Trader's Green

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Trader's Green

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Map of Trader's Green

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Location within Caledon Forest

Trader's Green.jpg
Trader's Green

Trader's Green is an area within Caledon Forest located between Willowalk Groves to the north and the Ruins of the Unseen to the south. The area contains the Hanto Trading Post, Caledon Haven and the Town of Cathal, as well as a passage to Hexane Regrade in Metrica Province to the west.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Caledon Haven Waypoint —
Waypoint (tango icon).png Town of Cathal Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Hanto Trading Post
Point of interest.png Hemlock Coil
Vista.png Caledon Haven Vista —
Start at the ramp near Quartermaster Isond and run along the top of the wall.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Caledon Haven
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Town of Cathal





Repairs (map icon).png Buccina (12)
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Duvall (12)
Merchant (map icon).png Minane (12)
Merchant (map icon).png Quartermaster Isond (12)
Armorsmith (map icon).png Tengu Trader (12)
Armorsmith (map icon).png Tifta (12)
Repairs (map icon).png Voireen (12)



Ambient creature
Nightmare Court

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Caledon Haven
Lionguard (1): I don't know why we allow that asura from the Durmand Priory to continue his work upstairs right here in the haven.
Lionguard (2): It's not our habit to turn anyone away from the haven without good cause.
Lionguard (1): Yeah, but asura by themselves are obnoxious. Durmand Priory by themselves are obnoxious. And a Durmand Priory who is also an asura really gets under my fur.
Lionguard (2): So, remind me again. What was it exactly that drew you to join the Lionguard?
Lionguard (1): I'm so thirsty, but the ale out here tastes like dew filtered through lilac petals.
Lionguard (2): Have a piece of fruit. It's better for you. And they're locally grown.
Lionguard (1): Who are these tengu? What's their story?
Lionguard (2): All I know is they come from a far-off land and live behind what wall.
Lionguard (1): What happened to make them wall themselves off from the world?
Lionguard (2): I don't know. They never talk about it.
Lionguard (1): I was poking around those ruins the other day. My brother would love them.
Lionguard (2): He enjoys crumbling architecture and the danger of contracting diseases, huh?
Lionguard (1): He's a scholar in the Durmand Priory.
Lionguard (2): So, I was correct in my assumption.
Lionguard (1): Have you been to the Tengu trading Post?
Lionguard (2): I went by the other day. What are they doing around here outside their wall?
Lionguard (1): None of them will say. They're a very private people.
Lionguard (1): We're here to help the sylvari integrate into society, right?
Lionguard (2): It's our duty as older races to help these sprouts grow and learn.
Lionguard (1): Why do so many of them seem to have the wisdom of the ancients?
At the Hanto Trading Post
Shou: Once the asura gate is finished, we can set up a trading post in Lion's Arch.
Caromi Scout: That seems so far away.
Shou: I know. But it will pay honor to the ancestors if we broaden our trade reach. Our weapons will sell well there.
Caromi Scout: I've heard they cook their food before eating it?
Shou: Even the rats?
Customer: Why do your people live behind that wall?
Tengu Trader: To be safe.
Customer: I would love to see what's on the other side.
Tengu Trader: Only tengu are allowed behind the wall. No others.
Customer: Can I ask you a question?
Tengu Trademaster: Yes, my ancestors could fly. No, I cannot. Now trade.
Tengu Trademaster: We wandered for generations, looking for a home, searching for freedom.
Lionguard: Freedom is the ultimate hunt, the most highly prized prey.
Tengu Trademaster: You would make a good tengu.
Lionguard: How do you like living and working outside the wall?
Tengu Trader: The sylvari make decent neighbors. They do, however, ask too many questions.
Lionguard: I couldn't agree more.
At the Hemlock Coil
Nightmare Courtier (1): What is your favorite implement?
Nightmare Courtier (2): I prefer the vice. It's so tantalizingly and agonizingly slow. You?
Nightmare Courtier (1): Bamboo shoots. I enjoy inflicting pain through growth.
Nightmare Courtier (1): I saw horrible images in the Dream while meditating yesterday.
Nightmare Courtier (2): How wonderful. Describe them to me.
Nightmare Courtier (1): Who should we torment next?
Nightmare Courtier (2): I have a Soundless female I've been working on for a while.
Nightmare Courtier (1): Anything special planned?
Nightmare Courtier (2): The usual. Physical pain combined with mental pressure.
Nightmare Court Pack Trainer: Time for some sport. Hounds, kill!
In the Town of Cathal
Warden Dynad: This way. Hurry.
Warden Dynad: All right! Woo! That's it! Yes! Victory!
Resident (1): I love all the colors of this world. Everything's so bright.
Resident (2): I don't think the whole world is like our forest.
Resident (1): Why are the other races so preoccupied with who owns the land?
Resident (2): No one owns the land. It belongs to itself.
Resident (1): And yet they fight and kill each other for it. I don't understand.
Resident (2): I have to admit, some days I long for the quiet of the Soundless.
Resident (1): For Ventari's sake, why?
Resident (2): On rare days, the music of the world turns to noise, and I wish I could turn it all off.
Warden Fila: All right. We should start now.
Warden Fila: That's great! Good job, everyone!
Warden Scout: Halt.
Warden Scout: To me. We're stronger side by side.
Warden Scout: We are the ward that keeps this place safe. Stand strong.
Warden Scout: No. (moan) This cannot be!
Warden Scout: Attack!
Resident (1): I'll never understand what Caithe saw in Faolain.
Resident (2): Who can say they truly understand anything about Caithe, really?
Resident (1): Do other races dream?
Resident (2): I heard some of them dream every night.
Resident (1): I wonder what they dream about. Each other? The future? The past?
Resident (2): Themselves mostly, I think.
Resident (2): I don't understand the Nightmare Court.
Resident (2): How do you choose to turn away from Ventari? He's part of who we are.
Resident (1): It's not as simple as turning over a rock. The path to nightmare is long and arduous.
Resident (1): My senses have been reeling lately. I think I might be sick.
Resident (2): We're surrounded by exotic sensations... skritt, Soundless, Nightmare Court.
Resident (2): I guess we're not in the Grove anymore.
Villager: It makes me feel so much more at ease knowing the Caledon Haven is so nearby.
Warden Gwynda: Although, whenever a group of norn stop by for the night, their revelry does tend to keep me awake.
Villager: Especially their singing. And their songs can sometimes get quite bawdy.
Warden Gwynda: I say the next time their merriment gets to be too raucous, we should march straightaway to the haven and ask them to keep it down.
Villager: And then, as long as we've made the journey, perhaps we could join in.


Crafting resources[edit]

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