Chicken Run

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Chicken Run

Event maps
Rush Chicken Run Map.jpg

Path from Fangfury Watch

Chicken Run is a Guild Race where members transform into a chicken and must pass through the Flameroot Caverns and Highden Caves while dealing with traps, harpies, breeze riders, drakes, and separatists. This race deals mainly with stealthing and running fast (which feels faster due to your small size) while dodging enemies and avoiding the numerous traps. Escorts can be very useful to clear out the enemies, but racers will have to deal with the traps on their own.

Getting there[edit]

From Fangfury Watch Waypoint go South (see map) then turn East into Flameroot Caverns. The Guild Race Guild Race icon.png Icon does not appear on the map unless the Guild Race has been activated. Alternatively, from Wreckage of Bloodgorge Watch Waypoint go East. Or from Deathblade's Watch Waypoint go West, North then East.


  • Guild Race (map icon).png Complete the Guild Race course.
    • Time remaining: 30:00
    • Guild Races Completed X/15
    • Interact with the guild banner to begin.
    • Guild race finished! The course and end chest will remain active until time expires.


When not assigned to you and not started
A guild officer needs to activate this race for you before you can participate.
Talk end option tango.png Leave
When activating race
Would you like to start this guild race? Warning: the timer will run out in 30 minutes.
Talk ready option.png Yes, I'm ready to race the course!
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
After the race has started
Your guild has opened this race course to you. Would you like to participate?
Talk more option tango.png What's the race?
You'll be transformed into a chicken, and will have to dodge traps and enemies while racing the course.
Talk more option tango.png How will I know where to go?
On your map you'll see blue flags identifying course checkpoints. Race through the checkpoints in order to reach the finish line.
Talk ready option.png Yes! Sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
Talk ready option.png Yes! Sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
Talk ready option.png Yes! Sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
When you're defeated during the race
You've been defeated. Would you like to return to the starting line?
Talk ready option.png Yes.
Talk end option tango.png No.


Racers are transformed into a chicken with 2000 health for this race.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Search.png Search 6 Search for area traps.
2 Staggering Kick.png Run 20 Run as fast as you can and gain health.
3 Throw Feathers.png Throw Feathers 30 Hide yourself in a flurry of feathers.


Primary article: Guild Race#Strategies
  • Take your time when you're not in danger. Despite the name, racing quickly along the course is a sure way to stumble upon multiple traps and die quickly, forcing you to start over.
  • Use the Search skill (#1) continuously, press Ctrl + Right Click to turn it into an autoattack. Traps are your main enemy along the course, and hitting two traps in a row will quickly cause you to go back to the beginning. Waiting a couple seconds for it to come off cooldown, in a safe location, is usually preferable to blindly wandering into a spike trap.
  • Escorts can easily keep the paths clear of mobs for racers, making them very useful for this race.
  • In addition to the speed boost and heal, the Run skill also makes you invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • There are often more dangers from traps than enemies in this race. Falling rock traps in particular are very numerous on this race.
  • Traps are often placed back-to-back in choke points, forcing you to always run through multiple of them. Spam Search and take advantage of the Run skill's invulnerability to make it through.