Brigantine Isles

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Brigantine Isles

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Brigantine Isles map.jpg
Map of Brigantine Isles

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Location within Gendarran Fields

Gendarran Fields

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Brigantine Isles

The Brigantine Isles is a small, pirate-infested group of islands north of Lion's Arch in Lake Gendarr.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Get back at the pirates for Joukje (31)
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Brigantine Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Jackdaw's Reef
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Slade's Bay
Slade's Bay Vista —
From the waypoint above Brigantine Isles, travel southwest and then jump off the cliff. You will land directly at the vista.
Hero challenges
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Klakka the Brain (32)
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Help Tholaun rescue Miss Mipp (31)





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Jackdaw Sniper: Our sagacious captain would make an excellent krewe chief.
Jackdaw Brawler: What's "sagacious" mean?
Jackdaw Sniper: It means I should look elsewhere for erudite conversation.
Jackdaw Brawler: Watch it big-ears. I'm as "airtight" as the next guy.
Jackdaw Brawler: All this collecting tolls and ransoming is too much like work.
Jackdaw Sniper: Digging for treasure and killing people seems far more labor-intensive to me.
Jackdaw Brawler: Maybe, but digging and killing for loot is a lot more directly.
Jackdaw Sniper Ah! That's called "cutting out the middleman.
Jackdaw Pirate (1): She says she won't pay. And she says if we keep pestering her, she's going to the Vigil.
Jackdaw Pirate (2): Ha! The Vigil don't concern themselves with us. They're too busy fighting dragons.
Jackdaw Pirate (2): That's an empty threat, and she knows it. Make her pay up, or when I mount her skull on the wall, yours will be next to it.
Jackdaw Pirate: I saw you hoarding some of that loot for yourself. You'd better hand that over to the captain, or you'll lose a hand.
Jackdaw Sniper: I wasn't "hoarding it for myself. The job I just did had a massive payout. I turned in my percentage and not a copper less.
Jackdaw Pirate: What job? What massive payout?
Jackdaw Sniper: The sort of job assigned to people like me- people the captain likes- and not people like you, cannon fodder.
Jackdaw Pirate: What’ll we do once we’ve squeezed all the money out of these fools?
Jackdaw Sniper: That’s obvious, my good man. Squeeze harder.
Cutthroat Sapper: I don’t get why you'd kidnap anyone. It means you gotta keep them alive.
Cutthroat Sapper: Killin' them sends a stronger message anyway.
Cutthroat Sapper: Yeah. Be afraid, because there ain’t going to be any negotiations with us.
Cutthroat Sapper Charr skin is thick. Sometimes you have to ratchet up the vicious to get them to go down.
Cutthroat Pirate: Remember that one that kept fighting with the knife stuck in his back?
Cutthroat Sniper: I hope these bumpkins stand up to us this time
Cutthroat Sniper: Why?
Cutthroat Sniper: I need trophies
Cutthroat Pirate (1): The new swab tried to skedaddle in the night. Cap'n caught him and caned him.
Cutthroat Pirate (2): Did anybody save me the skin bits?
Cutthroat Pirate (1): Anybody sticks their nose in our business gets laid out and looted.
Cutthroat Pirate (2): I say, as the ancient asuran philosopher Gann once said, "Waste not, want not."

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes