Mazdak the Accursed

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Know this before you die: no weapon forged can harm me. You face your doom!

— Mazdak the Accursed

Mazdak the Accursed is an ancient ruler of Kryta corrupted by Zhaitan into a Risen lich. In life, he was a prince of Orr who left the peninsula and relinquished his claim to the Orrian throne to establish the kingdom of Kryta.[1] He led the building of the first human settlements there, one of them being Lion's Arch, the settlements' location being chosen due to hostility with Orr at the time.

As a lich, he cannot be harmed by normal weapons, though the sword Caladbolg is able to.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Group Fear
  • Summons Risen in groups
  • Deathly Claws - causes Bleeding.png Bleeding
  • Grasping Hands -
  • Terrifying Blast - causes Fear.png Fear
Stolen skills


Mazdak (during Dead of Winter) states that "When the human race was as young as [the Sylvari race], I conquered these lands and named them Kryta!" This conflicts with gw1:Timeline, which states "205 BE: Humans appear on the Tyrian continent." and "786 BE: Humans appear in Cantha for the first time".
The issue was recognized and addressed by Angel McCoy. Due to technical challenges of changing this being too expensive at this stage, the discrepancy is being chalked up to "Mazdak being really old and crusty, and rewriting history in his own mind".[2]


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