College of Statics

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College of Statics

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Map of College of Statics

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Location within Rata Sum


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Banner of the College of Statics.

The College of Statics is an asuran scholarly society. Members of this college are analytical and cautious, preferring to do the work right the first time and build things that last. They participate in large-scale projects such as building cities and the massive levitating stones that power them. Viewed as conservative and possibly myopic by members of other colleges, they prefer to perfect well-understood tools, and the asura owe the high performance and extreme efficiency of many of their standby technologies to generations of Static development and polish.

Councillor Ludo is the Dean of the College of Statics.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png The Magihedron






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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Krewe Recruiter: Hydrone has many opportunities for a talented student with your credentials.
Statics Apprentice Tejj: I am definitely interested. Do you have literature? I would like to research my options.
Statics Expert Azzi: How's life with your head engulfed in the clouds of utter uselessness?
Ambi: Not bad. How's life stuck on the ground, mired in muck?
Statics Expert Ceppi: I'm glad the influence of the Eternal Alchemy upon structures is so well documented.
Statics Expert Zann: I don't know how dynamics research functions with so many alchemical variables.
Statics Expert Ceppi: Why do you think their labs are so well protected against explosions?
Statics Expert (1): I have the largest private collection of Oola antiquities in the world.
Statics Expert (2): Your collection consists of two golem hands, a tattered journal page, a scorched leather glove... oh, and a broken specimen jar.
Statics Expert (1): I know. Incredible, isn't it? They're all exceedingly rare finds.
Statics Expert (1): The great cogs of the Eternal Alchemy continue to turn. How are you this fine day?
Statics Expert (2): Work is proceeding apace on my next generation of earthmovers.
Statics Expert (1): We may need them at the reactor site soon, but don't cut corners. Build to last, I always say.
Statics Expert: We may have to seal off the entire area around that ruptured reactor.
Statics Apprentice: A dome structure? Something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
Statics Expert: Exactly my thinking. Excellent. Why don't you head up the exploratory krewe?
Statics Apprentice: You're sending me into the hot zone? I mean, yes, ma'am! Thank you for the opportunity.


  • Jeff Grubb has compared the College of Statics to civil engineers.
  • The symbol for the College of Statics resembles an X, or an hour glass. The design is meant to represent a strong foundation, and using that strong base to expand and refine technology.

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