Ossan Quarter

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Ossan Quarter

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Map of Ossan Quarter

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Location within Divinity's Reach


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The Ossan Quarter is an area within Divinity's Reach located in the northwest section of the city. It is flanked by the Grenth High Road and the Plaza of Grenth on the eastern and the Balthazar High Road and the Plaza of Balthazar on the southern side.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Minister Zamon's Mansion
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Turai Tavern





Merchant (vendor icon).png Bartender
Merchant (vendor icon).png Behruseh
Armorsmith (map icon).png Chandran
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dahwan
Merchant (vendor icon).png Hamri
Merchant (vendor icon).png Lakhi
Merchant (vendor icon).png Ourida
Merchant (vendor icon).png Yilmarai


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Beggar: All donations are tax deductible!
Beggar: Bring me your gently used gold coins and half-full ale mugs!
Beggar: Every little bit helps.
Beggar: Good day. Good day.
Beggar: I accept all gifts with a smile.
Beggar: Money for a poor man?
Beggar: Spare a little change?
Beggar: Who says beggars can't be choosers?
Child: (laugh)
Child: (squeal)
Child: But I don't want to go to school. I want to grow up and bash some charr!
Child: Daddy, why can't I have a golem?
Child: Do you think the gods still watch over us? Mom doesn't think so, but I do.
Child: I bet I can run faster than you!
Child: I can't wait! Tomorrow, I'm going on a field trip with the Durmand Priory!
Child: I saw this hunter who had a doggie. It was bigger than me, and it said, "Woof!"
Child: I told an asura I wanted to learn how to cast spells. He said I'd just get a headache.
Child: Rawr! I'm a charr, and I'm going to eat you!
Child: Tag you're it.
Child: Tonight, I'm going to sneak in and see the queen!
Child: When dad goes to work, he goes to the pub. Weird. He's not a bartender.
Child: When I grow up, I'm going to be a brave hero!
Citizen: (giggle)
Citizen: Dragons? Bah! Never seen 'em. All fantasy if you ask me.
Citizen: Hey! Grope me again and I'll cut off your thumbs.
Citizen: If the charr think they can come here, me and my meat cleaver will tell them otherwise.
Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.
Citizen: Praise the Six!
Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.
Citizen: That Caudecus the Wise, I like him. Good head on his shoulders, he has.
Citizen: To Divinity!
Noble: Ah, that's a fair price. I'll take two, my good man!
Noble: Best be getting home before I worry the wife.
Noble: Excuse me, do you have this in another color?
Noble: Hmm, where to next?
Noble: Hmm. I could use one of those.
Noble: Oh, I like this, but I need to pay the rent first.
Noble: Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost for a second.
Noble: Oh, this suits me just perfectly.
Noble: Too rich for my blood. Next payday, I'll be back.
Noble: Where did he... Oh, he's probably down at the pub again.
Noble: That's it! I'm taking my business elsewhere! Rather deal with charr than buy from you!
Citizen (1): Good day
Citizen (2): Ahai.
Citizen (1): The merchants are importing less and less from the other cities.
Citizen (2): What I wouldn't give for a good patani salad or some fresh iboga.
Citizen (1): Could be worse. We could be living outside the city.
Citizen (1): I can't take my job anymore. I need another beer.
Citizen (2): At least you have a job. You could be starving.
Citizen (1): Or I could be on the front lines. I get it. But I'm not going to work tomorrow until I'm good and drunk tonight.
Citizen (2): Fair enough. You get this round. You're the one with the job.
Citizen (1): Bartender, two more. Make 'em tall, just like my problems.
Citizen (1): If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Citizen (2): Outside the city walls would be nice.
Citizen (1): I'm serious. Where would you go? Pretend that the roads and rivers are safe.
Citizen (2): My grandfather told me stories of Shing Jea Island when I was young. He talked about the busting ports and the great food.
Citizen (2): There was even a menagerie full of wild animals. He made it all sound so lush and beautiful.
Citizen (1): I'm coming with you.
Citizen (1): Leaving for work?
Citizen (2): Got to make a living somehow.



  • This district is named after the Ossa family, which reigned over Kourna for roughly 200 years.