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Disambig icon.png This article is about the class of weapon. For the specific weapon sold by NPC weaponsmiths, see Scepter (weapon).


Wayward Wand Scepter concept art.jpg

Scepter concept art.

The scepter is a mid-ranged main-hand weapon that excels in damage and control.

Skills by profession[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian[edit]

Orb of Wrath.png
 Orb of Wrath
0.5½ Fire a slow-moving orb at your foe.
Symbol of Punishment.png
 Symbol of Punishment
0.25¼ 6 Symbol. Create a symbol on the ground that strikes foes and grants might to nearby allies.
Chains of Light.png
 Chains of Light
0.5½ 20 Immobilize and make your foe vulnerable with ethereal chains.

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist[edit]

Fire Attunement.png
 Fire Attunement
1 Strike your foe with flame, and create an area that delivers a lesser attack a short time later.
Dragon's Tooth.png
 Dragon's Tooth
0.75¾ 6 Drop an explosive dragon's tooth on your foe.
0.25¼ 20 Release a fiery phoenix that attacks foes in a line before exploding and returning to you, curing a condition and granting you vigor.
Water Attunement.png
 Water Attunement
Ice Shards.png
 Ice Shards
0.75¾ Fire three ice shards at your foe.
0.5½ 3 Cast a shatterstone that will explode at the target area.
Water Trident.png
 Water Trident
0.5½ 20 Cast a water trident that damages foes and heals allies.
Air Attunement.png
 Air Attunement
Arc Lightning.png
 Arc Lightning
30.5½ Cast an arc of electricity at your foe.
Lightning Strike.png
 Lightning Strike
5 Strike your foe with lightning.
Blinding Flash.png
 Blinding Flash
10 Blind your foe with a flash of light.
Earth Attunement.png
 Earth Attunement
Stone Shards.png
 Stone Shards
10.5½ Fling stone daggers at your foe to bleed them.
Rock Barrier.png
 Rock Barrier
1 15 Envelop yourself in a stony barrier that improves toughness.
2 Chain
Hurl the rocks from your barrier at your foe.
Dust Devil.png
 Dust Devil
15 Blind your foes with a blast of sand.

Weaver tango icon 20px.png Weaver[edit]

Fire Attunement
Water Attunement
Fire + Water
Fiery Frost.png
 Fiery Frost
0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Launch a fire and ice bolt while evading.
Fire Attunement
Air Attunement
Fire + Air
Plasma Beam.png
 Plasma Beam
10.25¼ 18 Dual Attack. Fire a superheated jet of plasma at your foe.
Fire Attunement
Earth Attunement
Fire + Earth
Fracturing Strike.png
 Fracturing Strike
1 12 Dual Attack. Call a meteor from the sky that crashes to the ground, creating an eruption of magma.
Water Attunement
Air Attunement
Water + Air
Glacial Drift.png
 Glacial Drift
0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Whirl air and ice together, sending out a supercooled projectile that chills enemies it strikes.
Water Attunement
Earth Attunement
Water + Earth
Stone Tide.png
 Stone Tide
0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Bleed your foe with ice and sharpened stones.
Air Attunement
Earth Attunement
Air + Earth
Earthen Synergy.png
 Earthen Synergy
0.75¾ 20 Dual Attack. Smite your enemies with the earth and sky, dealing damage from below and then stunning from above.

Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mesmer[edit]

Ether Bolt.png
 Ether Bolt
0.5½ Chain. Shoot a bolt of energy at your target.
1 Chain
Ether Blast.png
 Ether Blast
0.5½ Chain. Shoot a second bolt of energy at your target.
1 Chain
Ether Clone.png
 Ether Clone
0.75¾ Clone. Deliver a damaging attack directly to your target. Summon a clone that casts Ether Bolt. Inflict torment instead if you have the maximum number of illusions.

Illusionary Counter.png
 Illusionary Counter
2 8 Clone. Block the next attack, and counter by inflicting torment and creating clones that cast Ether Bolt.
2 Chain
0.5½ Shoot out a bolt that blinds enemies in a line and summons a clone to attack the first foe it strikes.
Confusing Images.png
 Confusing Images
20.25¼ 12 Channel a beam of energy that damages and confuses your foe.

Mirage tango icon 20px.png Mirage[edit]

1 Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Ether Barrage.png
 Ether Barrage
10.5½ 1 Ambush. Launch a barrage of chaos orbs at your foe, inflicting either confusion or torment each hit. Condition duration halved for clones.

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer[edit]

Blood Curse.png
 Blood Curse
0.5½ Chain. Bleed your foe.
1 Chain
Rending Curse.png
 Rending Curse
0.5½ Chain. Bleed your foe.
1 Chain
Putrid Curse.png
 Putrid Curse
0.5½ Chain. Poison and bleed your foe.
Grasping Dead.png
 Grasping Dead
0.75¾ 10 Summon skeletal hands to cripple foes in the target area.
Feast of Corruption.png
 Feast of Corruption
0.75¾ 10 Strike your target, gain life force, and corrupt boons on your foe. For each condition on your target up to the condition threshold, gain additional life force and inflict torment.
Lingering Curse.png
 Lingering Curse
Devouring Darkness.png
 Devouring Darkness
0.75¾ 10 Corrupt boons from enemies around your target. Inflict torment and gain life force for each condition on your initial target up to the threshold. Gain extra life force for each extra foe struck.

Related traits[edit]

Weapon strength[edit]

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  • The scepter is the only one-handed weapon that cannot be used in the off-hand by any profession.

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