Eastern Watchpost

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Eastern Watchpost

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Eastern Watchpost map.jpg
Map of Eastern Watchpost

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The Eastern Watchpost is an area in Hoelbrak. This area is the first area encountered by new norn players entering from the Wayfarer Foothills.


Waypoint (map icon).png Eastern Watchpost Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Bilrost Gallery Vista —




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Kid (1): Just admit I'm stronger.
Kid (2): Never!
Kid (1): Bang, bang! Got you! You're done.
Kid (2): Am not! You missed. Besides, they didn't have pistols back then, dummy.
Kid (1): Spirit fight! I'm Jormag.
Kid (2): Raven's my favorite. But I like Bear, too. Oh, but Snow Leopard is so sleek.
Kid (1): Just be all of them and see if you can take on Jormag.
Local: My son rushed off this morning to some secret meeting. I bet he's nuzzling up to that she-wolf I forbade him to see.
Local: I've seen her sneaking out to the caves by Leopard Hall. I think that she's been meeting with those corrupted Sons of Svanir.
Local: Pff, last time I got drunk, my friends rolled me in grub spit and stuck moa feathers all over me.
Local: Raven's beak! Don't tell me you've got no sense. Put the blade in all the way, THEN twist.
Local: I've heard Skarti Knutsson is torn between his father and his brother over something, but it's all secretive.
Local: The snow smells strange. We should pay heed, for the Spirits commune with us through nature.
Carpenter: He held me tight, but he just wasn't you.
Local: Aren't you sweet.
Rancher: I've heard Skarti is torn between his father and his brother over something.
Local: I know Skarti, but I don't know what it's about.