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Dragon's Stand (meta event)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event. For the explorable zone, see Dragon's Stand.

Dragon's Stand

Event maps
Dragon's Stand (meta event) islands map.jpg

The islands and their numbering during the meta

Dragon's Stand is a meta event that occurs in Dragon's Stand to defeat the Mouth of Mordremoth


If successful
  • You've defeated the Mouth of Mordremoth!
If the meta fails
  • You failed to stop the Mouth of Mordremoth from absorbing enough ley energy to devastate the region.
    • Ley energy consumed from the islands
    • Event bar.jpg
The Mouth of Mordremoth has consumed enough ley energy to wipe out all resistance in Dragon's Stand.
The Mouth of Mordremoth has won. You have been sent to a friendly outpost.


At the start of the meta
Laranthir of the Wild: Those islands are condensed ley energy!
Laranthir of the Wild: Keep the Mouth of Mordremoth from absorbing all the ley energy!
Laranthir of the Wild: Spread out-don't let it seize those islands!
Mouth of Mordremoth: Who dares defy my eternal will?
Randomly after events
Mouth of Mordremoth: Who dares defy my eternal will?
Mouth of Mordremoth: You were foolish to draw my attention.
Mouth of Mordremoth: I am beyond your ability to comprehend.
Mouth of Mordremoth: Insects! You flail and squirm before the infinite.
Mouth of Mordremoth: You are nothing. Submit to me, and serve!
Mouth of Mordremoth: Enough!
Mouth of Mordremoth: This world shall suffer for your insolence.
If half an island is destroyed
Agent Zildi: We're still afloat. Hang in there!
B.O.X.: Platform—integrity—remains—nominal. Resume—attack.
Bongo the One-Eyed: No worries. Still plenty of room up here.
Dawkkurra: It bit a bite right out of my island!
Duchess Chrysanthea: Hold fast! Still plenty of room to keep fighting.
Ibli: Stand fast! We haven't fallen yet.
Chief Officer Shashoo: OooOo. We are still okay. We keep fighting!
Vincere Shieldstep: Hope you choke on that!
If an entire island is destroyed
Agent Zildi:
B.O.X.: Platform—disintegrating. Escape!
Bongo the One-Eyed:
Duchess Chrysanthea:
Chief Officer Shashoo:
Vincere Shieldstep:
After defeating the Mouth of Mordremoth
Laranthir of the Wild: Don't let the creature get away. Up the tree, quickly!
Agent Zildi : No need. It's dying. We got it!


  • You must have the Updraft Use Mastery in order to participate in this meta event.
  • Completing the meta event allows players to access the Mordremoth's Chest.