Dynamics Union

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Dynamics Union

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Map of Dynamics Union

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Location within Rata Sum


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The Dynamics Union is an area located under the College of Dynamics in Rata Sum.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Artisan Hall





Merchant (vendor icon).png Flakk
Merchant (vendor icon).png Mekko
Merchant (vendor icon).png Naava
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Tailor tango icon 20px.png
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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Dynamics Apprentice (1): You look exhausted. You're working too hard.
Dynamics Apprentice (2): You know what they say: "A rotating cog amasses no sporophyte."
Dynamics Apprentice (1): You've not spent a lot of time in the jungle, have you?
Krewe Member: The stench of hylek emanates from every pore in my body.
Vacc: Tell me about it. As soon as I get home, I plan to scrub my body from ears to toes.
Krewe Member: My ears itch, but I'm afraid to scratch until I wash the hylek secretions off my hands.
Vacc: I worry that our work at the Hydrone Unit may shorten our lives.
Krewe Member: At least we don’t have to handle unstable energy sources or test new weapon systems.
Vacc: Swamp gas and poisons may not be explosive, but they’re just as deadly.
Resident: How does the day find you, Peacemaker?
Peacemaker Officer: Like every other day, by forcing sunlight between my eyelids.
Student (1): My brother once threw a rock at the golem that patrols our street.
Student (2): Wow. That's incredibly stupid. What happened?
Student (1): It crushed the rock and then carried my brother by the ear back to the Peacemakers.
Student (1): Did you hear about the big explosion?
Student (2): My dad said that the Inquest blew it up. I hate them. They're mean.
Student (1): I heard it was destroyers. Did you know water runs uphill there now?
Student (2): No way. That's incredible!