Save Our Supplies

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Save Our Supplies

Event maps
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Supply Master Sootspitter needs your help defending Iron Legion supplies bound for the front lines in Iron Marches. Help shore up his supply depot's defenses and repel any Flame Legion attacks.

— In-game description

Save Our Supplies is a guild challenge where the guild has to protect supply barrels that are under attack from multiple waves of Flame Legion intent on destroying them. At least one barrel must remain at the end of the timer to succeed. The supply camp has multiple turrets that players can man to help defend the location, and these turrets can be upgraded over time. Guild members can also build mortars and mines to help with the defense. The rest of the guild must defend the camp and take out threats to the barrels and turrets.

Getting there[edit]

From the Waypoint (map icon).png Viper's Run Waypoint go south-west to a workshop on a hill, with the Guild Challenge marker found there.


  • Guild Challenge (map icon).png [Group Event] Defend the Iron Legion supply depot against Flame Legion attack. (53)
    • Operation complete in: 11:40
    • Spare Barrels remaining: 20
    • Look for upgrades and ordnance to request around the depot.
  • Optional:
    • Building <upgrade>
    • Event bar empty2.jpg


Primary article: Guild Challenge#Rewards


  • Players should split into two majority teams before starting the mission, each team defending the north and south choke points, remembering not to range too far outward or enemies can run in behind them. A third, smaller team defending miscellaneous areas outside the wall to the west is also desirable, remembering not to range so far as to exit the instance on accident.
    • There is a particularly troublesome spot between the southernmost turret and the ramp leading up onto the wall just beside it where enemies can frequently sneak in behind the team defending the southern choke point. Having the turret operator or at least one player ranging outside the walls watch this spot is very helpful.
  • Use of turrets/mortars/mines is optional, but at least one person upgrading/operating the turrets can be very helpful, especially for crowd control outside the western wall.
  • You should aim to kill each enemy, but mainly prioritize tagging each enemy with at least some amount of damage. Enemies have set pathing to a certain point which, when tagged by damage before reaching the end of that path, will cause them to lose aggro on the barrels and gain aggro on the damage dealer. The exception to this are Flame Legion Stalkers and Flame Legion Igniters.
  • At around 4 minutes into the mission, Flame Legion Stalkers will begin spawning, with the ability to deal damage to the barrels from a long distance over the walls. These should be prioritized and fully killed.
  • Around 4 minutes after the Stalkers appear, Flame Legion Igniters will also begin to spawn, with the ability to AoE down the barrels very quickly. Both Stalkers and Igniters should be prioritized and killed as quickly as possible.
  • Around 2 minutes before the timer runs out, Veteran Flame Legion Shamans will spawn, and walk toward the western wall. Just outside the wall they will begin a summoning ritual that, if allowed to complete, will summon a Veteran Flame Legion Effigy that can devastate your remaining barrels. It is recommended that when the Shamans spawn, they are killed quickly or interrupted long enough to delay the ritual until the mission is successful.
  • There are a total of 20 barrels to defend. You can lose up to 19 barrels and the mission will be considered successful. Unfortunately, there is no better or bonus reward for keeping all the barrels intact except for pride!


Players can order various upgrades: mortar shells, mines, and turret improvements. Each upgrade takes a few seconds to complete and only 1 upgrade can be ordered at a time.

Turrets can be upgraded to have a maximum of 8 ammo. The Napalm and caltrop can be upgraded up to Mk. V and up to 3 automatic cannons can be built.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Unarmed Land Mine
1 Mine Field.png Incendiary Mine 10.25¼ 10 Place a mine that does heavy damage when triggered. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Mortar Shell
1 Mortar Shot.png Throw 1 Waste the shell's potential and throw it at the enemy for moderate area-of-effect damage.
1 Turn Left.png Turn Left 100.25¼ ...
2 Fire (Trebuchet).png Fire 40.25¼ 1 Press and hold to fire a mortar shot. Hold down to shoot farther.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngLoad Mortar Shell.png Out of Mortar Shells This mortar has no shells. Retrieve mortar shells from the ordnance forge.
3 Turn Right.png Turn Right 100.25¼ ...
1 Standard Shot.png Standard Shot Fire a standard explosive shot.
2 Launch Caltrops Mortar.png Fire Caltrop Shot 10 Fire a shot containing spikes that cripple foes who walk over them.
3 Fire Bomb.png Fire Napalm Shot 12 Fire a shot containing flaming liquid that burns enemies who stand in its area of effect.
4 Rifle Turret.png Reload 3 Reload the main cannon manually. Your next shot will blow out targets.
5 Tool Kit.png Upgrade Turret 2 ...






When starting the event
Hey, you're from that guild we contacted. You'll need a party of your guild members to take on this challenge. Are you ready?
Talk ready option.png Yes. Bring on the challenge!
Talk more option tango.png What is this challenge all about?
The Iron Legion needs to get supplies from this depot to the front lines, but the Flame Legion will be hot to stop us.
Talk more option tango.png So you need someone to stop the Flame Legion from stopping you?
Yes, that's where your guild comes in. You'll need a party of your guild members to take on this challenge. Are you ready?
Talk ready option.png We're ready. Bring on the challenge!
Talk more option tango.png What kind of support can we expect from you?
My engineers can make this depot defensible.
Talk ready option.png We're ready. Bring on the challenge!
Talk end option tango.png We're not ready yet.
Talk end option tango.png We're not ready yet.
Talk end option tango.png Got it. Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png Not just yet.
After event is over
Hold on. We're not ready to start another operation yet.
Talk end option tango.png Understood.