Wildspine Hills

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Wildspine Hills

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Wildspine Hills map.jpg
Map of Wildspine Hills

Shieldbluff PointNightguard BeachGuardian LakeBonerattler CavernsFaun's GapWildspine HillsOurobore CavesHangman's SaddleThunder RockStoneman's NotchSplintered TeethWynchona WoodsRuins of Holy DemetraGreystone RiseArca LakeThe Feral DensTrebuchet BendCloven Hoof PassGreenflin PlateauArcallion DigsHigh Timber ClaimModniir GorgeDiremane WoodsHidden OurobonWildspine Hills locator.svg
Harathi Hinterlands
Connects to
Hangman's Saddle (N)
Ourobore Caves (NE)
Thunder Rock (NW)
Guardian Lake (W)

Wildspine Hills.jpg

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Wildspine Hills is an area in the southeast portion of the Harathi Hinterlands where mercenary group The Company has their headquarters located.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Train with the Company (35)
Waypoint (map icon).png Grey Gritta's Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Grey Gritta's Vista —
The path starts on the south side of the hill outside the western wall of the camp. From the waypoint, go west and jump over a barricade.
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Craig Sensay (38)
Hero point.png Dolyak's Rest
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Grey Gritta





Renown Heart (map icon).png Marden Etien
Merchant (vendor icon).png Quartermaster Lucius
Scout (map icon).png Seraph Soldier Reid
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Smith Rhin



Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Grey Gritta
Marksman (1): It's not so bad when we've got infantry in front of us.
Marksman (2): You'll learn to shoot fast with a centaur charging at you.
Marksman (1): Sounds...exciting. Does that ever happen?
Marksman (2): It did to the squad we're replacing.
Marksman (1): Have you been an archer all your life?
Marksman (2): Since I was a little girl. I practiced every day since I was five.
Marksman (1): When I was a kid, my nanny let me practice with a toy bow.
Marksman (2): Why don't you follow my lead?
Marksman (1): Stay by me, rookie. We'll get you through this.
Marksman (2): Rookie? I've been a soldier as long as you have.
Marksman (1): Where did you train?
Marksman (2): I learned to joust at the funfair! And I was great at the archery range, near the carousel.
Marksman (1): You doin' okay?
Marksman (2): I need to work on my head shots.
Marksman (1): I'm going to focus more on the hindquarters, try to geld a few centaurs.
Marksman (2): Wow. We've been doing this way too long.
Mercenary Sergeant: Mind your shots. Make each one count.
Mercenary: Sergeant? Who picks up all the stray arrows?
Mercenary Sergeant: Congratulations. You've volunteered.
Mercenary: Is this...a promotion?
When Assault on Thunder Rock meta event is about to start
Brikk: When do we start kicking those equine ends in Overwatch? Laceration over procrastination, I always say.
Captain Seana Beach: The first step is to disrupt the movement of troops and supplies through Barricade Camp.
Hrok Sverresson: Give me a couple friends, some explosives, and a trusty dolyak, and we might just win this war.
Captain Seana Beach: I don't want to know what the dolyak is for.
Hrok Sverresson: In my native tongue, dolyak and diversion are the same word.
Captain Seana Beach: I'm just not sure that's true.
Captain Seana Beach: Anyway, make sure it works. We can't assault Overwatch until Barricade is taken out.
Sarge: They're stockpiling supplies at Recovery Camp. We'll need to strike there before we hit the main camp.
Zirra Silvershot: Somebody call for the charrtillery?
Sarge: (groan) Brambles, did you really just say that?
Zirra Silvershot: Wordplay is my favorite pastime. Well, aside from gunplay. And shooting centaurs.
Brikk: Quit mincing your words and start mincing your enemies. Hows that for wordplay?
Zirra Silvershot: Pugnacious over loquacuious, as you always say?
Sarge: You're both terrible. Get moving.
Hrok Sverresson reporting back after Help Hrok Sverresson plant explosives in Barricade Camp event
Hrok Sverresson: Nothing will be coming from Barricade Camp anytime soon.
Captain Seana Beach: Excellent. We're one step closer to storming Overwatch.
Hrok Sverresson: I told you my plan would work.
Captain Seana Beach: There's a first time for everything. Just don't let it go to your head.
Zirra Silvershot reporting back after Destroy centaur supplies while Zirra bombards Recovery Camp event
Sarge: You made it back. What's the situation?
Brikk: You show them what for?
Zirra Silvershot: Destrier's derrieres destroyed, yes.
Brikk: Nice one.
Sarge: We're closing in on Overwatch. Now if I can just survive your banter.
When both Zirra and Hrok have reported back
Captain Seana Beach: All right. It's time, boys and girls. Get ready to shift you gear. We're moving on Overwatch!
Brikk: Finally, a chance for some action!
Sarge: You heard the Cap. Let's move; let's move!
After Assault Overwatch Camp and destroy the trebuchets and Kill the champion Modniir overlord events when team is back to Grey Gritta's Post
Hrok Sverresson: Ah! Home sweet home.
Sarge: Don't get too comfy. This war isn't over.
Brikk: That's the best part about this war. There's always fighting to be done.
Captain Seana Beach: Sometimes you scare me. I'm glad you're on our side.
Zirra Silvershot: Time to polish the guns.
At Dolyak's Rest, when a dolyak dies and dolyak spirits appears
Tyler: Grandpa, what happened to them?
Grandpa Pritchard: Hush now. We speak quietly here, in reverence to these great beasts.
Tyler: (whispering) Grandpa, what happened to them?
Grandpa Pritchard: They came here to die, boy.
Tyler: Why do they have to die?
Grandpa Pritchard: We all get old, my boy. And the time comes for use to die. If we're lucky, we die among those we love.
Grandpa Pritchard: That's why the dolyaks come here.
Tyler: Will you come here when it's your time?
Grandpa Pritchard: (chuckle) No, my dear boy. I'm not a dolyak. I will hopefully be at home, in my bed, with you and your grandmother nearby.
Tyler: I love you, Grandpa.
Grandpa Pritchard: Hm. I love you too, boy.
When dolyak spirit walks into abandoned bandit hideout cave
Bandit Ghost (1): It's here!
Bandit Ghost (2): Hide!
Bandit Ghost (3): NOOOOOOO!
Bandit Ghost (4): It's always watching me. Always watching. Always watching. Always.
Bandit Ghost (5): The horns. The horns!
Bandit Ghost (6): Just...leave me. Leave me!
Veteran "Slick" Ricki: Step back, or meet the same fate as the others!
Veteran "Slick" Ricki: Let the beast come. I'm not afraid!
Veteran "Slick" Ricki: (scream) (When killed)



Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Iron Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Gummo Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Carrots
Plant resource (map icon).png Onions
Plant resource (map icon).png Young Herbs