Ligacus Notos

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Ligacus Notos

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Ligacus Notos map.jpg
Map of Ligacus Notos

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Ligacus Notos is the larger southern of two lakes within the Black Citadel. There are various Durmand Priory scholars researching around this lake, as well as scavengers for human artifacts.


Vista (map icon).png Ligacus Notos Vista —
From Ruins of Rin Waypoint, head west and then north along the path, head to the northern edge of the large rock the vista is on. There is a cliff along the northern edge of the rock, cross it and get on the rock on the eastern edge and you must climb it in a clockwise fashion to reach the vista.



Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen: Ah, rabbit jerky. That hits the spot.
Citizen: Eh, we should just conquer Orr already.
Citizen: How did I get saddled with so many fools?
Citizen: Never turn your back on an enemy, a stranger, or an animal.
Citizen: Keep your eyes open. It might be the difference between predator and prey.
Citizen: I heard some engineer invented a device he calls a "cattlepult." I'm dying to see it in action.
Citizen: Sometimes, for fun, I head over to the Ghostblast Battery and watch 'em pound ghosts into quivering pools of ectoplasm.
Citizen: A Sentinel squad came into the citadel the other day from the Brand. Now those soldiers had the look of death about them.
Soldier: My warband's about to ship out. We're being sent to the Blazeridge Steppes to help some Sentinels get back to the Brand.
Citizen: Did you hear the Heart warband is in town? They're passing through, on their way to Diessa Plateau.
Citizen: I hate wild animals. Except the ones I can pick up and eat.
Watchman Pramas: I took the Tome of the Fallen from the graveyard. The captain ordered me. But I didn't know it was cursed!
Watchman Pramas: Now the spirits of those who lost their lives on the Wall are roaming free! Please. Take it back to the graveyard for me.