Lower Research Stacks

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Lower Research Stacks

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Lower Research Stacks map.jpg
Map of Lower Research Stacks

Lower Research Stacks locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum

Rata Sum
(Maguuma Jungle)
Connects to
The Golem Mines (E)
Frick Hall (NE)
Tark Hall (SW)

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The Lower Research Stacks is an area in Rata Sum. Located within it is the headquarters of the Peacemakers, including cells which contain troublesome inmates.


Waypoint (map icon).png Research Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Peacemakers Headquarters





Speed Boon.png Peacemaker Iujja
Merchant (vendor icon).png Pyromaster Zarrt
Merchant (vendor icon).png Shady Alchemist Grack
Merchant (vendor icon).png Holomancer Netto

Ambient dialogue[edit]

For historical ambient dialogue between Ketto and Yavvi that occurred in this area during the Super Adventure Box: Back to School release, head here.
Krewe Member: You look exhausted. Been burning the midnight oil again?
Duxxi: Elemental essence, actually.
Peacemaker Officer (1): The Peacemaker golems certainly are functioning well these days.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Not too many hiccups. Remember when Snaff lost control of them? What a mess.
Peacemaker Officer (1): Don't let Zojja hear you say that. As far as she's concerned, Snaff could do no wrong.
Retired Merchant: Can you be helped?
Citizen: Excuse me?
Paovi: I thought you were going to enter your latest golem design in the Snaff Prize.
Golemancer: It wasn't ready yet. I need to perform further testing. Maybe next year.
Paovi: That's what you said last year. I think you're afraid of Zojja.
Golemancer: Was that a Model-O golem I saw in your lab?
Paovi: You have a keen eye for golems. That's the prize piece of my collection.
Golemancer: I didn't realize any intact original Oola golems still existed. I'm impressed.
Zaiyah: (sigh) Can I go home now?
Prison Warden Zikki: Have you figured out a solution for the quadratic matrix of a cubic paradigm when used in a flux inhibitor yet?
Zaiyah: No.
Prison Warden Zikki: Well, when you can answer that simple math problem, I'll let you out.
Zaiyah: (sigh) Can I go home now?
Prison Warden Zikki: Have you figured out a solution for the quadratic matrix of a cubic paradigm when used in a flux inhibitor yet?
Zaiyah: Ummmm...yes?
Prison Warden Zikki: Ah, you can't fool me, Zaiyah. You're not good enough at sarcasm. You're staying right where you are.
Ferocious "Bear": Come on, let me out! I'm not really a bear!
Prison Warden Zikki: Keep it down, talking bear. You're going nowhere.
Prison Warden Zikki: Hey, "Doc," your talking bear is at it again.
Mad Scientist Bluup: I already told you the talking bear isn't one of mine, you imbecile.
Prison Warden Zikki: When you're done pacing down there "Doc," can you get your talking bear to shut up? He's riling up the other inmates.
Mad Scientist Bluup: You fool! He's a norn!
Prison Warden Zikki: Ha! Oh, you crazy scientist. It's that kind of lunacy that has you locked up here.
Prison Warden Zikki: Hm, I still don't know what you are...
Prison Warden Zikki: Chicken, chicken, chicken... Sorry, no one's come to claim a chicken yet.


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