Terzetto Bay

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Terzetto Bay

Point of interest.png

Terzetto Bay map.jpg
Map of Terzetto Bay

Terzetto Bay locator.svg
Location within Straits of Devastation

Terzetto Bay.jpg
Terzetto Bay

Terzetto Bay is a body of water in the Straits of Devastation. It originally was home to krait until their deeps was overrun by Risen.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Stygian Deeps
The point of interest is located beneath the island.
Stygian Deeps Vista —
There is a vista on top of the point of interest island in the center.
Fort Trinity Vista —
There is a vista on the airship near Fort Trinity, it's on the end of a spar.
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The Long Way Around






Ambient dialogue[edit]

On the Pact Airship
Pilot Wanni: Captain! Have you examined the decelematrix recently? I noticed some unusual vibrations during the last flight.
Captain Skyfire: Wanni, Wanni, Wanni. There’s no cause for concern. This is charr machinery. Besides Kalee keeps everything humming.
Pilot Wanni: Don’t say I didn't warn you. This ship would fall apart if I wasn't here to point out the deficiencies in design.
Captain Skyfire: Don't say that where Kalee can hear you, she’ll have your ears if she hears you bashing this ship.
Pilot Wanni: Don't get me started on that sentient ficus. Where you found her I can't venture a guess. I'd feel much safer with an asura engineer.
Captain Skyfire: You have no faith Wanni! She's never done wrong by me or my ship. Let her do her job and you just keep steering the ship.
Priory Explorer (1): Keep an eye out for places with lore and knowledge.
Priory Explorer (2): Ancient undead guarding archaic secrets. I love this job.
Priory Explorer (1): We could learn so much from them. The secrets of the past are trapped in their rotting brains.
Priory Explorer (2): If we don't learn how to kill them quicker, that won't matter much.
Priory Explorer (1): I'm tired of taking so much grief from the grunts.
Priory Explorer (2): They've got their swords. We've got our spells. Don't let it get to you.
Captain Skyfire: This ship will show the world just how powerful and inventive the charr are.
Pilot Wanni: You always say that. And yet, everyone knows we asura are the most ingenious race in all of Tyria.
Captain Skyfire: Perhaps. But can the asura fly? I think not! Leave it to the charr to solve that mystery!
Pilot Wanni: I'll have you know that before I took this post I was close to developing my own system of levitation.
Pilot Wanni: It's hardly my fault that the landings were so rough. You'd think people would brace for it.
Captain Skyfire: You just make sure our landings are smooth and I won't make an example of you.
Pilot Wanni: Captain! I've been examining the velocitator and it is clearly malformed. I'm not sure there are any gyroscopic inverters at all!
Pilot Wanni: And don't get me started on the clack
valve capacitors! They are wholly inadequate. Did you charr build this thing while asleep?
Captain Skyfire: Wanni, don't make me come down there! You are here to fly this thing, not comment on it.
Pilot Wanni: Yes sir! I'll keep my opinions to myself. I'd hate to trouble your simple mind with facts.
Captain Skyfire: What did you say?
Pilot Wanni: I—I said that I'd hate to trouble your brilliant mind with tracts. There are several dealing with air travel you know.
Captain Skyfire: Right. Well, carry on then. I don't have time for your pontificating.
Engineer Kalee: I'm not sure why this one is always giving me trouble, but I think this should do it.
Engineer Kalee: I love my job. Everything down here is shiny and working to perfection. We'll take down Zhaitan for sure!
Engineer Kalee: It's never a dull day working with my cannons. There's plenty of maintenance to keep me busy!

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes