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Skrittsburgh is the largest known city of skritt, ruled by a king. It is formed out of a series of large caverns within Mount Gnashington in Brisban Wildlands. When the city is threatened in any means, the gates to the city are closed off to the central and largest portion of Skrittsburgh, though those who show themselves to be allies to the skritt by stopping these threats are allowed inside.

There are several areas of Skrittsburgh:

Unique features[edit]

This unofficial center of Skritt civilization and culture has several unique features demonstrating its importance to both the Skritt and members of other races coming to trade and visit.

  • Home of the Skritt Royal Court in Skrittsburgh Center.
  • A unique series of gates that closes off the center of the city whenever there is a change of government.
  • Full set of crafting stations in Skrittsburgh Center.
  • Only Ectoplasm vendor outside of Lion's Arch in Skrittsburgh Tunnels.
  • Two easily accessible, lootable chests in Skrittsburgh Center.
  • Vendors selling unique items not found elsewhere on Tyria.


  • Skrittsburgh is a parody of the real life city of Pittsburgh, a former industrial center. The zone gives nods to several real life landmarks and neighborhoods, such as Homestead and the Hill District, as well as Pittsburgh's East End neighborhoods and the city's many tunnels. Mount Gnashington is also a nod to Mount Washington, a landmark in Pittsburgh.