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WvW Capture and Hold missions are World versus World guild missions where members work together to take an objective and hold it long enough to reach Tier 1 within the set time limit. It may fill the WvW mission slot, and potentially any general mission slots if "No Preference" is selected.


The mission must first be activated by a guild member with suitable permissions. A minimum of 3 guild members (representing the guild is not required, but they must be members) must then participate in an event to capture an objective of the specified type on the Eternal Battlegrounds or Borderlands map. It is not necessary to claim the objective. The objective must then be held until it reaches Tier 1. If the mission time limit has not yet expired, this completes the mission.

WvW Capture and Hold Camp.png
WvW Capture and Hold Tower.png
WvW Capture and Hold Keep.png


There are 3 levels, each with different rewards.


Capture and hold 1 camp until it reaches Tier 1. Time limit: 1 hour.


Capture and hold 1 tower until it reaches Tier 1. Time limit: 1 hour.


Capture and hold 1 keep until it reaches Tier 1. Time limit: 1 hour.


  • Claiming an objective may improve the objective's defenses and buff defending players.
  • 30 minutes after capture are required for Towers and Keeps to reach Tier 1. 10 minutes for a Camp. However, to complete the mission 20 dolyaks need to be delivered while holding the camp.
  • To receive credit, you must participate in the objective's capture.
  • You may activate the mission just before the objective's capture.
  • You will not receive credit if the mission timer expires before the objective reaches Tier 1.