Caledon Path

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Caledon Path

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Caledon Path map.jpg
Map of Caledon Path

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Location within The Grove

Caledon Path.jpg
Caledon Path

Caledon Path is the primary entrance into the Grove, leading into Caledon Forest which it was named after, and directly to the Village of Astorea and a small patch where Newborn sylvari come into the world.


Waypoint (tango icon).png Caledon Waypoint —



Ambient creatures


Merchant (map icon).png Dreas
Merchant (map icon).png Namleith
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Siunas

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Warden: We rarely see humans here. What brings you to the grove?
Traveler: Truth is, I...took a jig when i should've taken a jag. I was heading toward Lion's Arch.
Warden: You're way off track. I bet you can't even find your mouth when you're hungry!
Warden: Just joking.
Traveler: (laugh)
Warden: (laugh)
Citizen (1): Somewhere out there, someone has more information on Ventari. I will find it if it's the last thing I do.
Citizen (2): Your quest is bold and important. I salute you.
Citizen (1): I may have to search in the darkest corners of the world, but i'm prepared.
Citizen (2): Why aren't you afraid? I sense no fear in you at all.
Citizen (1): I'm afraid. I just bury it deep, beneath the call of my purpose.
Citizen (1): Let's grab a nectar together later, okay?
Citizen (2): I'll look forward to it.
Citizen (1): I started warden training yesterday.
Citizen (2): So you won't be leaving the Grove after all? That's beautiful news.
Citizen (1): No, I changed my mind about leaving. Tomorrow, I may feel differently.