Ronan's Bower

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Ronan's Bower

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Ronan's Bower map.jpg
Map of Ronan's Bower

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Location within The Grove


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Ronan's Bower is an area in the depth level of the The Grove.


Waypoint (map icon).png Ronan's Waypoint —

Note: This waypoint is not visible unless you are in the Grove. The Grove only shows three levels when viewed from zones outside of it, the fourth level with this waypoint will ONLY appear if you are in the Grove. Using the location code outside of the Grove will show the location of the waypoint but it will not show the waypoint itself.





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Reinalle


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Have you heard? There's a human in the Grove.
Citizen (2): I heard. I plan to go in search of it tomorrow.
Citizen (1): The datura bush outside my hut is blooming. Its flowers spiral open.
Citizen (2): I've seen them. They have great wisdom.
Citizen (1): In her eyes, I am dishonored. I cannot even look at her in my current state.
Citizen (2): My friend, you couldn't help what happened.
Citizen (1): It doesn't matter. I failed, and therefore, I am unworthy of her love.
Citizen (1): I must win back her favor.
Citizen (2): Forget her. You'll find another love.
Citizen (1): Don't say such things. How could I forget her when she rules my heart?
Citizen (1): I'll challenge her new love to a duel.
Citizen (2): But you lost to him last time.
Citizen (1): This time I'll be ready. I'll practice until my hands bleed.
Citizen (1): He left yesterday. One minute he was here, and the next, he was gone.
Citizen (2): You're not surprised, I assume?
Citizen (1): I sensed his restlessness, though I'd hoped for some warning.
Citizen (2): The wind gives no warning. It blows where it will and takes the leaves by surprise.
Citizen (1): I've heard hylek drums recently. If you're going beyond the Grove tonight, be careful.
Citizen (2): I will. I know the hylek have been restless.
Citizen (1): I met one, outside Lion's Arch. That city holds many dangers.
Citizen (2): You met someone from the Nightmare Court? And survived?
Citizen (1): I did. Others...didn't.
Citizen (2): What are they like?
Citizen (1): Members of the Nightmare Court are cruel. They're capable of terrible evil.
Citizen (1): When you're near them, you feel nothing from them but cold emptiness.
Citizen (1): When the Nightmare Court was stalking us, it was the darkest night I've ever known.
Citizen (2): You must have been terrified. How did you get away?
Citizen (1): We ran faster than those who didn't.