Icespear's Shelf

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Icespear's Shelf

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Icespear's Shelf map.jpg
Map of Icespear's Shelf

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Icespear's Shelf is an area within the Fireheart Rise. This alpine valley is home to many creatures of the north. The Pact has established a small research base in the northern tip of this area.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Pact researchers with their experimental weapons (67)
Waypoint (map icon).png Icespear's Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Snow Ridge Camp Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Snow Ridge Camp
Event collect (tango icon).png Use Ezoola's tool to collect ice cores needed to summon elementals for the assault (66)
Event shield (tango icon).png Defend the Pact elementals as they assault the Flame Legion towers (67)





Merchant (vendor icon).png Recruit Alonso (67)
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Researcher Trippi (67)
Renown Heart (map icon).png Tactician Lyan (67)



Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Snow Ridge Camp
Lightbringer Kovalik: They know my name. They know who I am. How can I function this way?
Sorg: Who knows? What are you talking about?
Lightbringer Kovalik: Everyone here knows we're Whisper agents. Centuries of secrecy tossed aside like an old garment.
Sorg: Perhaps it's time to lead the world into the light instead of pushing from the shadows.
Lightbringer Kovalik: We may be working in the open, but we don't have to be completely open with our allies.
Sorg: What do you mean? We have to cooperate. Isn't that best for everyone?
Lightbringer Kovalik: What may benefit everyone now may not benefit the Order later.
Lightbringer Kovalik: We have an obligation to make sure the Order survives.
Sorg: I have procured strategic information about troop movements. I must see the commander.
Crusader Ahdan: How did you get this information?
Sorg: I cannot divulge my source to you.
Crusader Ahdan: Let me guess, you could tell me, but then you'd have to kill me?
Sorg: Ha ha ha. Believe me, after I was done, you would beg me to kill you.
Crusader Ahdan: After the war I plan to find a girl, settle down, and live in peace.
Crusader Rulun: This war may end, but there will always be another.
Crusader Ahdan: That's depressing. How can you live that way?
Crusader Rulun: I'm charr!
Crusader Rulun: We need better ale. This stuff takes like yak's milk.
Crusader Ahdan: Yeah. Weak.
Crusader Karl: Hah! Little human can't hold his ale.
Crusader Ahdan: I can still hold a sword!
Crusader Karl: Save it for the Flame Legion, little one. We'll kill them and take their ale.
Crusader Rulun: Why are you here, human?
Scholar Vandrus: What? Humans don't have a right to help in charr affairs?
Crusader Rulun: Not what I meant. The Vigil is here to fight. Why is the Priory here?
Scholar Vandrus: To make sure you grunts don't blow us all up when you breach the Flame Citadel.
Recruit Jarg: Night duty again? Why is it always me?
Crusader Rulun: Because you got no one below you to boss around.
Recruit Jarg: I need new boots.
Quartermaster Elisabeth: I'll order more, but it takes a few weeks to get supplies out here.
Recruit Jarg: Weeks? Some good this alliance with the Order and Priory is doing us.
Crusader Rulun: Life would be easier if we could just slaughter all the males and be done with it.
Siegemaster Trobb: What about the tension? The friction? The wonderful byplay between two diametrically opposed ways of being? Don't answer.
Recruit Jarg: What are you looking at? Something wrong?
Medic Yantha: Just watching the Flame braziers. Fire is a thing of raw beauty.
Recruit Jarg: You may see beauty in those brazier flames, but all I see is hatred.
Crusader Nulken: Do you miss Ebonhawke?
Quatermater Elisabeth: Why, you do care about me!
Crusader Nulken: I care about everyone. If I surround myself with friends it's easier to cut down enemies.
Quatermater Elisabeth: Ah, self-interest. That I understand.
Crusader Nulken: Not entirely. I can't explain it, but I symphatize, just a little bit, with non-charr.
Crusader Karl: Bah! The grawl will never fight the Flame Legion. They are weak!
Crusader Nulken: Weak, yes, but easy to manipulate.
Crusader Karl: I wouldn't bet on it.
Siegemaster Trobb: Did I hear something about a bet?
Crusader Nulken: I won't bet against you. Not again.
Crusader Karl: Aren't you cold out here, little one?
Medic Yantha: We don't really feel the cold as you do.
Crusader Karl: Bah! Norn do not feel cold! We are hardy, like the mountains.
Medic Yantha: We're more like trees, I guess. When it gets bitter cold, my limbs creak.
Commander Lakkun: There's a major push coming. We need extra food, armor, and weapons.
Quartermaster Elisabeth: I'll do what I can, but Vigil supply lines are stretched thin.
Commander Lakkun: Priory pockets are deep and Whisper agents can go anywhere. Get them to help.
Commander Lakkun: We're on the front lines of this alliance. Time for the rear guard to pitch in.
Siegemaster Trobb: I'm having trouble with the imbued ammunition.
Commander Lakkun: What's wrong?
Siegemaster Trobb: A preponderance of magical energy infuses this entire area.
Commander Lakkun: So? Shouldn't that help?
Siegemaster Trobb: Do you know nothing of the Eternal Alchemy?
Siegemaster Trobb: That Whispers agent, Sorg, scares me. He's a spy, you know.
Scholar Matta: Yes, I know. He's very open about what he won't tell you.
Siegemaster Trobb: Yeah, I guess I'm just more at ease with explosives than secrets.
Crusader Karl: How can you spend your life studying?
Scholar Mavrun: What's more challenging that following a trail hundreds of years old?
Crusader Karl: Bah! You search for relics in dusty, deserted ruins. Hardly the stuff of legends.
Scholar Mavrun: Deserted: Hah! I once beat back a horde of undead wielding nothing but a scroll case.
Scholar Matta: Why are we here? Any relics this region once had were consumed by the tar long ago.
Scholar Matta: This is a charr matter. What's in it for the Priory?
Scholar Vandrus: Don't you mean what's in it for you?
Scholar Matta: The two questions are often aligned.
Scholar Matta: I simply don't trust those Whisper agents.
Scholar Pyrval: Why? They seem a lot like us. The seek knowledge to help the world.
Scholar Matta: They hoard information for their own purposes. How do we know they will share it with us?
Scholar Vandrus: We don't. But we have an obligation to the world to make this alliance work.
Scholar Mavrun: That blasted tar sticks to everything.
Scholar Matta: It does have amazing elastic and adhesive properties.
Scholar Matta: We should excavate the tar fields. That goo is a natural preservative.
Scholar Mavrun: Ugh. I'd rather sift through dolyak droppings than muck through that tar again.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Platinum Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Raspberries