Blighted Battleground

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Blighted Battleground

Waypoint (tango icon).png
Point of interest.png

Blighted Battleground map.jpg
Map of Blighted Battleground

Blighted Battleground locator.svg
Location within Straits of Devastation

Blighted Battleground.jpg
Blighted Battleground

Blighted Battleground is a hideout in the Straits of Devastation. It is accessed by going west from the Shark's Teeth Archipelago.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png
Lone Post Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Lone Post
Event boss (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat the champion (74)
Event flag (tango icon).png
Defend the Lone Post from the Risen hordes (74)
Event swords (tango icon).png
Destroy the Risen anti-aircraft gun so Nallandra can signal her team to land (74)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Escort Warmaster Leddron and his team to Zho'qafa Catacombs (74)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Escort the Pact squad to the conservatory (74)
Event swords (tango icon).png
Use Pact weaponry from the weapons transport to break through Lasciate Gate (74)





Repairs (map icon).png
Agent Ava
Merchant (map icon).png
Agent Ibboh
Karma Merchant (map icon).png
Agent Siobhan



Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the Lone Post
Priory Explorer: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Whispers Lightbringer: Yeah. I could be back home, scouting centaurs right now

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png
Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png
Cypress Sapling