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Think you know Tyria? Well the Tyrian Explorer's Society has a challenge for you! Find the list of locations before time runs out.

— Official website

Guild Trek icon.png Guild Treks are open world guild missions where members work together to find several locations across Tyria within a set minute time limit. These locations are randomly chosen from a list of 180 possible locations. Guilds must find five locations for the first tier, fifteen for the second, and thirty for the third and final tier.


Guild Trek Mark.jpg

Any player with the 'Mission Control' permission for their Guild Rank can trigger the trek from the guild missions tab of the guild panel. Guild members can view the target locations using the missions tab or share the information via chat or other means. Each location is stamped with a yellow sparkling mark that is only visible during a trek if it is one of the target locations. It can be stamped on the ground or wall. Once found, the guild member must interact with it once to claim the mark. Pressing the keybind multiple times will reset the cooldown of the mark, so only interact one time and wait several seconds for credit to be given.

Personal rewards are received immediately on completion of a single location for the individual activating it, and others in the circle even if they did not activate it.

The locations do not have to be found in order, so guild members are encouraged to split up and search for the locations individually. All locations can be found in the open PvE world, although they may be found on land, underground, or even underwater. Jumping may be required to reach some locations, and a few require the completion of a jumping puzzle.


Member rewards[edit]

Members of a guild earn one of the following rewards immediately upon successful completion of a single Trek location:

  • 1 or 2 pieces of rare or better equipment (depending on Difficulty Tier)
  • 70 Silver coin to 80 Silver coin (depending on Difficulty Tier)
  • 1 or 2 Guild Commendations (depending on Difficulty Tier)
  • There is also a chance to receive an ascended accessory.
    • Guild members near the circle will receive credit even if they were not the ones to interact with it.

Guild rewards[edit]

Guilds that successfully complete a Trek will receive Favor based on the difficulty that was completed. Higher difficulties require more locations for guild members to find.

Tier Locations Time (m) Favor
Guild Trek icon.png Easy 5 15 300
Guild Trek tier 2 icon.png Medium 15 17 400
Guild Trek tier 3 icon.png Hard 30 20 500

Non-guild member rewards[edit]

Only guild members may participate in this mission.

Reward Caps[edit]

  • Each member can only receive the individual rewards once per week. If a guild member has received their rewards for a guild mission, the small chest icon beside that mission slot will display as open and glowing gold from within.
  • The guild can only earn favor from this mission once per week, per Difficulty Tier. If a guild has successfully completed and earned rewards for a guild mission, the small shield icon beside that mission slot will appear filled in and glowing gold.

Possible locations[edit]

When the trek is initiated, the guild is given a list of locations, each accompanied by an image of that location.

Trek Zone Area Closest waypoint Map Notes
Altar Brook Lair.png
Altar Brook Lair
Queensdale Altar Brook Vale Crossing Waypoint
Trek Altar Brook Lair Location.jpg
Anthem's Hold.png
Anthem's Hold
Cursed Shore Desmina's Hallows Shipwreck Rock Waypoint
Trek Anthem's Hold Location.jpg Mark is at the very bottom of the ship.
Anya's Patch.png
Anya's Patch
Diessa Plateau Town of Nolan Nolan Waypoint
Trek Anya's Patch Location.jpg A small jumping section must be climbed to reach this mark.
Arctodus Haunt.png
Arctodus Haunt
Wayfarer Foothills Frusenfell Creek Vendrake's Homestead Waypoint
Trek Arctodus Haunt Location.jpg
Backroot Fountain.png
Backroot Fountain
The Grove The Quester's Terrace Reckoner's Waypoint
Trek Backroot Fountain Location.jpg
Badjelly Kelpbed.png
Badjelly Kelpbed
Snowden Drifts Valslake Valslake Waypoint
Trek Badjelly Kelpbed Location.jpg Mark is underwater.
Bandit's Cabbage Patch.png
Bandit's Cabbage Patch
Harathi Hinterlands Ruins of Holy Demetra Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
Trek Bandit's Cabbage Patch Location.jpg
Beetlestone Mirador.png
Beetlestone Mirador
Queensdale Shire of Beetletun Beetletun Waypoint
Trek Beetlestone Mirador Location.jpg
Black Lion Root Cellar.png
Black Lion Root Cellar
The Grove Reckoner's Terrace Reckoner's Waypoint
Trek Black Lion Root Cellar Location.jpg From Reckoner's Waypoint, take the left entrance into the Black Lion trade post, then head right down an incline.
Blackblade Butte.png
Blackblade Butte
Diessa Plateau Font of Rhand Font of Rhand Waypoint
Trek Blackblade Butte Location.jpg Mark is located on the top of the hill.
Blasted Sepulchre.png
Blasted Sepulchre
Diessa Plateau The Blasted Moors Blasted Moors Waypoint
Trek Blasted Sepulchre Location.jpg Mark is underground. The fastest way down from the waypoint is through the well overlapping the Old Grendich Aqueduct PoI.
Bluup's Comeuppance.png
Bluup's Comeuppance
Rata Sum Lower Research Stacks Research Waypoint
Trek Bluup's Comeuppance Location.jpg
Brandstrike Dig.png
Brandstrike Dig
Fields of Ruin Varim's Run Helliot Mine Waypoint
Trek Brandstrike Digs Location.jpg Mark is located in hidden room on bottom of Branded Mine jumping puzzle, accessible through a crack in the wall.
Briarthorn Barrier.png
Briarthorn Barrier
Caledon Forest Morgan's Spiral Spiral Waypoint
Trek Briarthorn Barrier Location.jpg Mark is up the ramp on the overlook.
Broken Falls Courtyard.png
Broken Falls Courtyard
Black Citadel Ruins of Rin Ruins of Rin Waypoint
Trek Broken Falls Courtyard Location.jpg Jump down into the courtyard and the mark is in a tunnel at the back.
Broodmother Falls.png
Broodmother Falls
Frostgorge Sound Yakkington's Toil Yak's Bend Waypoint
Trek Broodmother Falls Location.jpg
Brothers' Notch.png
Brothers' Notch
Hoelbrak Veins of the Dragon Hero's Compass Waypoint
Trek Brother's Notch Location.jpg
Burstbubble Blind.png
Burstbubble Blind
Blazeridge Steppes Blightwater Basin Tumok's Waypoint
Trek Burstbubble Blind Location.jpg
Cache of the Pursued.png
Cache of the Pursued
Cursed Shore Pursuit Pass Caer Shadowfain Waypoint
Trek Cache of the Pursued Location.jpg
Cademkrall Overlook.png
Cademkrall Overlook
Plains of Ashford Cadem Forest Watchcrag Tower Waypoint
Trek Cademkrall Overlook Location.jpg Mark is located on top of cliff, accessed by small passage.
Canyonweb Cave.png
Canyonweb Cave
Blazeridge Steppes Relliatus Canyon Brandview Waypoint
Trek Canyonweb Cave Location.jpg Mark is inside spider cave.
Captain's Berth.png
Captain's Berth
Malchor's Leap Drowned Brine Lights Waypoint
Trek Captain's Berth Location.jpg Mark is located inside sunken ship, near Veteran captain.
Castavall Corner.png
Castavall Corner
Bloodtide Coast Flooded Castavall Castavall Waypoint
Trek Castavall Corner Location.jpg Do not descend; take the horizontal tunnel next to the waypoint to reach the mark.
Cathedral's Cavity.png
Cathedral's Cavity
Malchor's Leap Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Union Waypoint
Trek Cathedral's Cavity Location.jpg Mark is located underneath the Cathedral.
Cave Bear Cache.png
Cave Bear Cache
Snowden Drifts Reaver's Dale Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
Trek Cave Bear Cache Location.jpg
Cave Spider Nidus.png
Cave Spider Nidus
Lornar's Pass Frostgate Falls Pinnacle Enclave Waypoint
Trek Cave Spider Nidus Location.jpg
Claypool Bailey.png
Claypool Bailey
Queensdale Township of Claypool Claypool Waypoint
Trek Claypool Bailey Location.jpg
Constellation Parapet.png
Constellation Parapet
The Grove Constellation Shelter Reckoner's Waypoint
Trek Constellation Parapet Location.jpg Head straight into Starbower Nursery and up the ramp, taking the first right into a dark tunnel. Pass the first stained glass window, and exit the tunnel through the second opening - a short mushroom staircase leads to an open platform.
Corruption's Teeth.png
Corruption's Teeth
Frostgorge Sound Drakkar Spurs Drakkar Waypoint
Trek Corruption's Teeth Location.jpg There is an alternate, faster way for players with access to Bitterfrost Frontier. From Koda's Welcome Waypoint travel south to Frostgorge Sound. The trek spot is just to the southeast of the portal to Bitterfrost Frontier.
Covington's Stowage.png
Covington's Stowage
Bloodtide Coast Laughing Gull Island Laughing Gull Waypoint
Trek Covington's Stowage Location.jpg Jump two huts onto the deck and descend two sets of stairs. Mark is located at the very bottom of the pirate ship.
Cutthroat's Rest.png
Cutthroat's Rest
Gendarran Fields Brigantine Isles Brigantine Waypoint
Trek Cutthroat's Rest Location.jpg
Cymbel's Glen.png
Cymbel's Glen
Fields of Ruin Wildlin Narrows Ogre Road Waypoint
Trek Cymbel's Glen Location.jpg
Dawngleam Pergola.png
Dawngleam Pergola
The Grove Garden of Dawn Ronan's Waypoint
Trek Dawngleam Pergola Location.jpg Travel underwater to the north to reach hidden area with mark.
Deepmire Diver.png
Deepmire Diver
Mount Maelstrom The Mire Sea Oxbow Isle Waypoint
Trek Deepmire Diver Location.jpg Right on top of the submarine.
Defiled Delve.png
Defiled Delve
Kessex Hills Darkwound Defile Darkwound Waypoint
Trek Defiled Delve Location.jpg
Delight's Balcony.png
Delight's Balcony
Malchor's Leap Theater of Delight Pagga's Waypoint
Trek Delight's Balcony Location.jpg A small jumping section must be climbed to reach this mark.
Destiny's Guildhall.png
Destiny's Guildhall
Queensdale Village of Shaemoor Shaemoor Waypoint
Trek Destiny's Guildhall Location.jpg The south cave entrance is in the side of the hill, to the right of the gate.
Dirtclaw Cleft.png
Dirtclaw Cleft
Iron Marches Bloodfin Lake Bloodfin Lake Waypoint
Trek Dirtclaw Cleft Location.jpg Tucked in a cave before and to the right of the waterfall.
Doefalls Court.png
Doefalls Court
Plains of Ashford Human's Lament Ascalon City Waypoint
Trek Doefalls Court Location.jpg
Drakecleft Shelf.png
Drakecleft Shelf
Fields of Ruin Highden Caves Fangfury Watch Waypoint
Trek Drakecleft Shelf Location.jpg Enter from southern entrance, head left into small cleft. Jump up to shelf with mark.
Drakehatch Shore.png
Drakehatch Shore
Diessa Plateau Breachwater Lake Breachwater Waypoint
Trek Drakehatch Shore Location.jpg Inside a cave accessed along the lake-floor, behind the vegetation.
Droknah Gate.png
Droknah Gate
Mount Maelstrom Sunken Droknah Old Sledge Site Waypoint
Trek Droknah's Gate Location.jpg Inside a cave, entrance is end point of path drawn in picture. Mark is on the ground.
Drowned Plaza.png
Drowned Plaza
Straits of Devastation Strait of Malediction Signal Peak Waypoint
Trek Drowned Plaza Location.jpg
East End Falls.png
East End Falls
Brisban Wildlands Skrittsburgh East End East End Waypoint
Trek East End Falls Location.jpg Mark is on a waterfall lip that is difficult to see.
Eastlurk Alley.png
Eastlurk Alley
Divinity's Reach Eastern Commons Dwayna Waypoint
Trek East Lurk Alley Location.jpg
Elise's Surprise.png
Elise's Surprise
Harathi Hinterlands Bonerattler Caverns Demetra Waypoint
Trek Elise's Surprise Location.jpg
Ettinbreath Lair.png
Ettinbreath Lair
Lornar's Pass Demon's Maw Demon's Maw Waypoint
Trek Ettinbreath Lair Location.jpg
Fathom Five Forcefield.png
Fathom Five Forcefield
Straits of Devastation Terzetto Bay Vesper Bell Waypoint
Trek Fathom Five Forcefield Location.jpg Underwater cave, accessed through point to NW of mark. Mark is on the sea floor right before the force field at the end of the minidungeon.
Fawcett's Porch.png
Fawcett's Porch
Harathi Hinterlands Arca Lake Arca Waypoint
Trek Fawcett's Porch Location.jpg Must complete the Fawcett's Bounty jumping puzzle to reach mark. The target is at the stern of the ship.
Fire Imp Pocket.png
Fire Imp Pocket
Mount Maelstrom Maelstrom's Bile Maelstrom's Waypoint
Trek Fire Imp Pocket Location.jpg
Firefrog Springs.png
Firefrog Springs
Sparkfly Fen Flamefrog Vale Flamefrog Waypoint
Trek Firefrog Springs Location.jpg Mark is located in small pool on the other side of jail-like rock formations.
Firewatch Flybridge.png
Firewatch Flybridge
Iron Marches The Granite Front Firewatch Encampment Waypoint
Trek Firewatch Flybridge Location.jpg Mark is located on top of structure. Access ladder and steps are a short distance east of the waypoint (jump up the ladder).
Fisher's Crag.png
Fisher's Crag
Metrica Province Fisher's Beach Bend Old Golem Factory Waypoint
Trek Fisher's Crag Location.jpg
Flakk's Lapidary Nook.png
Flakk's Lapidary Nook
Rata Sum Dynamics Union Accountancy Waypoint
Trek Flakk's Lapidary Nook Location.jpg Go straight northwest from the bank waypoint, mark is all the way in the back.
Forager's Midden.png
Forager's Midden
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Dissun's Mine Steelbrachen Waypoint
Trek Forager's Midden Location.jpg Mark is in cave. Entrance marked at red arrow in image.
Forbidden Shear.png
Forbidden Shear
Malchor's Leap Jinx Isle Murmur Waypoint
Trek Forbidden Shear Location.jpg
Foreman's Recess.png
Foreman's Recess
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Black Earth Coalmine Dociu Waypoint
Trek Foreman's Recess Location.jpg Mark is located at top of a couple ramps.
Forgotten Grotto.png
Forgotten Grotto
Blazeridge Steppes Terra Carorunda Terra Carorunda Waypoint
Trek Forgotten Grotto Location.jpg Start doing the jumping puzzle by going up the stairwell and then out into the open area to the northeast. The mark is located in a ruined building in the northeast corner of the grassy area.
Founder's Flagon Hearth.png
Founder's Flagon Hearth
Fields of Ruin Stronghold of Ebonhawke Kestrel Waypoint
Trek Founder's Flagon Hearth Location.jpg The mark is in a room on the second floor.
Freestand Scaffold.png
Freestand Scaffold
Black Citadel Ligacus Notos Ruins of Rin Waypoint
Trek Freestand Scaffold Location.jpg Mark is at the top of the scaffolding.
Frozen Antrum.png
Frozen Antrum
Timberline Falls The Iron Veil White Paper Waypoint
Trek Frozen Antrum Location.jpg Mark is inside cave. Entrance at red arrow on image.
Gallow Canyons.png
Gallow Canyons
Brisban Wildlands The Gallowfields Gallowfields Waypoint
Trek Gallow Canyons Location.jpg The mark is located on the deepest level.
Gardenroot Alcove.png
Gardenroot Alcove
The Grove Order's Terrace Reckoner's Waypoint
Trek Gardenroot Alcove Location.jpg
Gnashar's Viewpoint.png
Gnashar's Viewpoint
Brisban Wildlands Gnashar's Hills Wendon Waypoint
Trek Gnashar's Viewpoint Location.jpg Mark is on top of hill past stone steps.
Green Moa Paddock.png
Green Moa Paddock
Caledon Forest Trader's Green Caledon Haven Waypoint
Trek Green Moa Paddock Location.jpg
Grenth's Pavillion.png
Grenth's Pavillion
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Grenth Grenth Waypoint
Trek Grenth's Pavillion Location.jpg Mark is located inside building.
Grimsdottir's Duty.png
Grimsdottir's Duty
Hoelbrak Shelter Rock Shelter Rock Waypoint
Trek Grimdottir's Duty Location.jpg Mark is located on small ledge accessible only from above.
Guardian Overwatch.png
Guardian Overwatch
Harathi Hinterlands Thunder Rock Grey Gritta's Waypoint
Trek Guardian Overwatch Location.jpg
Hawkeye Perch.png
Hawkeye Perch
Timberline Falls Serpent Stones Serpent Waypoint
Trek Hawkeye Perch Location.jpg
Heart Speaks Notch.png
Heart Speaks Notch
Fireheart Rise Havoc Steppes Apostate Waypoint
Trek Heart Speaks Notch Location.jpg
Heartwoods Honey Cache.png
Heartwoods Honey Cache
Queensdale The Heartwoods Phinney Waypoint
Trek Heartwood Honey Cache Location.jpg
Heidi's Showpiece.png
Heidi's Showpiece
Harathi Hinterlands Greystone Rise Seraph's Landing Waypoint
Trek Heidi's Showpiece Location.jpg Mark is on top floor of building directly west of waypoint.
Hermit's Roost.png
Hermit's Roost
Fields of Ruin Halkor Meadows Rosko's Campsite Waypoint
Trek Hermit's Roost Location.jpg Some jumping is needed to reach this mark. Follow path in image.
Hidden Owl Distillery.png
Hidden Owl Distillery
Snowden Drifts Owl's Abattoir Owl Waypoint
Trek Hidden Owl Distillery Location.jpg
Holystone Sanctum.png
Holystone Sanctum
Diessa Plateau Holystone Caves Sanctum Waypoint
Trek Holystone Sanctum Location.jpg Mark is on campfire in grawl cave.
Icewurm Trench.png
Icewurm Trench
Frostgorge Sound The Sea of Lamentation Dimotiki Waypoint
Trek Icewurm Trench Location.jpg Mark is on the bottom of trench, under rocky structure.
Ideation Leap.png
Ideation Leap
Rata Sum Idea Incubation Lab Incubation Waypoint
Trek Ideation Leap Location.jpg Mark is directly to the east, on small ledge below main platform.
Imphaunt Hallow.png
Imphaunt Hallow
Caledon Forest Wychmire Swamp Wychmire Waypoint
Trek Imphaunt Hallow Location.jpg
Irondock Viewpoint.png
Irondock Viewpoint
Plains of Ashford Cadem Forest Duskrend Overlook Waypoint
Trek Irondock Viewpoint Location.jpg Climb up on top to reach mark.
Isenfell Wash.png
Isenfell Wash
Snowden Drifts Isenfall Lake Isenfall Waypoint
Trek Isenfell Wash Location.jpg
Isgarren Viewpoint.png
Isgarren Viewpoint
Kessex Hills Wizard's Fief Darkwound Waypoint
Trek Isgarren Viewpoint Location.jpg
Jaguar Pride Den.png
Jaguar Pride Den
Metrica Province Hexane Regrade Muridian Waypoint
Trek Jaguar Pride Den Location.jpg
Junker's Apex.png
Junker's Apex
Black Citadel Junker's Scrapyard Junker's Waypoint
Trek Junker's Apex Location.jpg
Kaldar's Hot Seat.png
Kaldar's Hot Seat
Hoelbrak Frost Basin Eastern Watchpost Waypoint
Trek Kaldar's Hot Seat Location.jpg Mark is inside building.
Kari's Hot Spot.png
Kari's Hot Spot
Kessex Hills Cereboth Canyon Cereboth Waypoint
Trek Kari's Hot Spot Location.jpg Mark is in small cave with destroyers. Jump in hole from above to access it.
Kegbrawl Watch.png
Kegbrawl Watch
Hoelbrak Lake Mourn Hero's Compass Waypoint
Trek Kegbrawl Watch Location.jpg
Kevach's Strongroom.png
Kevach's Strongroom
Wayfarer Foothills Hunter's Lake Lostvyrm Cave Waypoint
Trek Kevach's Strongroom Location.jpg Enter Ice Wurm cave at northwest of rock outcropping, then follow tunnel to the right. Mark is in an alcove on the left inside tunnel.
Lakebottom Underpass.png
Lakebottom Underpass
Queensdale Lake Delavan Ojon's Lumbermill Waypoint
Trek Lakebottom Underpass Location.jpg Mark is underwater inside small rock structure.
Lawen Grotto.png
Lawen Grotto
Gendarran Fields The Lawen Ponds First Haven Waypoint
Trek Lawen Grotto Location.jpg
Lightfoot Dock.png
Lightfoot Dock
Straits of Devastation Lightfoot Passage Thunderhead Waypoint
Trek Lightfoot Dock Location.jpg
Lily's Bivvy.png
Lily's Bivvy
Fireheart Rise Mangonel Cavern Icespear's Waypoint
Trek Lily's Bivvy Location.jpg
Lionguard Larder.png
Lionguard Larder
Wayfarer Foothills The Icesteppes Twinspur Haven Waypoint
Trek Lionguard Larder Location.jpg Go up the outside of the tower, to the top, then down the stairs into the tower.
Lychcroft Wardenship.png
Lychcroft Wardenship
Kessex Hills Lychcroft Mere Shadowheart Site Waypoint
Trek Lychcroft Wardenship Location.jpg Mark is at top of ramp inside tree structure.
Magihedron Corner.png
Magihedron Corner
Rata Sum College of Statics Metrical Court Waypoint
Trek Magihedron Corner Location.jpg Head north then northeast inside the main room to the far back, the mark is in a small room on the right.
Master Control LIN39.png
Master Control LIN39
Metrica Province Thaumanova Reactor Muridian Waypoint
Trek Master Control LIN39 Location.jpg
Melandru's Fount.png
Melandru's Fount
Divinity's Reach Western Commons Melandru Waypoint
Trek Dwayna's Fount Location.jpg
Meltwater Cave.png
Meltwater Cave
Timberline Falls Naui Waters Scale Strand Waypoint
Trek Meltwater Cave Location.jpg Mark is in underwater cave.
Mina's Target Shoot.png
Mina's Target Shoot
Divinity's Reach Western Commons Commons Waypoint
Trek Mina's Target Shoot Location.jpg
Mistriven Shelf.png
Mistriven Shelf
Lornar's Pass Mistriven Gorge Mistriven Waypoint
Trek Mistriven Shelf Location.jpg Mark is on the cliff under the wooden walkway; you can jump off the walkway and land safely.
Moleberia Prison.png
Moleberia Prison
Wayfarer Foothills Moleberia Halvaunt Waypoint
Trek Moleberia Prison Location.jpg Mark is in cave, located in a small structure.
Monument to the Ancient One.png
Monument to the Ancient One
Southsun Cove Bakestone Cavern Owain's Refuge Waypoint
Trek Monument to the Ancient One Location.jpg Mark is located on the Ancient Karka carcass.
Narrowkraal Crossing.png
Narrowkraal Crossing
Fields of Ruin Wildlin Narrows Ogre Road Waypoint
Trek Narrowkraal Crossing Location.jpg Mark is located on the bridge.
Necrolith Landing.png
Necrolith Landing
The Grove Caledon Path Caledon Waypoint
Trek Necrolith Landing Location.jpg Mark is located on a small landing NE of the vista.
Orecart Hoist.png
Orecart Hoist
Fireheart Rise Pig Iron Mine Pig Iron Waypoint
Trek Orecart Hoist Location.jpg Mark is located on one of the hanging containers.
Orvanic Sourcewaters.png
Orvanic Sourcewaters
Sparkfly Fen Orvanic Shore Ocean's Gullet Waypoint
Trek Orvanic Sourcewaters Location.jpg Mark is under the waterfall on the plateau, after going through the cave entrance near the Waypoint. Follow path in image to reach it.
Osenfold Counterweights.png
Osenfold Counterweights
Wayfarer Foothills Breakneck Pass Osenfold Waypoint
Trek Osenfold Counterweights Location.jpg Mark is located on beam hanging underneath bridge.
Overlord Lodge.png
Overlord Lodge
Kessex Hills Overlord's Greatcamp Overlord's Waypoint
Trek Overlord Lodge Location.jpg Mark is located inside main tent at top.
Phasmatis Prospect.png
Phasmatis Prospect
Plains of Ashford Lamia Mire Irondock Shipyard Waypoint
Trek Phasmatis Prospect Location.jpg Some climbing is needed to reach this mark.
It is on top of the plateau.
Pochtecatl's Desire.png
Pochtecatl's Desire
Bloodtide Coast Jelako Cliffrise Jelako Waypoint
Trek Pochtecatl's Desire Location.jpg
Port Authority Lost and Found.png
Port Authority Lost & Found
Rata Sum Rata Sum Port Authority Port Waypoint
Trek Port Authority Lost and Found Location.jpg Mark is directly to the northeast, inside the central room between blue containers.
Portmatt's Promontory.png
Portmatt's Promontory
Bloodtide Coast Sorrowful Sound Sorrowful Waypoint
Trek Portmatt's Promontory Location.jpg Professor Portmatt's Lab must be completed to reach this mark.
It is located on the rock near the final platform.
Provatum Carcer.png
Provatum Carcer
Fireheart Rise Keeper's Sanctum Keeper's Waypoint
Trek Provatum Carcer Location.jpg Under the entry ramp.
Ramview Peak.png
Ramview Peak
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Snowslide Ravine Travelen's Waypoint
Trek Ramview Peak Location.jpg Mark is on top of the rocks (above the tunnel, not in it), start climbing the rocky path behind two trees next to and right of the cave entrance.
Raptor's Aerie.png
Raptor's Aerie
Iron Marches Glory's Steps Town of Cowlfang's Star Waypoint
Trek Raptor's Aerie Location.jpg
Raptor's Perch.png
Raptor's Perch
Gendarran Fields Snowblind Peaks Winter Haven Waypoint
Trek Raptor's Perch Location.jpg Mark moved to lower area, north of the battle pit in the open.
Rata Pten Portico.png
Rata Pten Portico
Mount Maelstrom Criterion Canyon Criterion Waypoint
Trek Rata Pten Portico Location.jpg
Raven Nook.png
Raven Nook
Hoelbrak Raven Lodge Raven Waypoint
Trek Raven Nook Location.jpg
Reef Drake Nesting Grounds.png
Reef Drake Nesting Grounds
Southsun Cove Dappled Shores Pearl Islet Waypoint
Trek Reef Drake Den Location.jpg Mark is inside cave, midway between the entrances.
Restless Footings.png
Restless Footings
Mount Maelstrom The Mire Sea Irwin Isle Waypoint
Trek Restless Footings Location.jpg Mark is at base of structure underwater.
Reverberant's Watch.png
Reverberant's Watch
Wayfarer Foothills Doldenvan Passage Darkriven Waypoint
Trek Reverberant's Watch Location.jpg Mark is inside round structure, opposite side of the doorway.
Risewild Green.png
Risewild Green
Bloodtide Coast Risewild Hills Remanda Waypoint
Trek Risewild Green Location.jpg
Rurik's View.png
Rurik's View
Divinity's Reach Rurikton Rurikton Waypoint
Trek Rurik's View Location.jpg Mark is on the third floor at the top of the steps.
Saltflood Altar.png
Saltflood Altar
Sparkfly Fen Saltflood Mire Saltflood Waypoint
Trek Saltflood Altar Location.jpg Mark is on top of an altar inside the pillar circled on the map. Go to the jungle floor and look on the southwest side for an entrance.
Sandwurm Prowl.png
Sandwurm Prowl
Southsun Cove Dappled Shores Pearl Islet Waypoint
Trek Sandwurm Prowl Location.jpg Mark is located on crate near the back of the Onyx Field.
Scholar's Blind.png
Scholar's Blind
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Steelbrachen Toran Hollow Waypoint
Trek Scholar's Blind Location.jpg
Scourgejaw Watchtower.png
Scourgejaw Watchtower
Iron Marches Scourgejaw's Vault Village of Scalecatch Waypoint
Trek Scourgejaw Watchtower Location.jpg Mark is in cave up on a scaffolding.
Scriptorium Nook.png
Scriptorium Nook
Black Citadel Canton Factorium Factorium Waypoint
Trek Scriptorium Nook Location.jpg
Sea Scorpion's Eye.png
Sea Scorpion's Eye
Cursed Shore Harrowed Sea Meddler's Waypoint
Trek Sea Scorpion's Eye Location.jpg Mark is underwater in the eye of a circular structure (near the Risen Sea Scorpions, facing south).
Sentinel Sink.png
Sentinel Sink
Iron Marches Lake Desolann Brandwatch Encampment Waypoint
Trek Sentinel Sink Location.jpg Mark is in underwater cave hidden by an illusionary rock. Follow path in image to access underwater entrance.
Sepulchre Skylight.png
Sepulchre Skylight
Straits of Devastation Zho'qafa Catacombs Rally Waypoint
Trek Sepulchre Skylight Location.jpg
Sharkhollow's Edge.png
Sharkhollow's Edge
Blazeridge Steppes Twin Sisters Crossing Twin Sisters Waypoint
Trek Sharkhollow's Edge Location.jpg Mark is in a cave accessed through an underwater tunnel behind the waterfall.
Shattered Loft.png
Shattered Loft
Sparkfly Fen The Shattered Keep Fort Cadence Waypoint
Trek Shattered Loft Location.jpg Mark is on second floor from the top, in SE corner of building.
Siamoth Refuge.png
Siamoth Refuge
Sparkfly Fen Darkweather Rise Brackwater Waypoint
Trek Siamoth Refuge Location.jpg Correct cave is filled with Siamoth.
Skalecatch Butcher Shop.png
Skalecatch Butcher Shop
Iron Marches Monger's Sink Village of Scalecatch Waypoint
Trek Skalecatch Butcher Shop Location.jpg Mark is inside western building.
Skalefound Cove.png
Skalefound Cove
Fireheart Rise Sati Passage Tuyere Command Post Waypoint
Trek Skalefound Cove Location.jpg Mark is in cave accessed via crevice on the west side of the cliff walls; the crevice is more easily seen when standing near the waterfall and facing north.
Skalesplash Falls.png
Skalesplash Falls
Timberline Falls Mellaggan's Grotto Okarinoo Waypoint
Trek Skalesplash Falls Location.jpg Mark is in cave accessed via underwater tunnel, past the Quaggan village, near the waterfall all the way in the back.
Follow path in image.
Skalestash Hideaway.png
Skalestash Hideaway
Plains of Ashford Lake Feritas Greysteel Armory Waypoint
Trek Skalestash Hideaway Location.jpg
Skelknest Borehole.png
Skelknest Borehole
Frostgorge Sound Grimstone Mol Slough of Despond Waypoint
Trek Skelknest Borehole Location.jpg Mark is in underwater cave, follow patch in image to get inside.
Skibo Hall Dormitory.png
Skibo Hall Dormitory
Rata Sum Skibo Hall Auxiliary Waypoint
Trek Skibo Hall Dormitory Location.jpg Head south and go downstairs, then make a U-turn to the right to the small alcove behind the stairs to find mark.
Skyshine Scratch.png
Skyshine Scratch
Harathi Hinterlands Ourobore Caves Grey Gritta's Waypoint
Trek Skyshrine Scratch Location.jpg
Snowden Safehouse.png
Snowden Safehouse
Snowden Drifts Hrothgar's Pass Snowdrift Haven Waypoint
Trek Snowden Safehouse Location.jpg Mark is inside a small room accessed by jumping off the cliff NW of the outpost.
Snowhowl Den.png
Snowhowl Den
Snowden Drifts Tromigar Valley Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
Trek Snowhowl Den Location.jpg Mark is inside a wolf cave.
Soggorsort Rotunda.png
Soggorsort Rotunda
Caledon Forest Quetzal Bay Titan's Staircase Waypoint
Trek Soggorsort Rotunda Location.jpg Mark is inside a Quaggan house underwater.
Soren Draa Rest Stop.png
Soren Draa Rest Stop
Metrica Province Obscura Incline Soren Draa Waypoint
Trek Soren Draa Rest Stop Location.jpg
Source of Lament.png
Source of Lament
Frostgorge Sound Leopard's Tail Valley Skyheight Steading Waypoint
Trek Source of Lament Location.jpg
Sparwind's Lounge.png
Sparwind's Lounge
Black Citadel Imperator's Core Imperator's Waypoint
Trek Sparwind's Lounge Location.jpg
Spectrehaunt Socket.png
Spectrehaunt Socket
Malchor's Leap Blighted Arch Lights Waypoint
Trek Spectrehaunt Socket Location.jpg A small jumping section must be traversed to reach this mark.
Steamscrap Overlook.png
Steamscrap Overlook
Lornar's Pass Lake of Lamentation Lamentation Waypoint
Trek Steamscrap Overlook Location.jpg
Steampipe Perch.png
Steampipe Perch
Southsun Cove Driftglass Springs Lion Point Waypoint
Trek Steampipe Perch Location.jpg Mark is on desk at top of the area. Go up the steps winding around the back of the area.
Steamy Steps.png
Steamy Steps
Southsun Cove Southsun Shoals Lion Point Waypoint
Trek Steamy Steps Location.jpg Mark is near the beginning of the jumping puzzle.
Steelband's Tunnel.png
Steelband's Tunnel
Blazeridge Steppes Tumok's Last Stand Tumok's Waypoint
Trek Steelband's Tunnel Location.jpg Enter the cave right next to the waypoint. The Mark is a bit further inside the tunnel.
Stentor Shelter.png
Stentor Shelter
Straits of Devastation Signal Peak Signal Peak Waypoint
Trek Stentor Shelter Location.jpg Mark is in cave below.
Stonebore Spiderhole.png
Stonebore Spiderhole
Gendarran Fields Stonebore Vaults Talajian Waypoint
Trek Stonebore Spiderhole Location.jpg
Strongpaw's Garden.png
Strongpaw's Garden
Diessa Plateau Noxin Dells Nageling Waypoint
Trek Strongpaw's Garden Location.jpg
Tactical Retreat.png
Tactical Retreat
Cursed Shore Desmina's Hallows Shipwreck Rock Waypoint
Trek Tactical Retreat Location.jpg
Talus Steps.png
Talus Steps
Timberline Falls Talus Waterslide Talus Waypoint
Trek Talus Steps Location.jpg Mark is inside a cave.
Tarstar Copse.png
Tarstar Copse
Fireheart Rise Apostate Wastes Apostate Waypoint
Trek Tarstar Copse Location.jpg
Tekki's Drawing Board.png
Tekki's Drawing Board
Brisban Wildlands Duskstruck Moors Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint
Trek Tekki's Drawing Board Location.jpg
Thaumanova Spillway.png
Thaumanova Spillway
Metrica Province Thaumanova Reactor Muridian Waypoint
Trek Thaumanova Spillway Location.jpg Mark is located in small river path below structure.
The Karka Klub.png
The Karka Klub
Southsun Cove Pearl Islet Pearl Islet Waypoint
Trek The Karka Club Location.jpg Mark is down on the beach, on the bar.
The People's Deadlock.png
The People's Deadlock
Frostgorge Sound Bore Lynch Groznev Waypoint
Trek The People's Deadlock Location.jpg Take spiral ramp nearby up above mark to reach ramp down to it.
The Workers' Stores.png
The Workers' Stores
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Dostoev Sky Peak Grey Road Waypoint
Trek The Workers' Stores Location.jpg
Togatl Shore.png
Togatl Shore
Kessex Hills Viathan's Arm Viathan Waypoint
Trek Togatl Shore Location.jpg Mark is in hidden cave through underwater tunnel, entrance to the southwest.
Follow path in image.
Tower of Tribulation.png
Tower of Tribulation
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Tribulation Rift Sorrow's Embrace Waypoint
Trek Tower of Tribulation Location.jpg Requires part of Tribulation Rift Scaffolding jumping puzzle. Mark is on beam extending out from tower part way up near rope and pulley.
Toxal Spill.png
Toxal Spill
Brisban Wildlands Toxal Bog Dry Top Entry Waypoint

Triforge Point Waypoint
Trek Toxal Spill Location.jpg Go to the first waypoint in Dry Top and then east through the portal to Brisban Wildlands.
Alternatively head east and then south from the Triforge Point Waypoint.
Trader's Stash.png
Trader's Stash
Hoelbrak Trade Commons Wolf Waypoint
Trek Trader's Stash Location.jpg Mark is beneath the lodge structure. Follow path in image (from east to west).
Trolltrap Pit.png
Trolltrap Pit
Lornar's Pass Durmand Priory (location) Durmand Priory Waypoint
Trek Trolltrap Pit Location.jpg The mark is behind a "fake" wall in the troll's pit.
Turai Tavern Stillroom.png
Turai Tavern Stillroom
Divinity's Reach Ossan Quarter Balthazar Waypoint
Trek Turai Tavern Stillroom Location.jpg Mark is in basement of tavern.
Ulta Scraproom.png
Ulta Scraproom
Brisban Wildlands Duskstruck Moors Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint
Trek Ulta Scraproom Location.jpg
Unseen Scratch.png
Unseen Scratch
Caledon Forest Ruins of the Unseen Caledon Haven Waypoint
Trek Unseen Scratch Location.jpg
Upsilon Hyperboloid.png
Upsilon Hyperboloid
Malchor's Leap Midwater Hollows Waste Hollows Waypoint
Trek Upsilon Hyperboloid Location.jpg
Usharr's Threshold.png
Usharr's Threshold
Sparkfly Fen Stone of Hazaan Toade's Head Waypoint
Trek Usharr's Threshold Location.jpg
Vacant Hermitage.png
Vacant Hermitage
Blazeridge Steppes Heretic Plain Guardian Stone Waypoint
Trek Vacant Hermitage Location.jpg Mark is inside ruined building.
Venison Hollow.png
Venison Hollow
Lornar's Pass Venison Pass Vanjir's Stead Waypoint
Trek Venison Hollow Location.jpg
Verdance Font.png
Verdance Font
Cursed Shore Cathedral of Verdance Verdance Waypoint
Trek Verdance Font Location.jpg Mark is underwater.
Vizier's Anteport.png
Vizier's Anteport
Straits of Devastation Shark's Teeth Archipelago Lone Post Waypoint
Trek Vizier's Anteport Location.jpg
Wassa's Terrace.png
Wassa's Terrace
Gendarran Fields Traveler's Dale First Haven Waypoint
Trek Wassa's Terrace Location.jpg Mark is up on the highest tower.
Watchpoint Decimus.png
Watchpoint Decimus
Plains of Ashford Victor's Presidium Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint
Trek Watchpoint Decimus Location.jpg Waypoint may not always be there due to event involving camp.
Wheelport Pub.png
Wheelport Pub
Black Citadel Praetor's Canton Mustering Ground Waypoint
Trek Wheelport Pub Location.jpg Mark is on second level, take one of the two ramps up.
Whitland Sinkhole.png
Whitland Sinkhole
Mount Maelstrom Whitland Flats Old Sledge Site Waypoint
Trek Whitland Sinkhole Location.jpg
Widd's Folly.png
Widd's Folly
Caledon Forest Mabon Market Mabon Waypoint
Trek Widd's Folly Location.jpg
Wikk's Gate.png
Wikk's Gate
Timberline Falls Fisher's Eye Bridges Valance Tutory Waypoint
Trek Wikk's Gate Location.jpg
Wildflame Monitor.png
Wildflame Monitor
Metrica Province Wildflame Caverns Soren Draa Waypoint
Trek Wildflame Monitor Location.jpg Mark is on the second floor, use stone steps to reach.
Winterknell Impasse.png
Winterknell Impasse
Cursed Shore Winterknell Isle R&D Waypoint
Trek Winterknell Impasse Location.jpg
Wrelk's Salon.png
Wrelk's Salon
Gendarran Fields Almuten Estates Almuten Waypoint
Trek Wrelk's Salon Location.jpg Mark is inside on ground floor.


  • If multiple guild members congregate at the same target location, one person triggering that location will be sufficient to consider it triggered for all members present, thereby earning personal reward for each of them. This can be especially useful on the Easy and Medium treks, where there may be many more members than locations, enabling them all to get personal reward in 1 trek, instead of re-starting the trek over again.