Fawcett's Bounty

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Fawcett's Bounty

Fawcett's Bounty map.jpg
Map of Fawcett's Bounty


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Fawcett's Bounty is a jumping puzzle located in the northern part of the Harathi Hinterlands, west of Waypoint (map icon).png Arcallion Waypoint.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the puzzle is west of Waypoint (map icon).png Arcallion Waypoint, on the north shore of Arca Lake. Head north and west out of Arcallion Digs. Swim across the lake to the west, looking for a path on the north shore, just by a small waterfall trickling out of the rocks. Head up the path and interact with the gate to enter.


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Related achievements[edit]


  • Although it's easier to reach the entrance from Waypoint (map icon).png Arcallion Waypoint, the end of the jumping puzzle is closer to Waypoint (map icon).png Arca Waypoint, making that more popular for any mesmers offering a shortcut to the end of the puzzle.
  • Gliding Disabled.png Gliding Disabled and Mounts Disabled.png Mounts Disabled are applied throughout the final cave of the puzzle, where the ship is.
    • They are not applied in the earlier chambers with the boulder and falling rock puzzles, allowing the use of mounts to ease those sections.
  • If you're only here for the Skyscale achievement, you can get to the skyscale from the outside by launching yourself from a Springer with Bond of Faith.
  • On the pirate ship at the end of the jumping puzzle, when standing near the first mast with the crates, players can open the chest, but not loot it. To do that, the players have to go inside the ship and loot it from where it was intended to be looted.
  • If you swim about halfway down the side of the ship, you can get credit for the Jumping Puzzle without having to make the jump to the ship. However, with this method you will not be able to loot the chest.


  • The area is a direct reference to The Goonies. [1]
  • The bottom of the lake in the final chamber, around Fawcett's ship, is littered with piles of (non-lootable) coins and treasure, indicating the vast wealth he must have accumulated in life.