AE. Their exact number and lands of origin remain unknown, but the existence of one notable Hero in particular is alluded to. Visions of these Heroes are seen during Kormir's retelling of the events leading to her own ascension.


Early years[edit]

The Hero's name and origins have been lost in time, so much so that the Hero's deeds have become obscure in modern day and often attributed to other members of their adventuring party. Some documents even claim that there was more than one notable Hero active at the time. Some tales claim the Hero hailed from Ascalon before the Searing and defeated the mursaat and Vizier Khilbron; others suggest the Hero may have come from Cantha where a party of heroes defeated Shiro Tagachi with the dragon Kuunavang's help in 1072 AE; further accounts claim the Hero was a native Istani Sunspear. According to the ghost of Kimmes the Historian, however, one notable Hero was involved in all three campaigns as well as in the exploration of the northern regions of Tyria.

Regardless of their origin, at least one Hero ultimately joined forces with Spearmarshal Kormir, collaborated with Palawa Joko to combat the corrupt Warmarshal Varesh Ossa's forces, and foiled the plans of the fallen god Abaddon who was attempting to usher in Nightfall to break free from his prison in the Realm of Torment in 1075 AE. When Abaddon was defeated and his rampant magic was threatening all of Tyria, the Hero witnessed Kormir sacrificing herself to absorb the power and becoming the Goddess of Truth.

The Hero's actions after Nightfall have become just as obscure as their earlier deeds although their title as the Hero of Nightfall lived on. According to Kimmes, the Hero may have stalled the rise of the Elder Dragon Primordus by defeating its champion known as the Great Destroyer in 1078 AE.


Interim years[edit]

The ultimate fate of the Hero is not known although it is assumed that, like all mortals, the Hero eventually died and passed into the Mists. Even though knowledge of the Hero and their identity would become obscure to most modern day Tyrians, the legacy of the Hero's brave deeds would live on as the Hero had saved Tyria, possibly on multiple occasions, and paved the way for the Pact Commander to continue the Hero's work centuries later.

By 1325 AE, the ghost of Kimmes the Historian welcomed the Pact Commander to the Eye of the North. He potentially sensed in the Commander the same kind of heroism that the Hero had once possessed and, as a reward, offered relics from the Hero's time for the Commander to use as they saw fit in the Hall of Monuments.

Path of Fire[edit]

After accessing the Sanctum in 1330 AE to seek out help from the gods, the Commander, Canach, Kasmeer Meade, and Rytlock Brimstone met with Kormir who recounted the events leading to her ascension to explain the dangers of gods interfering in Tyrian matters. During the vision the Hero was briefly shown expressing worry about Abaddon's rampant magic following the fallen god's demise and witnessing Kormir's sacrifice to contain the power.

If the Commander had deeper links to the Hall of Monuments where at least one of the Heroes had once treaded, the ghosts of Dunkoro and Turai Ossa mentioned that the Commander's spirit felt familiar with the wording suggesting a potential connection between the two heroes.

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]



  • The Hero is also referred to as the Hero of Nightfall, or the Tyrian hero.[2][3]