The Quester's Terrace

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The Quester's Terrace

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The Quester's Terrace map.jpg
Map of The Quester's Terrace

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Location within The Grove


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The Quester's Terrace is an area within The Grove. It connects to the Marshaling Field, the Upper Commons and The Song Bower.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png The Envoy's Shelter
Vista (map icon).png Pale Tree's Circle Vista —
On the northern edge of the Envoy's Shelter there will be mushroom platforms encircling the building - jump on them onto the roof then head east a bit to get onto the higher portion of the roof and head to the vista.





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Adventurer: Many other cultures dress themselves in animal hide. It's as tough as a walnut shell.
Citizen: It looks so stiff, though. And what about the poor animal that was wearing it before?
Adventurer: The animal doesn't need it anymore.
Citizen (1): Did you hear that human's armor? It made such a racket!
Citizen (2): I tried it once. The cacophony nearly drove me Soundless.
Citizen (1): Homegrown armor is prettier, too.
Traveler (asura): You're a plant, and you can talk. Do you talk to other plants?
Citizen: Not exactly. I sense things about them.
Traveler (asura): Can you sense which have the greatest concentration of poison?
Citizen: No.
Traveler (asura): Bah! What good are you?
Citizen: The firstborn have asked me to make sure you have everything you need.
Traveler (asura): Really? I'll make you a list.
Citizen: You need water, hemlock, and bloodflower? You know they're poisonous, right?
Traveler (asura): Of course I know they're poisonous! That's the point.
Warden (1): Good morning, sunshine! Or should I say, "nightshade"?
Warden (2): Don't start. I'm leaving.
Warden (1): It can't be healthy going through life like a stinging nettle. You're going to give yourself the rot. Oh wait. Too late.
Warden (1): It's a good day to return to the Dream.
Warden (2): What do you mean?
Warden (1): When a warrior says, "It's a good day to return to the Dream," it means it's a good day to die.
Warden (2): I see. How do you know we return to the Dream when we die?
Warden (1): I don't. It's just wishful thinking.
Warden (2): Oh. Then, I won't wish you a good day.