Auxiliary Study Rooms

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Auxiliary Study Rooms

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Auxiliary Study Rooms map.jpg
Map of Auxiliary Study Rooms

Auxiliary Study Rooms locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum

Rata Sum
(Maguuma Jungle)
Connects to
Skibo Hall (E)
The Golem Mines (N)
Tark Hall (W)

Auxiliary Study Rooms.jpg

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The Auxiliary Study Rooms is an area in Rata Sum located south on the lowest level.


Waypoint (map icon).png Auxiliary Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Inquest Recruiting Station





Merchant (vendor icon).png Gastronome Plikk
Merchant (vendor icon).png Tailor Pibb

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Inquest Researcher (1): The Eternal Alchemy holds the answer, if only we can divine its full influence.
Inquest Researcher (2): More gifted alchemists than you have tried to crack the code.
Inquest Researcher (1): But were they willing to do anything—sacrifice anyone—for their work?
Inquest Researcher (1): Is your latest device ready for deployment?
Inquest Researcher (2): I need additional time for stress testing. The reaction is not quite stable yet.
Inquest Researcher (1): Stress testing is best done in the field. Find some live subjects and move this project forward.
Inquest Apprentice (1): I can't decide what to pursue for my research project.
Inquest Apprentice (2): How about a weather-control machine? Think of the possibilities of mischief.
Inquest Apprentice (2): You could deny water from farms, bury the city under a blizzard...
Inquest Apprentice (1): Right! Like no one has ever thought of that before. I need something original.
Inquest Apprentice (1): I have some great ideas for next year’s Snaff Prize.
Inquest Apprentice (2): I don’t even know what I’ll be working on in a year. How could you have any salient ideas?
Inquest Apprentice (1): All of my ideas revolve around sabotaging other entries.
Golemancer (1): I'm having trouble with the guidance gyros on my latest generation of golems.
Golemancer (2): You should talk to Zojja. She helped me solve a golem quandary. Her solution was quite elegant and brilliant.
Golemancer (1): I don't know. Zojja scares me. I ran into her once and she nearly bit my ears off.
Golemancer (1): Do you think my latest generation of golems are as good as Zojja's?
Golemancer (2): I haven't examined them yet, but I highly doubt it.
Retired Merchant: Need assistance?
Retired Researcher: Why? Do I look incapable of helping myself?