Morgus Lethe

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I'm your destiny, you know. I'm the destiny of all living things.

— Morgus Lethe

Captain Morgus Lethe was a champion of Zhaitan. He ruled the black seaways beyond Lion's Arch—he and swarms of Risen. They attacked ships and tore through their hulls and dropped them to the bottom. They killed hundreds of sailors a week and turned them into more undead. In life, he was a norn, captain of the Cormorant before Magnus the Bloody-Handed. When he fell among the undead, they learned the Lionguard's every move, their every route, their tactics, their vulnerabilities. Magnus needed strangers, and to that end he enlisted Destiny's Edge, who had already killed the Dragonspawn.

Lethe's unholy sanctum was a maelstrom above a great graveyard of ships. The maelstrom swirled above a deepwater drop-off, where the sea falls away to a bottomless rift. It was a maelstrom that dragged ships down. Beneath that vortex lay a thousand wrecks, home of Morgus Lethe's undead navy. He carried a blade that sucks the life out of any living thing. After approaching his lair, undead began rising from the vortex and crawling aboard the Cormorant. After a long battle, Captain Magnus struck Morgus's back with an axe. Caithe then split his skull with her stilettos, unleashing a swarm of maggots which devoured his body.


  • Lethe is Greek for "oblivion", "forgetfulness", or "concealment". It is also one of the five rivers flowing in the Greek underworld. Those who drank from this river experienced complete forgetfulness.