Almuten Estates

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Almuten Estates

1Complete heart (map icon).png 1Waypoint (map icon).png 1Point of interest (map icon).png 1Vista (map icon).png

Almuten Estates map.jpg
Map of Almuten Estates

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Gendarran Fields
Connects to
Shiverspur Front (E)
Newbeach Bluffs (N)
Overlook Caverns (SE)
Lake Bounty (SW)

Almuten Estates.jpg

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The Almuten Estates is an area in eastern Gendarran Fields. Its grounds, along with Almuten Mansion, have seen better days, as pirate incursions have made their way along the shores.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Maintain security around Almuten Mansion (29)
Waypoint (map icon).png Almuten Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Almuten Mansion
Vista (map icon).png Almuten Mansion Vista —
Inside the mansion, go to the top and go around the deck.





Scout (map icon).png Amelia (29)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Miss Mipp (29)
Renown Heart (map icon).png Security Captain Vejj (29)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Vintner Feris (29)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Mistress Broga: Yoo hoo!
Tholaun: What is it this time? Did you drop your eyeglasses into the slop pile again?
Mistress Broga: No, no, oh no! I did notice, though, that we're getting low on firewood in the mansion. Could you chop some? Good.
Tholaun: I'm not a servant.
Miss Mipp: Of course not! You're family! And family helps each other. We can do it together, okay? I'll help.
Miss Mipp: Don't worry about me. I can do this. Honest. I'll be fine.
Tholaun: So I see.
Miss Mipp: Done with the wood! Now what?
Tholaun: Now, we hide from your mother.
Miss Mipp: C'mon! It'll be fun. You can be a pirate, and I'll be a Lionguard. I'll kill you and take all your gold for the queen.
Miss Mipp: And then we'll switch, okay? And I'll kill you and take all your gold for my pirate captain! What do you think?
Tholaun: I don't think so.
Master Wrelk: We have guests! Come greet them!
Tholaun: Little man, I'm a warrior. I'll guard your offspring, but I will not do your chores.
Master Wrelk: Oh, quiet. You signed the contract. Or, should I tell your brethren you're an oath-breaker?
Miss Mipp: I wouldn't have to go to bed if I were a pirate!
Tholaun: You're not a pirate. You're a pipsqueak. And that means it's time for bed.
Miss Mipp: I never get to have any fun!
Mistress Broga: Oh, don't be such a spoil sport. Let her stay up if she wants to.
Miss Mipp: Yay!
Brakk: Why does Wrelk hate me?
Mistress Broga: Don't be silly. Wrelk doesn't hate you. You're his brother-in-law.
Brakk: He thinks I'm beneath him. I can tell by the way he looks at me.
Mistress Broga: Did you see where I put my market shopping list?
Brakk: Brat. Spoiled rotten and dumber than her mother.
Security Guard (1): Tell me again. What do I do if I see a pirate?
Security Guard (2): Cute. Just stay alert, okay?
Security Guard (1): You bet.
Security Guard (1): All clear on this end. The boss is inside.
Security Guard (2): Probably putting his feet up and drinking a brew.
Security Guard (1): I look at this gorgeous mansion and hate that I'm the one guarding it, not enjoying it.
Security Guard (2): Makes you hot under the collar, hm?
Security Guard (1): I figure I must be doing something wrong.
Security Guard (2): You and me both.
If Miss Mipp has been kidnapped during Stop the pirates raiding the mansion
Brakk: Stingy jerk. If he'd just pay the ransom, they'd have their ungrateful brat back in no time.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Iron Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Gummo Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Clam
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Sprouts
Plant resource (map icon).png Onions
Bulk ingredients
Complete heart (map icon).png Security Captain Vejj
Bananas in Bulk.pngBananas in Bulk