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Map of Rurikton

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Location within Divinity's Reach



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Rurikton is a district within Divinity's Reach located in the east. It is the Ascalonian district and is where most of those with Ascalonian descent live as well as refugees from Ebonhawke. This district also has an asura gate which leads to Ebonhawke and Rurikton acts as the main support for the fortress. The asura gate used to be tuned periodically to places outside of Ebonhawke, such as Lion's Arch, but due to the construction of a second gate in the Upper City, it is now permanently tuned to Ebonhawke.

The residents pride both their ancestry, especially their hero ancestors, as well as having immense pride for Ascalon. Rurikton is named after one such Ascalonian hero, Prince Rurik, who gave his life to lead his people over the Shiverpeak Mountains to escape the Charr Invasion.

There are several entrances into Rurikton. The main entrance is at the west, leading to the District Promenade. There are also two side entrances at the north and southern corners, leading to the Plazas of Lyssa and Kormir respectively. From the two side entrances, one can travel quickly to the Salma District and the Eastern Commons, again respectively.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Maiden's Whisper
Point of interest (map icon).png Minister Wi's Mansion
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Ebonhawke





Merchant (vendor icon).png Evona
Merchant (vendor icon).png Landrus
Merchant (vendor icon).png Melyss Talthorne
Merchant (vendor icon).png Rilo Bretton


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Assistant: Fascinating...
Assistant: Have you ever stopped a golem with logic alone? I have.
Assistant: I love it when an asynchronous logic algorithm comes together.
Assistant: If we increase the sympathetic resonance, perhaps the power output can be boosted.
Assistant: Most intriguing...
Child: (laugh)
Child: I miss my mom and dad.
Child: When I grow up, I'm going to be a brave hero!
Child: Those guards ask a lot of questions. I didn't expect a Seraph Inquisition.
Citizen: (giggle)
Citizen: Hey! Grope me again and I'll cut off your thumbs.
Citizen: If the charr think they can come here, me and my meat cleaver will tell them otherwise.
Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.
Citizen: My mug has gone empty. Bartender!
Citizen: That Caudecus the Wise, I like him. Good head on his shoulders, he has.
Citizen: To Divinity!
Citizen: To Queen Jennah!
Valdi the Lush: Beer, glorious beer!
Child (1): Tag! You're it!
Child (2): (squeal)
Child (1): Hey, give that back!
Child (2): (laugh)
Child (1): I bet I can run faster than you!
Child (2): Last one to Lyssa's statue is a grawl!
Child (1): Gotcha! You're afflicted!
Child (2): Rowr! Rowr!
Child (1): Eww. Get away! Unclean! Unclean!
Child (2): Prepare to get gooified!
Citizen (1): By the gods, I wish Logan Thackeray would just take my wife away!
Citizen (2): You know, just because your wife's taken a shine to Logan Thackeray doesn't make him a bad guy. He's cursed!
Citizen (1): I can't believe you're saying this.
Citizen (2): Cursed with good looks and true Ascalonian blood. It's not his fault that every woman fawns over him.
Citizen (1): You're not helping.
Citizen (1): It's always, "Logan is so dreamy!" or "Why can't you be more like Logan Thackeray?"
Citizen (2): Not this again.
Citizen (1): Any news from Ebonhawke?
Citizen (2): Just the usual. Ministry won't send troops, but we're trying to send food.
Citizen (1): I'm sick of this. You know, if we had Ebonhawke as a strong ally, we'd have those centaurs surrounded. We'd crush them.
Citizen (2): Ebonhawke has its own problems.
Citizen (1): Asura get on my nerves. I'm sick of their condescending nonsense.
Citizen (2): We could use more of those asura gates, though. Think of the supplies we could move in here.
Citizen (1): You have any idea how much it costs to ship something by asura gate? Maybe Ebonhawke is willing to pay those prices, but I'm not! All I get from those flop-eared rats is attitude!
Citizen (2): Hey, I'm not the one who lost at Polymock. Get over it!
Citizen (1): Did you see what happened in the market?
Citizen (2): He must be rich, and she must be desperate.
Citizen (1): It's disgraceful. She should know her place.
Citizen (2): Kids today...
Citizen: Good day, Officer.
Seraph Soldier: Seen anyone suspicious?
Citizen: No one lately.
Seraph Soldier: Good. You know where to find us if you see anything unusual.
Citizen: Officer! Could I talk to you for a moment?
Seraph Soldier: Is there a problem?
Citizen: Come inside. I'll tell you all about it.
Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.
Seraph Soldier: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.
Seraph Soldier: If you've got a shield, don't be afraid to drive it into a creature's skull.
Citizen: Relax. You'll live longer.
Scholar (1): Find anything good?
Scholar (2): Yes! I found some rather remarkable scrolls about a group of adventurers some centuries ago.
Scholar (2): They escaped Ascalon right before the Searing, crossed the Kingdom of Kryta, joined and betrayed the White Mantle, and even faced a lich lord!
Scholar (1): Wow. Maybe someday, we'll meet heroes like that.
Seraph Soldier (1): Take my advice: never poke at a hungry bear.
Seraph Soldier (2): Well, at least I'm ready for a fight.
Valdi the Lush: Show me a woman who can wrestle a bear, and I'll show you a keeper!
Seraph Soldier: (giggle)