Wolf Lodge

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Wolf Lodge

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Map of Wolf Lodge

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The projection of Wolf that appears over the Wolf Lodge.

The Wolf Lodge is one of the four main lodges in Hoelbrak and is dedicated to Wolf.


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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Wolf Hallow





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Karma Merchant (map icon).png Stalla


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Wolf Shaman: You look as though you're doing well.
Petitioner: I've joined a pack of warriors. We fight well together.
Wolf Shaman: Wolf's blessing upon you. May he keep your pack swift and your blade sharp.
Monika Vinge: He's handsome, but so timid. If he were bolder, we'd be hunting together by now.
Wolfborn: (growl) That was bracing! Nothing like a skinny dip to wake yourself up.
Wolfborn: Just passing through?
Charr Traveler: Sure enough.
Wolfborn: Great. Stay sharp. You never know who's watching you.
Local: Wolf was in my dream last night, but I didn't understand him. I'm used to Bear.
Fastulf Jotharsson: That vision was a gift from the Spirits. You'd better try harder next time.
Local: I'll wait for him to show again. His gift will be mine.
Local: That last mission, I could've charges by the scar.
Local (1): You did the badger thing?
Local (2): You should've seen her face! Oh, it was so worth it.
Local (1): Raven's beak! You're a brave one.
Local (1): I'm collecting extra beard hair. Going to make gloves.
Local (2): That's a terrible idea.
Local (1): But my beard is soft and silky. I can run my hands through it for hours!
Local (2): Still...
Bard: Anyone can design. The real question is: can you build it?
Sculptor: You'll eat those doubts.
Bard: We'll see.
Elder: You seem weary. What troubles you?
Petitioner: I've honored Wolf with my kills, and I'm tired of being alone. I want to start a family.
Elder: Your greatest deeds don't just honor the totems. At the next moot, you might even impress a bride.
Local (1): Smells like yak around here.
Local (2): I thought that was you.
Kid (1): It's almost time. Shaman Fierena promised us a meaty legend this time.
Kid (2): I can't wait! Last time, her tales made me dream I was great hunter.
Kid (3): Last time, her tales made you wake up crying like a-
Shaman Fierena: (wolf howl) Come to me, kids, and any who would hear a tale of Wolf's glory.
Kid (1): I bet she's going to tell the one of Wolf and the Great Devourer.
Kid (2): No. She's going to tell us how Wolf ate a grawl god.
Kid (3): Shhhh.
Shaman Fierena: I have a special take for you tonight. It's not about Wolf. It's about Wolf's pack.
Shaman Fierena: A long time ago, in the darkest of woods, on the highest of mountains, Wolf got lost.
Shaman Fierena: He was looking, you see, for a lone eight-year-old who had wandered off and become stuck in a deep ravine.
Shaman Fierena: Wolf hear the lone kid's cries for help. And he followed them to the ravine. He found the kid.
Shaman Fierena: But once he was in the ravine, he had nothing to guide him out. Wolf did not know which direction to go.
Kid (1): Oh no! Was he scared?
Kid (2): Wolf never gets scared.
Shaman Fierena: Even Wolf can know fear. There's no shame in being afraid, only in letting it freeze you.
Shaman Fierena: Wolf was in the ravine, trying to hold back a blizzard. The injured kid was freezing and bleeding into the snow.
Shaman Fierena: That's when Wolf's pack noticed he was missing, and they began to howl.
Kid (3): And Wolf hear them!
Shaman Fierena: Yes. Wolf followed their voices back to the den, where it was warm and there was food.
Kid (1): What about the kid? Was he okay?
Shaman Fierena: That kid was a female, my little snowflake. And she was okay. She learned that her pack could mean the difference between life and death.
Kid: Tell me a joke.
Bard: I don't do that, kid.
Kid: Puppets?
Bard: No!
Bard: If you had my perfect voice, what would you sing about? I'm sure what you've seen could make some epic songs.
Elder: Oh, I don't know. Nowadays when I feel like singing, I want to sing about simple pleasures.
Elder: Tracking a deer, just to watch it. Biting into a haunch of meat so fresh from the fire it burns your mouth. That kind of thing.
Bard: These are great! Tell me more.
Elder: Later. I need rest.
Local (1): Nice weather, isn't it?
Local (2): Yup. It's getting' colder.
Hunter: My father died.
Bard: Tell me more, my old friend.
Hunter: He died fighting, his axe buried in a drake's skull. Come, we'll drink to his memory.
Local (1): My son is baking bread again. He wants to trade for some venison.
Local (2): My daughter's out hunting. We should have some more soon.
Elder: My son ran off with a pack of Sons of Svanir.
Barkeep: That's bad news. I've never heard of anyone coming back from the Svanir.
Elder: He's a grown man. He's old enough to make his own decisions.
Barkeep: Yup. Even the bad ones.
Local: The Sons of Svanir follow in the footsteps of Dragon. Is that true?
Barkeep: So my patrons tell me. It's a path of destruction.
Barkeep: Over the years, I've known several hunters whose hunger for power has driven them to follow Dragon.
Elder: Makes sense. Who doesn't want to be the best, strongest hunter?
Local: Yeah. Trouble is, the longer they follow Dragon, the more it corrupts them.
Carpenter: He held me tight, but he just wasn't you.
Local: Aren't you sweet.
Kid (1): Just admit I'm stronger.
Kid (2): Never!
Local: You look awful.
Hunter: That's nothing. You should see the dolyak.
Local: Wow, you actually shut up when I'm talking. I'd go crazy with nobody to listen to me.
Local (1): My son is driving me mad! He's always knocking over my axes and messing with my workbench.
Local (2): You should take him hunting, teach him a few things.
Local (1): Yes, my father hunted me as a child. Perhaps I should hunt my son.
Local (2): Wait, what? No, no, no, no.
Local: He looks at you when you're not looking. You should go over and offer to wash his beard.
Gardener: I like to plant competing species together and watch them fight for resources.
Prospector: Sounds like a slow fight.
Gardener: Depends on the plant. But it doesn't matter. I'm very patient.
Kid (1): Spirit fight! I'm Jormag.
Kid (2): Raven's my favorite. But I like Bear, too. Oh, but Snow Leopard is so sleek.
Kid (3): Just be all of them and see if you can take on Jormag.
Agneta Modyg: I love Eir's wolf, Garm. He looks big and mean, but he likes to lick my face whenever I see him.
Wolfborn (1): (groan) I challenged my wife to some axe-throwing.
Wolfborn (2): For good reason, I hope.
Wolfborn (1): We were arguing, and it just came out. If I beat her, she'll hate me. If I lose, I'll never hear the end of it.
Wolfborn (2): Sounds like disaster brewing. I'll bring a keg and watch.
Local (1): I can't wait for the moot.
Local (2): Ah, me too. I just forged a new stein for the occasion. It'll help me drink ale faster.
Local (1): More than Tacalla's Masterglass, or Klen's Keg Drainer?
Local (2): Hm. Mere thimbles compared to what I've crafted. Imagine a kayak, but with a handle and a spout.
Local (1): We're waiting on our knees for a hero. We should attack Jormag now.
Local (2): You say that every day.
Local (1): Where's your bravery? While you wait for someone to break the tooth, Jormag takes more land.
Local (3): You need a drink. Keep your mouth busy with something useful.
Local (1): Bah! Drinking instead of doing. Jora would be insulted.
Local: Find a man who can outrun a snow leopard, and you've found a keeper.
Elder: I can't stand the Sons of Svanir or the dredge. Mindless cults make me sick.
Local: Yeah. One brainwashes our friends and the other has no fear of us.
Elder: What? Nobody who foes to the Sons is my friends, and dredge are cowards.
Local: But they could be on to something. If we don't stick together, we'll lost more of our land.
Local (1): I'm still bitter that Whitebear exiled my brother.
Local (2): He probably deserved it.
Local (1): My brother kept saying our defenses are too weak, so Whitebear kicked him out, right into a blizzard.
Gardener: I try to grow them as big and as fast as I can.
Rancher: Yes. I immediately slaughter the weak in my herd. They slow down the rest.