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Disambig icon.png This article is about the ship. For the effect, see Indomitable (effect).

The Indomitable was the flagship of the early Dead Ship armada. Cobiah Marriner served aboard her as a boy, prior to the Rising of Orr.


In "life", the Indomitable was a royal galleon, built for King Baede of Kryta in the shipyards of Lion's Arch. She was said to be the finest ship on the sea. It was more than a hundred and a half human feet long, and more than eighteen feet from the main deck to the bottom keel. She had two lower decks resting beneath the main planking, one for the sailor's berth and one below for ballast, cargo, and stores. She had three masts full of huge, square-rigged sails. She was armed with thirty cannons below and twenty-six carronades above to each side, for a total of one hundred and twelve guns.

As a Dead Ship, the Indomitable was still massive. Her gunwale rose eighteen feet above the water, and her keel was sleek and sharp. Three huge masts, broken and splintered along their length nevertheless rose like bristling wires from the center of a barnacle-covered deck. Magic held them aloft as wind caught in her festering sails.


Despite its military construction, the Indomitable was a commercial vessel, usually used for delivering shipments of cotton to Kaineng City and returning with silk. In 1220 AE, its normal voyage was postponed and the crew of the Indomitable were tasked with tracking down and destroying the Maw, a leviathan that had wreaked havoc two of the king's vessels. To that end, they sailed into the waters of Malchor's Leap, where they were attacked by the Maw. As the ship's crew struggled to prevent the ship from taking on water and drive off the beast, the ship was struck by the Great Tsunami, pulling it beneath the waves.

The ship was next seen again almost a decade later, leading an assault on Port Stalwart. Until then, Dead Ships were usually dismissed as rumor or sailors' legend, but when the Dead Ship armada sailed into Stalwart led by the Indomitable, such doubts were permanently put to rest. After the Pride escaped the siege, Indomitable and Harbinger followed her out to sea, but with the tides working against them and without the benefit of an engine, they could not keep up. The Indomitable was present once more at the Great Krytan Blockade and was crippled by the Nomad II, but did not finally crumble into the sea until Cobiah Marriner put an end to the undead Captain Whiting.

Notable crew[edit]