Defeat Tequatl the Sunless

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Defeat Tequatl the Sunless

Event maps
Tequatl the Sunless location.jpg

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Tequatl the Sunless is a level 65 group event that occurs on the Splintered Coast in Sparkfly Fen. The event begins with Tequatl the Sunless flying out of the water, eventually landing in front of the player and beginning combat. Though considered one of the smaller dragons, Tequatl is not alone and the fight occurs with dangerous minions summoned to attack the players as well. Players themselves have access to numerous Hylek Turrets and are backed by the formidable Vigil Megalaser.


  • Tequatl the Sunless
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: x/15:00
  • Hylek Turrets Remaining: x/6


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 8,453 Experience.png 311 Karma 72 Copper coin
Silver 7,185 Experience.png 264 Karma 61 Copper coin
Bronze 6,340 Experience.png 233 Karma 54 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 65 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.
See also: Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north

Event schedule[edit]

Event Start Countdown Zone Area Waypoint link
Tequatl the Sunless 00:00 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast
Tequatl the Sunless 03:00 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast
Tequatl the Sunless 07:00 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast
Tequatl the Sunless 11:30 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast
Tequatl the Sunless 16:00 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast
Tequatl the Sunless 19:00 ... Sparkfly Fen Splintered Coast

  • Can be triggered out of the normal schedule with a Guild World Event.
  • The event actually starts 1 minute after the set spawn time.



The event has a 15:00 minute time limit and is split into two distinct and repeating phases:

  • Primary phase, where Tequatl is stationary and attacking the players. The event starts in this phase.
  • Megalaser/battery defense phase, where Tequatl is in the air and players defend the Megalaser and three batteries for 2:00 minutes. The Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north event is active during this phase.

At every 25% of Tequatl's maximum health, Tequatl will fly off and trigger the Megalaser/battery defense phase. This pauses the 15:00 main timer and begins Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north with a 2:00 defense timer.

The encounter transitions back to the primary phase once Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north ends. The event succeeds if the timer runs down and none of the four objectives are destroyed. The event fails immediately if any of the objectives are destroyed. The outcome immediately following a defense phase depends on the success or failure of the defense event:

  • On success, Tequatl is shot by the laser, crashes into the ground. It becomes stunned, taking 5 times more damage and does not attack for approximately 30 seconds. This short period is colloquially referred to as the "burn phase".
  • On failure, Tequatl creates a giant tidal wave upon landing, which will wipe out players in the event vicinity. Death from the wave can be avoided by standing on a launch pad or by being far enough away from the ocean when it occurs.
Primary phase mechanics

Tequatl has several abilities and skills that it uses in the primary phase.

Additionally, groups of Risen will periodically spawn in four fixed locations around the event area at fixed times on the 15:00 timer, beginning at 14:00 and 90 seconds apart. (The times are 14:00, 12:30, 11:00, 9:30, 8:00, 6:30, 5:00, 3:30, 2:00, 0:30.) Three of these groups will immediately charge the Hylek Turrets, while one of the groups will charge towards Tequatl. If not engaged and defeated, these enemies will destroy the turrets.

Megalaser/battery defense phase mechanics

This phase triggers at every 25% of Tequatl's health, occurring up to three times during the encounter. The 15:00 timer pauses and Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north event becomes active. The Megalaser and three batteries will be attacked by waves of Risen, and each objective has unique mechanics:

  • Megalaser -- Any surviving Risen from the primary phase will stop what they're doing and immediately move to and attack the Megalaser. Additional waves of Risen spawn just northwest and northeast of the Megalaser, from the directions of the North and East batteries. Single Champion Risen Krait Hypnosses will spawn up to twice from the direction of the north set of Hylek Turrets.
  • West battery -- Waves of Risen krait will periodically spawn at the edges of the rock. Tequatl's Fingers will also periodically be summoned and throw poison at the battery.
  • North battery -- Waves of Risen hylek and quaggans will periodically spawn around the edges of the area. Additionally, multiple grub holes are placed around the battery. If left unattended, these grub holes will spawn Risen Grubs. Players can interact with grub holes to stomp them; however, the grub holes will respawn after a certain period of having been stomped.
  • East battery -- Waves of Risen will periodically spawn. Additionally, four Plague Carrier Abominations will spawn in waves at different fixed locations and walk towards the battery. They will explode and leave a highly damaging AoE field on the battery if not killed.

Players must split up between the four objectives. If any of the four objectives is destroyed, the event fails. Launch pads reminiscent of Lightning Pull can be used by players to quickly move between the Vigil Megalaser and the three batteries. The diamond on each launch pad shows the direction you will be launched.

Sample strategy[edit]

In this section, a sample "ranged" strategy for defeating Tequatl is detailed. For other popular strategies used by prominent organized groups, see the external links.

Tequatl assaulting team:

  • Get a commander to lead the assault on Tequatl. The commander's tag will be the point for all players attacking Tequatl to rally at and stack on and the target for all turrets to fire skills 3, 4 and 5 at.
  • All players in the assault with should try and equip the following:
    • Armor with Berserker's Stats (Power, Precision, Ferocity) is preferred as Tequatl can be critically hit.
    • AoE condition removal skills. Tequatl frequently throws down large cripple fields.
    • Fire and water fields along with blast finishers for stacking might or AoE heals. Other might stacking or healing skills are equally important.
    • Skills that grant Stability to allies. If stability is not available, have a Stun break.
  • Elementalists in the assault should equip Conjure Frost Bow.
    • Frost Storm, skill 4, does extremely high damage against Tequatl, as all of the Frost Storm shards hit due to its large size.
    • The ideal way to use frost bows is to channel Frost Storm during a time when Tequatl is not attacking, then quickly use Frost Fan, skill 3, before dropping the bow and returning to normal weapon use.
  • Some warriors in the assault should equip banners, particularly Battle Standard for its AoE revive and damage increase.
    • Placing banners off to the side is extremely helpful so players have easier access to conjured weapons.
  • Mesmers in the group should have Feedback to throw down on the fingers that spawn around the group. This will take them down a lot faster.

Turrets teams:

  • Create three parties to defend each set of turrets.
  • One member from each party mans a turret and the other four members defend and repair that turret and heal that gunner.
  • Risen mobs will scale to the amount of people hanging around the turrets. Turret defense teams (including the turret gunners) should be around 10-15 people otherwise champion and elite mobs will spawn much more often.

Defend Megalaser and batteries:

  • Work out how you plan to defend the Megalaser and its three batteries.
  • Have the three parties from the west turrets go defend the west Battery and the three parties from the east turrets go defend the east one.


  • The most important parts of this whole event are keeping the turrets up and firing (and using the correct skills at the right targets) and everyone assaulting Tequatl stacking on the commander and reviving downed players in the stack.
  • Revive players that are in the Downed state but players that are fully Defeated should port to the quaggan village waypoint (Brooloonu Waypoint). This is a timed event and reviving someone from the Defeated state takes much too long even with multiple players helping. Timing on the event is too tight to have multiple players constantly removed from the combat to revive Defeated players and risking their own lives in the attempt.

Defeating Tequatl[edit]

Tequatl assaulting team (Tequatl with 100% health):

  • The commander positions themself just within ranged weapon distance from where Tequatl's right leg is.
  • Players assaulting Tequatl stack up at the commander's location.
  • Players attack its right leg (the left leg as you look at it) with ranged weapons.
  • Players with AoE condition removal should use them to remove the poison and cripple from everyone in the stack.
  • Players with skills that grant Might to allies should use them to keep everyone at max stacks of might.
  • Players with skills that grant Stability to allies should use them to stop everyone getting knocked down by Tequatl and the waves.
  • Elementalists need to constantly summon frost bows for players to use to stack vulnerability on Tequatl.
  • All players in the stack need to revive all Downed players in the stack.
  • All Defeated/dead players need to revive themselves at the waypoint immediately.
    • The nearest waypoint (Splintered Coast Waypoint) is always contested during the event. Use the Brooloonu Waypoint and the Launch Pads to return to the battle. The Caer Brier Waypoint can also be used, but some events in that area may make the run back more time consuming.
    • Assault team players should attempt to make their way back without running near the turrets, as the more players there are, the tougher the mobs that will spawn (such as Champion mobs).

Turret Teams:

  • The Turret gunners need to use skill 2 on Tequatl as soon as it recharges to stop the Hardened Scales buff from reaching 20 stacks. If this happens, it will summon a bone wall.
  • The Turret gunners need to use skill 3 at the commander's location to remove poison created by Tequatl's fingers and Poison Pools.
  • Turrets also need to use skill 3 to remove poison created on neighboring turrets when possible to prevent gunners from dying.
  • The Turret gunners need to use skills 4 and 5 at the commander's location to buff all the stacked assaulting players.
  • The defending players need to defend and repair the turrets and heal the gunner.

When Tequatl reaches 75%/50%/25% health:

  • Tequatl breaks off from combat. The assault team needs to make their way to the batteries or megalaser without running through the turrets. There is a gap between the north and south turrets.
  • At the megalaser, there are launch pads to launch players to the west/north/east batteries. If there are too many players attempting to use it, it may be better to make your way to the batteries on foot.
  • At 75% is when Tequatl will start using vortexes to pull players underwater. If this should occur, swim back to the surface by aiming towards the light. Use your heal if necessary and use dodge underwater to swim faster briefly.

Defend Megalaser and batteries:

  • Have the three parties from the west turrets go defend the west Battery and the three parties from the east turrets go defend the east one.
  • Split the Tequatl assault team up to defend the north battery and the Megalaser and to help the Turret teams with the east and west batteries.
  • Elementalists from the assault team should start heading back at around 20 seconds to spawn ice bows and fire swords early.
  • If a battery or the megalaser is above 25% health with 15 seconds left on the event, all players can start to head back to where Tequatl was.

Tequatl assaulting team (Tequatl stunned after megalaser shoots it):

  • When Tequatl returns after defending the megalaser, it will be shot by it and will become stunned for about 30 seconds and takes increased damage.
  • The commander positions themself at Tequatl's right leg and attacks it with a melee weapon.
  • Players assaulting Tequatl stack up at the commander's location and assault Tequatl as before but with melee weapons.
  • Players who have access to Fire Elemental Powder should use this before Tequatl becomes hittable.
  • Elementalists summon frost bows as before but they can also summon Fiery Greatswords for extra damage. Don't target Tequatl and use Skill 4 to run through Tequatl and the Skill 3 to return to your location.
  • When Tequatl comes out of stun, the assault reverts to how it was for Tequatl with 100% health (ranged assault method).

Turret teams (Tequatl stunned after megalaser shoots it):

  • Turret gunners still need to continue cleaning poison where the assault team.
  • Keep Skill 4 on aimed at zerg entire time, which gives then Quickness and increase DPS. While it is on cooldown use Skill 1 which now deals roughly 10K damage to stunned Tequatl instead of 1K damage. This is an ideal time to attack when cleansing and buff skills are on cooldown.
  • Depending on instructions from commanders/leader, turret defense team are continuing to defend turrets or at Tequatl with the assault team. Either way, as soon as Tequatl starts to recover, they should immediately head back to defend.

Final push (Tequatl close to defeat)

  • Depending the time left, players may need to move into melee range to attack with melee weapons as they do more damage, but comes at the cost of taking more damage as well as having to guess when the shockwaves appear instead of seeing them. Using stability skills here is helpful.
  • Warriors - if there is less than 10 seconds to go and you are downed, then use Vengeance to keep yourself temporarily alive for the rest of the fight.







Before event start
Warmaster Narru: Enemy inbound. This is not a drill.
Warmaster Narru: Charge up the power cells. Tequatl's approaching.
Warmaster Narru: Dig in and stand firm. Remember, we're Vigil!
Warmaster Narru: Target approaching. Get to your battle stations.
On event start
Slupsloop: There's something in the water. Help!
Diancecht: Look, in the water!
Utoctacel: Brothers! Sisters! Ready yourselves! Tequatl is here!
Diancecht: Back to the turrets! Now!
Slupsloop: It's coming!
When Tequatl's Fingers spawn
Warmaster Narru: Watch the tendrils. Keep your distance or you'll get poisoned!
Warmaster Narru: Tendrils! Fall back and attack at range.
Before Tangling Vines is used
Quaztocel: Watch for the tangling vines coming out of the ground!
Before Shockwave is used
Warmaster Narru: Stay clear of its feet!
Warmaster Narru: Shock wave coming! Get out of the way!
Warmaster Narru: It's going to stomp! Move!
Warmaster Narru: Avoid the shock wave!
Before Undead Breath is used
Quaztocel: Get back. It's about to breathe. Stay out of its way!
Risen spawn
Cotatl: On the right. Undead. Cut them down!"
Warmaster Narru: It's dragging people down. Stay away from the whirlpool!
Warmaster Narru: Watch out for the whirlpool! Evade it, or you'll get pulled under!
Battery Defense Phase Begins
Defend the batteries while they charge to power the Vigil Megalaser.
Warmaster Narru: We need the power cells to bring down Tequatl. Protect them!
Warmaster Narru: All available forces to the batteries. Guard them while we bring the cannon online.
Warmaster Narru: Defend the batteries! We can't fire the laser without them!
Warmaster Narru: Target is in the air. Repeat: target is in the air.
Warmaster Narru: Cover the eastern battery. We can't lose it.
Warmaster Narru: Northern battery, Tequatl is inbound to your position.
Warmaster Narru: Western battery, brace for Tequatl's attack.
Warmaster Narru: Defend the eastern battery!
Warmaster Narru: The enemy is assaulting the northern battery. Stop them!
Warmaster Narru: The enemy is attacking the western battery. Defend it!
When Vigil Megalaser HP falls to 75%
Dotta: Seventy-five percent. This whole thing is about to implode.
Vork: Cogs and gears, it better not. Better explode, and take that thing with us.
When Vigil Megalaser HP falls to 50%
Dotta: Fifty percent. The stabilizers are redlining.
Vork: We need a few more minutes. Take all secondaries off-line. I shall aim the weapon manually.
Battery Defense Phase Successful
The Vigil Megalaser is charged. Get back into the fray!
Warmaster Narru: Train all weapons on the beast! Bring it down!
If all Hylek Turrets are destroyed
Warmaster Narru: Retreat to high ground! We're overwhelmed. Repeat: we are overwhelmed.
Event failure
The Vigil Megalaser failed to charge. Watch out for Tequatl's tidal wave!
Event success
Quaztocel: The water is still. The land is ours.
Utoctacel: Victory comes with a cost. So many dead.
Cotatl: We shall sing their songs to our spawn who will be born here.
Quaztocel: Yes. A fine home, for all hylek. Spread the word, all tribes are welcome here.


  • Foes are not supposed to drop loot. However, Risen Grubs that spawn at the northern battery and Risen summoned by Risen Krait Hypnosses will all drop loot.
  • Sometimes Risen Land Mines won't despawn when the event restarts.
As of May 20, 2014, the Vigil Megalaser currently fires out of sync before Tequatl is shot, but it will still damage Tequatl.
  • If this event fails, the Splintered Coast will visually become darker, miasma will settle upon the whole area, and Risen Land Mines will clutter up the landscape until Tequatl returns.
  • This event does not have any prerequisite events despite being part of a meta event.
  • Players can prepare for the event ahead of time by learning how to use the Hylek Turrets and launch pads while waiting for it to begin.

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