Captain Whiting

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Sea of Sorrows.

Captain Whiting was the Krytan captain of the Indomitable. In life he was somewhat timid and an indirect captain of his ship who boasted a lot to King Baede, giving him more luxurious trade trips to Cantha. He died during the Rising of Orr in 1219 AE when his ship was sunk by the massive tidal wave Zhaitan's rise created. He and his crew, sans Cobiah Marriner, were turned into Risen and led the assaults on Port Stalwart in 1229 AE and on Lion's Arch in 1256 AE, where he was killed permanently.

While living, Whiting is described as square jawed and burly but short and often wearing a frilled pale coat with badges of military honors. As a Risen, he is described as having the flesh rotten off of its jaw, with green flames in his eyes.