Deep Trouble

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the guild mission. For the End of Dragons story step and achievement, see Deep Trouble (story).

Deep Trouble

Event maps
Deep Trouble.jpg

Interactive map

Interactive map

Krait have taken quaggans captive for ritual sacrifice in the Mire Sea in the Mount Maelstrom region. Rescue the captive quaggans before the krait execute them.

— In-game description

Deep Trouble is a guild challenge where guild members have to rescue 10 quaggans from the krait and escort them to safety. The krait will actively attempt to stop the rescue.



Starting Dialogue[edit]

You'll need a party of your guild members to take on this challenge. Are you ready?
Talk ready option.png Yes. Bring on the challenge!
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • Before starting the mission, it is recommended that guild members jump into the water and check their Utility Skills to ensure they have the build they want for underwater combat.
  • Depending on the size of the guild participating in the event, it is recommended to split groups evenly and escort two or three quaggans at the same time from different areas of the map. Parties of no more than five are preferable, as the groups of enemies that spawn to attack the escaping quaggans scale up in difficulty depending on how many guild members are present. This can be problematic if several escaping quaggans cross paths, and why it is recommended to split groups and escort only two or three at a time.
    • If the escaping quaggan does not take any damage from enemies, it will continue to swim toward the escort point. Always watch the escaping quaggan's progress, or it can get ahead of your party and be killed, failing the mission.
  • Quaggans can be healed and buffed, including being given swiftness and stealth. Having a guild member in each party that can apply either of these boons can be very helpful.
  • See also: Event shield (tango icon).png Escort the escaping captive to safety (68)





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Successfully escorted a quaggan
Escaping Captive: Quaggan thanks quaggan's liberators!


  • This mission is now instanced, and can only be accessed by interacting with the Guild Banner to enter. Read this for more details.
  • Be careful not to follow the quaggans out of the event area marked by the big orange circle on the minimap. Doing so will often fail the mission.
  • Sometimes the quaggans ignore the enemies that spawn and continue to swim ahead, so be sure to follow them.