Decimus Stones

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Decimus Stones

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Decimus Stones map.jpg
Map of Decimus Stones

Decimus Stones locator.svg
Location within Plains of Ashford

Plains of Ashford
Connects to
Victor's Presidium (N)
Langmar Estate (S)

Decimus Stones.jpg
Decimus Stones

The Decimus Stones is an Ascalonian ruin dotted with statues that grant power to the ghosts in the area. According to Maverick, the ghosts here are more skilled than others because it is a burial site for Warmasters.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint —
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Guardpoint Decimus





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Roefire Hauntclaw (6)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

After beginning Escort Vhes Hauntslayer and her warband
Cinder Sharptail: No. Again, no. We're spread too thin out here for you and your ghost killers to sneak off after the Decimus Stones.
Vhes Hauntslayer: If we don't take them out, we'll be up to our snouts in ghosts. If you want that, you shouldn't be in charge here.
Cinder Sharptail: How dare-you want to die? Fine. Take your own team and anyone dumb enough to join you.
Ash Legion Soldier: So, what's gonna happen when we get down here.
What's up with these Decimus Stones?
Vhes Hauntslayer: First, we establish a forward camp, then we take down the stones.
Roefire Hauntclaw: All you need to know is that the ghosts love those stones, and we're gonna take away their toys.
Vhes Hauntslayer: Enemy contact!
Ash Legion Soldier: Hey, any of you ever touched a ghost? Like really touched one?
Vhes Hauntslayer: Touch one? You're kidding, right? I get that close, I'm raking and slashing with my claws. No touching.
Vhes Hauntslayer: I need your assistance!
Vhes Hauntslayer: We'll use this as our staging area. Set up camp. Camouflage what you can.
Ash Legion Soldier: Whew. We made it. This is great! I know I'm green, but I wanted to prove myself.
Vhes Hauntslayer: Help set up camp. You haven't convinced me yet.
Before Protect Hauntsmash as he plants charges
Furore Hauntsmash: Typically, we'd sneak up and assassinate our target, but that's hard to do with a bunch of rocks.
Furore Hauntsmash: So, we set and trigger the explosives one at a time. Move silent, hit the targets, and meet back at camp.
Furore Hauntsmash: Don't get distracted. Our targets are the Decimus Stones. If we destroy them, we weaken the ghosts.
Vhes Hauntslayer: Looking for volunteers. We're embarking on a mission to destroy the Decimus Stones.
After starting Protect Hauntsmash event
Ash Legion Soldier: Almost there. Just one more!
Vhes Hauntslayer: Shhh! Keep it quiet.
After Protect Hauntsmash event ends
Furore Hauntsmash: Let's see here. Connect the red wire tot he red post and... Where's that wire cutter?
Furore Hauntsmash: Boom! Now that's what I like to hear.
Ash Legion Soldier: I ain't afraid of ghosts. I ain't afraid of ghosts. Ghosts don't scare me. Ghosts. Do. Not...
Vhes Hauntslayer: You know that I can hear you, right? Being Ash means being silent. Handle your phobias in a quieter way.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes