Town of Nolan

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Town of Nolan

1Waypoint (map icon).png 1Vista (map icon).png

Town of Nolan map.jpg
Map of Town of Nolan

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Diessa Plateau
Connects to
Oldgate Clearing (E)
Arcovian Foothills (N)
Black Citadel (S)

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The Town of Nolan is an area within the Diessa Plateau. A group of Iron Legion charr have established this settlement situated where the ruined city of Nolani once was. In the back of the town a large pile of huge rusty gears lies scattered about an ancient courtyard. North of the vista up a flight of stairs is the entrance to the North Nolan Hatchery.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Nolan Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Town of Nolan Vista —
Climb the rocks just north of the vista
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Anya's Patch





Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader (15)
Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader (15)
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Fell Rustaxe (15)
Scout (map icon).png Padar Grindaxe (15)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Reesha Bloodlust (15)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Cub (1): Where's Anya gone? She's always disappearing.
Cub (2): I bet the singing scared her so bad she ran back to the fahrar.
Cub (1): Hah! It's a good thing she's not here. She'd have walloped all the way to sorry—just for saying that.
Cub (2): Um. Don't tell her, okay?
Cub (1): This place is haunted.
Cub (2): No way. I haven’t seen any ghosts around here.
Cub (1): There's no other explanation. Where else would the singing be coming from?
Cub (2): From your butt! (laugh)
Cub (1): Eeewwww. Shut up!
Soldier (1): Do you know anyone headed north? I need someone to pick something up for me.
Soldier (2): Only troops, and I get the feeling they ain't coming back anytime soon.
Soldier (1): You seen any merchants?
Soldier (2): Not lately.
Soldier (1): Let's play a game. I'll punch you, and then you can punch me.
Soldier (2): I've got a better idea. You leave me alone, or I'll knock you out with something heavy.
Soldier (1): Do I get to punch you back?
Soldier (2): You'll never get the chance.
Soldier (1): Anything new?
Soldier (2): It's been quiet.
Soldier (1): Shame. A day without violence is like a day without sunshine.
Soldier (2): Agreed.
Soldier (1): My sister's having trouble with her cubs again.
Soldier (2): The cubs found her? I thought she dropped 'em off at a fahrar years ago.
Soldier (1): They're smart. They got loose. Went back to her town and started causin' trouble.
Soldier (2): They grow up so fast.
Soldier (1): Hey.
Soldier (2): Hey.
Soldier (1): No, really...hey.
Soldier (2): Huh?
Soldier (1): I said...hey, there!
Soldier (2): Oh! Hey!
Soldier (1): ‘Kay. See ya.
The cub patrol
(The cubs arrive from the fahrar and walk to the primus.)
Primus Kurr: Listen up, troopers! It's time for patrol. You're going out, and you're coming back.
Cub (1): What's our objective, sir?
Primus Kurr: Don't start any fights...but be ready to finish them.
Cub (2): Who's in command?
Primus Kurr: He won King of the Hill yesterday, so you'll be following his orders.
Cub (2): He cheated. And I know the fields better than he does!
Primus Kurr: He won, trooper. You lost. Fall in and follow your orders. Got it? Good! Get rolling!
(The patrol moves to the first checkpoint.)
Cub (1): Use the wheat fields for cover!
Cub (1): Watch our flank. Get ready for ambush.
Cub (2): Yeah, we could get attacked by cows at any moment.
Cub (1): Stow it, soldier!
Cub (2): You're not a legionnaire yet. When we get back to the fahrar, you are so dead.
(The patrol moves to the second checkpoint at Oldgate Clearing)
Cub (2): This is boring! When do we get to fight?
Cub (1): Orders. Patrol and observe. We don't start trouble. We just finish it.
Cub (2): Who put you in charge?
Cub (1): I put me in charge! 'Cause I'm the decider! You can fight me for command, or you can keep your mouth shut! What's it gonna be?
Cub (1): Yeah, that's what I thought. Fall in. We're on patrol.
(The patrol moves back to the entrance, passing by soldiers.)
Soldier (1): I think they're are[sic] at it again.
Soldier (2): Cubs and their warbands. I was starting to worry about them.
Soldier (1): Yeah, I haven't seen them fighting for days!
Soldier (2): Don't worry. It'll pick up again soon. A good tussle is exactly what this town needs. Be ready for it.
(The patrol returns to the primus.)
Primus Kurr: How was patrol?
Cub (2): Our leader is a jerk. Thinks he's some kind of legionnaire already!
Primus Kurr: Well then, your next responsibility os to challenge him to single combat. Just like I taught you!
Cub (1): Hey, maybe she'll follow orders this time. Or maybe she'll just talk me to death!
Primus Kurr: You sound just like your parents. Get back to the fahrar with the rest of the cubs. Troops dismissed!
(The cubs return to the fahrar in the Town of Nolan to wait for their next assignment.)


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Silver Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Strawberry Patch (node farm)

Strawberry node farm[edit]

To reach Anya Fairmind's strawberry garden, you have to navigate an unofficial jumping puzzle (there is no achievement for succeeding, just the node farm at the end).

  1. Start to the north of the Vista,on top of a gear leaning against the tower.
  2. Jump along the gears against the tower to the slimy gears up against the wall (under the pipe).
  3. Run along the slimy gears, staying against the wall, and jump behind a larger gear, up to a set of steps. (You will be able to see yellow and blue floaties.)
  4. After exiting, jump up and turn left toward the great, big, slimy gear that you just came out from behind.
  5. Jump up the slimy gear's first two teeth to get to a slimy bent gear on a pole, and then to the next "step" up.
  6. Jump southwest into the pipe closest to you, which is covered by moss and goo.
  7. Run through the pipe, and when you come to a gear with a candle on it, jump up through the hole, out of the pipe.
  8. Hop down, and over the stream, to a fallen grate.
  9. Run up the grate, and jump up a boulder to the garden.
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