Spectral Ring

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Spectral Ring.png

Spectral Ring

Not available underwater  Ground-targeted  
Necromancer icon small.png Necromancer (skill list)
Training cost
4 Hero points
Game link
0.25¼ Activation time  40 Recharge time  
Spectral Ring

Spectral. Create a spectral ring that protects allies and inflicts fear on foes. Gain life force when a foe is inflicted by fear from this skill.
This skill can only inflict fear on the same foe once per interval.

Protection.png Protection (5s): -33% Incoming Damage
Fear.png Fear (1s): Involuntary retreat; unable to act; stacks duration.
Miscellaneous effect.png Life Force: 4%
Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 10
Duration.png Duration: 8 seconds
Duration.png Duration: 5 seconds
Interval.png Interval: 10.5½ seconds
Combo.png Combo Field: Ethereal
Range.png Range: 900
Unblockable.png Unblockable

— In-game description

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  • The ring does not pulse its effects, but instead only affects enemies or players passing through. Players cannot repeatedly stack protection, but after the protection expires it can be reapplied by passing through the ring again.
    • Fear will be reapplied every time the target walks through the ring (but will not stack)
  • This skill is unblockable, goes through blind and is impossible to evade.
  • The radius of this skill is 180, even though the tooltip does not list it.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
March 05, 2019
  • The description and skill facts for this skill have been updated to indicate the amount of life force that is gained when fear is applied to a foe.
December 11, 2018
  • This skill has been renamed Spectral Ring. It now creates a circular ring instead of a line. Its duration has been split between games modes, lasting 8 seconds in PvE and 5 seconds in PvP and WvW. This skill cannot apply fear to the same foe more than once every 1.5 seconds.
August 08, 2017 Path of Fire pre-patch:
  • Increased duration from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.
February 22, 2017
  • The recharge of this skill has been reduced from 45 seconds to 40 seconds.
April 19, 2016
  • The number of times this skill can be used to attempt to apply fear to an enemy has been capped at 10.
July 01, 2014
  • Updated the fear skill fact to scale correctly with Master of Terror.
May 20, 2014
  • Added an unblockable skill fact.
June 25, 2013
  • Normalized the amount of protection gained to 5 seconds for allies.
  • Replaced the vulnerability with a 1-second fear when enemies try to cross the wall.
  • Added 4% life force gain on hit.
  • Increased the recharge to 45 seconds.
  • Reduced the base duration to 5 seconds and 7.5 seconds while traited with Spectral Attunement.
February 26, 2013
  • This skill's combo field will now appear where the wall is instead of on top of the necromancer.
November 15, 2012
  • This skill now applies its recharge at the correct time instead of both during and after casting.
September 25, 2012
  • This skill has been updated to apply the correct amount of vulnerability (10).
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Spectral Wall has been added to the game.